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Signed Up for Products I Did Not Authorize, Cannot Reach Live Agents.
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Rating: 1/51

PLAINSVILLE / NEW YORK -- I responded to an advertisement I heard on the radio, while I was driving to work one morning last month, which said I could get 2 free bottles of supplements, and only need to pay for the shipping charges, which I did stupidly. I was not interested in being signed up for repeated/recurring orders of this product, and believe I made that clear during the phone call, but they just took $189.08 out of my checking account for more of the products.

I contacted them, no mean feat in itself, and shockingly managed to get a human being, and not an automated robot to answer the phone, who assured me that the order was canceled, even giving me a cancellation number. Still, the money was taken from my bank, so I called back, and again managed to get in touch with a person, and not a robot, after a 25 minute wait on hold, and they said they would try to stop it from shipping out from the warehouse, but were not certain they could catch it before it left. They agreed to the refund, and also gave me a refund confirmation number, asking me to call back and check up on this matter at a later time.

So, I tried to this morning check up on it, but was not able to reach a live representative, even though they claim to have Saturday office hours. Instead, I was forced to sit through the easily 10-minute long routine from the robotic answering system, before being transferred to the ridiculous hold queue. This did not work the same this time, as I was prepared for a OUTRAGEOUSLY long hold to speak to someone, instead I get a recorded message about technical difficulties that their engineers are working hard to correct, GOODBYE.

Be Carefull
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Rating: 1/51

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- DO NOT order from Purity Products ever. Number one, the Joint Formula-SS doesn't work at all. Completely useless product for a big money. They will catch you on subscription, which you never did. You will be advised to call after your "free trial" to cancel your order. You are expecting the only one order to receive. But they will continue to charge your credit card without your authorization and ship you the product that do not work. Save this money for something you enjoy. I called them and asked for the return label. They refused to accept a return. I called my Amex for chargeback. Be careful.

Cancel Problems
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Rating: 2/51

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- Most frustrating process to cancel an auto-ship! The Customer Noservice number is automated and puts you in a never ending loop of "sure, I can help you with that... Would did you know you can change your shipping date, number of bottles... etc. etc. etc." Until you finally give up. Never given an option to speak with a live person. Then when you call the order line, you have to listen to another recording for too long, then get a live operator who asks you 23 questions to make sure you know who you are.

Finally if you take the 12 minutes to explain what you want to do, they tell you customer noservice is at lunch - call back later!!! Hell with that - I want someone to cancel my auto-ship NOW! That gets you in the 18-minute queue to speak with someone who has to identify you AGAIN and then wants to know how the product is working for you. Are you serious??!?!? Just CANCEL the damn ORDER!! Geez!

Unable to Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased their Green Tea CR product as a test... Satisfied. Then tried on 4 separate occasions to make another purchase -- always resulting in a type 400 error code... I contacted their customer service, and received an email that they'd be working on it... Never happened. ZERO stars for them.

Sent Unauthorized Automatic Shipment
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Rating: 1/51

For the last few years I had been managing my mother's and my sister's Purity Products accounts. Neither of them really take the product anymore, but wanted me to keep their options open for later and preserve their pricing (which you only get if you are on auto-ship). Purity wouldn't let me suspend the auto shipments, so I had to move the shipping date every 3 months. In the beginning I had to call in and talk to a representative to do this... a hassle... and then later I changed the date online. My shipping date was August 5th and I went online on July 28th and moved the date ahead as usual.

This morning I was awoken by my bank telling me I was overdrawn. I don't keep much money in that account, but I knew I wasn't overdrawn. I went online and saw that Purity had sent my order even though I had changed the date. When I contacted a representative (and then a supervisor) they said I hadn't changed the date and they sent out almost $130 worth of products. They offered me 25% off or a shipping label to send it back. All fine and dandy, but that means a refund weeks from now and no reimbursement of the $70 bank fee they caused.

I usually take a screen shot of every time I move the date but this time I didn't. Of course... they told me that their system tells them when someone logs in and it didn't show that in July. Well, if that's the case how come only one of the orders shipped, my mom's, and the other order, my sister's, was accurately canceled????? Sorry guys, that one obviously doesn't fly. So anyhow... I finally got them to cancel my accounts and they are sending me a return postage. Refund hopefully to follow in a few WEEKS (If not I will post it here). SOL on the bank charges.

Told them I would review the company - they didn't care - so here it is for what it's worth. Just remember folks, any company that lures you in with a free sample and then requires you to do auto-shipments is usually not reputable and you WILL get sent something you don't want sooner or later. Save yourself a lot of hassle, and possibly bank fees - go down to a good health food store and buy what you need, when you need it. I have no indication that their products are superior to anyone else, or that their prices are better. Save the hassle, the unwanted shipments and possibly the bank fees.

Company Response 01/30/2015:

We apologize for this experience. We hope everything was resolved. If not, please call our Customer Care Coordinator, Joel Joseph, directly at 516-301-5023 or our customer care line at 888-769-7873.

Was going to purchase but saw bad reviews
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I was going to purchase the Vit D produce with the $4.95 free shipping.after reading all of the negative reviews, I have dealt with online purchasing for many years and any company that has so many of the same negative comments about customer service; alone, definitely tells you the there is something bad about it's service processing.

i definitely changed my mind after reading these reviews, and I would like to add I read both negative and outsource. The negative definitely out weighs the positive and this is the positive were the comments that continued to order the products. I came to the conclusion that when you want to cancel your order this company becomes arrogant through there representatives. It seems to be the majority of their representatives.

Many of the complainants were not given a response in their review; until I read a review who threatened litigating and reporting to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). And another who advise that they were going to post their opinion to warn others not to do business with Purity Products.

There are too many complaints concerning the arrogance in Costner services representatives toward the consumer. I have an M.B.A in business and I can tell you that when a company deceives or has bad Public Relations (PR), they only care about one thing, and that is making that buck. And, quality control is the least on their mind. I've always told my daughter's, who also have degrees in business and communications, and are successful in their endeavors that, "a corporation's lower level executives or personnel is inductive of the CEO of the owner running the organization." If lower level is rampant and out of control, it is an example of the hierarchy at the top. I will not tolerate my lower level employees less than a high standard of, integrity, empathy, and compassion toward the consumer.
The consumer is the one who pays your check and they deserve the highest respect and cooperation.

After reading all these reviews I have come to the conclusion that this organization has a lack of overall integrity. I would rather purchase from Amazon as I know the service is catered toward satisfaction of the consumer; in reputation. Never have I had a problem with Amazon that was not immediately resolved.

I recommend those whom are having these problems should contact the BBB and put them on report. If these reviews are accurate, this organization needs a serious overall, and maybe even hire a performance efficiency consulting firm for assurance in improvement.

They Say" You Get a Free Trial, Pay for Shipping Only" That's Just So They Can Reel You In
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Rating: 1/51

MANTENO, ILLINOIS -- They said they were giving out a free trial offer - if you liked it you could make future orders. But to receive the trial, you only have to pay for the shipping. How dare they!! The method they use here is to get a hold of your credit card number. They took my credit card and ordered numerous amounts of their product that I did not approve!! And debited my account for something I didn't even order. When I tried to cancel no one would pick up for a long time - 24/7 hour service is just an answering machine. I tried to delete my credit card information and cancel this order and their online site would not let me do neither!!!

SHAME ON THE RADIO STATIONS FOR ADVERTISING THEIR PRODUCT. People are sick and looking for alternative methods hoping they will get some relief of their illnesses with these products. Tired of getting prescription medicines that are toxic to our bodies from doctors who won't take the time to fix the root of the problem but only to cover up the symptoms. People are really sick!! It's sad that professionals take advantage of the weak and who are hopeful...

Great Company
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Rating: 4/51

SURPRISE, ARIZONA -- I ordered the OJC Plus formula after a friend of mine tried it. I was sent a shipment and only had to pay for shipping. After that I received the auto shipment. I wasn't sure I was going to use it so I called to cancel. The representative on the phone offered to reduce the price and delay the next shipment if I considered keeping it. I agreed to it and am glad I did. I love the juice cleanse. It is easy for me to keep up with juicing by doing it this way instead of trying to juice fresh everyday. I'm a nurse and I work long days. It's very easy for me to take my juice with me now. It doesn't go bad like fresh juicing can.

I think the people in the customer service department are very friendly and helpful. I love the website too. It's very easy to use and navigate through. I think people here complaining are being very negative or just had a bad experience. It happens with every company you deal with. A few bad apples can spoil the bunch. Just give Purity Products a chance. I am waiting to see what kind of results I get as far as pounds lost. I will post an update.

I Was Not Told The Truth
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Rating: 1/51

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- I ordered green tea and had a free bottle, which I had to pay $4.95 shipping and in two weeks when I get my order I can cancel. I received the bottles September 13th and I had a doctor's appointment September 14 and I went to see my drs. He saw the bottles and he said I cannot take them and he threw them away so when I gotten home I called and I knew had 2 weeks to cancel.

So I called and talked to a sales representative which he was nasty. I told him my bank statement and it has a charge for those bottles of tea. I was lied and when I told him I want my money back on my card he told me something that I was not getting it back and that's how the company works. I will keep writing and I will find others this has happen to and we will get a lawsuit for this company.

Company Response 12/08/2016:

We are sorry to hear you had this experience. We would love the opportunity to take care of this issue for you. Unfortunately, we do not have enough information from your post to locate your account. Please call 844 713 7181 or email us at Please include your name, address and zip code along with any phone number associated with your order. We look forward to assisting you in resolving this issue. Thanks, Purity Products.

Stomach Aches
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Rating: 3/51

After several of days I noticed I had terrible bathroom issues on the soft side of things. The only thing that had changed was I had ordered the ** and they gave vitamin c melts in addition only to pay the shipping. I stopped one then the other. It turned out to be the vitamin c that was doing the job. I cancelled that by automatic phone voice, and then decided to cancel the **. But then they offered me another discount from super saver $39 down to $24, so I continued taking it and changed the date so I could keep trying to see if it was worth it.

It does kind of suck that you have to threaten to cancel to get a better price, while others who are happy continue to pay a discounted price they think because they are on super saver. They should have one price for all. That does put me off the company because a lot of people are pay way more than they have to and I wish they would try to cancel so they could get a better price too.

It isn't fair. You pay for 3 months upfront. You should pay the cheapest price. They obviously are still making money or they wouldn't offer it. I wish you would be more sincere, because I thought you were more of a more quality company than that. I'm yet undecided to keep my super saver.

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