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Rating: 1/51

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- On Monday 5/15/17 I woke up to see 89.95 in pending on my credit card. I immediately called customer service to stop the order and the payment. The kid and I do mean kid said the payment would stop and the order would not be sent. I woke up this morning 5/19/14 to find the payment was deducted from my card.

I called customer service at QFL and they said the kid wrote down that he canceled my account which I don't have an account but that he told me I was going to be charged 89.95 anyway. That is without a doubt a big fat lie. I never agreed to that. Customer service hung up on me and when I called back customer service and asked for a supervisor that me she couldn't transfer a call and that's a big fat lie too and I know this because I have worked in customer service for years. WORST COMPANY EVER!!!

This Is a Fraud
By -

EDISON, CONNECTICUT -- I had ordered this product the qfl inner cleaner. It was supposed to be a 14 free trial. YEAH RIGHT. This is a scam and this stuff does not work. BEWARE!!! They charge my account an additional $79.00 before I could even send the product back to them. I called customer service, they hung up on me. There was nothing else I could do.

I went to my bank, told them "I did not order this," they said that the QFL inner clean said I did, there was nothing the bank could do.Do not order this product. You will be screwed. It's shameful that there are so many dishonest people and companies out there that will take advantage of you. You have been warned. Do not order this product. It's fake and they will take all your money.

QFL Inner Clean u.t. Plus Is a Scam!!!
By -

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- I ordered some trials of QFL Inner Clean u.t. Plus and Maximum Acai Power. It said "money back guarantee," but I didn't even get to really try it out when $78.89 hit my account. So I called the company, and I got one guy that said it was just a 15-day trial. I told him it hadn't been 15 days. He said "Well you got it on the 17 of this month," and I told him "No I didn't" that I got it on the 24 and started both pills on the 25 of this month. So I told him he needs to learn his math sense, even if I did get it on the 17 it would be that today would've only been the 12th day.

He said to me "Fine then return it for a full refund." I said "I ain't paying to return it for you." So he basically told me "Oh well then." So I called back and asked to talk to a super, but I got customer service, and I began telling her what had happened, and she said "I'm sorry, that is the way he runs his company." So I said "There is nothing that I can do to resolve this?" And she said "No I'm sorry," and I said "But this is fraud, as well as a scam if this is what happens to people."

You get the trials, don't even get the full days they tell you, and charge your bank account an outrageous price. You don't even get a choice in the matter. I don't think that's right and I don't think this company should stay in business if they're going to just take advantage of people. P.S. Please help me and others like me.

QFL Inc Is a Scam.
By -

SOUTH PLAINFEILD, NEW JERSEY -- I was told that the InnerClean and the Acai Berry was going to be a free 30-day trial and all I would have to pay is the shipping and handling which was 2.95 each bottle. Then I check my account they debit 86.93 out of my account. I called the company and the guy told me that was in the terms and conditions and I re-read it and he was lying. So I google the InnerClean to see if I can purchase it in a store near me when I came across a women's complaint about the same thing that happen to be, so what I did was call my bank and have them change my card and I will be more careful about this again.

Get Slim or Get Sick?
By -

MEDFORD, WISCONSIN -- I always fall for weight loss supplements, though I'm not overweight at all. This time I bought Wulong Tea from QFL, INC. I tried tea for two days (I did all according directions) and I got extremely sick. I was nauseated, dizzy, vomited, what not. It was real stomach poisoning. Well, things happen. Maybe I was allergic to this tea (never before I had reaction from tea, I love tea and drink it a lot). I sent tea back and asked for refund. It was in January 2008. Now it's end of March, but I don't see any refund on my credit card. My first remind to QFL, INC via e-mail was ignored, second was answered - "It's not our order number". Dahhh.

They ignored two more e-mails. Then I faxed them, saying that I'm going to recall my payment through my credit card. They e-mailed me, confirming refund. But I don't see any refund on my account yet! So, good lesson - don't buy from them! You'll get sick or from tea or from service!

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