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Beware of Book Scam
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RANTOUL, ILLINOIS -- I ordered some books from Quality Paperback Books because they had some books that interested me. Did I ever step on my lower lip! I lost track of the status of my membership, and received an email from QPB that I had to order two more books to meet my obligation. I went through their offerings and selected two books and ordered them. I received an email that stated my obligation had been met, and offering a free book. I thought that was a pretty good deal until I read that receiving the free book was contingent on buying another book.

The other day, I received another email from QPB that the time was about to expire for my claiming my free book. I looked through the latest offerings and nothing interested me. Couple that with the relaization that I would be charged shipping for my so-called free book. I decided to take a pass on the offer.

The other day, I received another email, again claiming that I still needed to purchase two books or they would bill me for over $35, which would be the same as if I had purchase two of their more expensive books. I sent them a copy of their email, stating I had met my obligation, with the offer of the free book. Now they say the books I ordered did not meet the qualifications, and that I must still buy two books. Where does it end? They will just continue telling me I am clear, then turning around and threatening to bill me again for more books which I will not get.

If you get material from Quality Paperback Books, tear it up, burn it, then burn the ashes. Sprinkle it with holy water and bury it at a crossroad at midnight with a stake through it. The people are crooks, plain and simple. You order stuff in good faith, then they own you and will bill you forevermore. This is just a cheap scam.

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