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Getting Lab Results
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Rating: 1/51

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- I had gotten lab work done at Quest in West Palm beach. I was the only one in the waiting room. 10 min later about 10 people came in and I waited over an hour for a test that took no longer than 5 min. I needed to get my results to see a different doctor. I had gotten an email to open results and was directed to another website when I called the help number. I called that help number to log in and was put on hold for another hour.

At this time I still do not have copies of my encrypted lab results after hours. This is a company that you are trusting for health reasons and can cause you a pain in the neck and possibly a heart attack. They are more than unhelpful but are rude. If you have any way around having to use this company. If you are a self-pay then I would definitely find another lab. They are the worst. Lab Corp is much better.

Terrible/no fax/SN Service
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Rating: 1/51

HILTON HEAD, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I called my doctor to fax a prescription over for a routine blood test. Went online and made the appointment. They never answer the phone and seldom if ever, return phone calls. They claim they do, but in previous dealings, no never. Upon arrival at the appointment I was informed that the fax machine did not work and had not worked for FIVE weeks. How does one run, in this day and age, a medical facility without a fax machine. If the fax machine is and has been broken, purchase a new one. If this is so difficult, how can we trust our lab results. A doctor is only as good as his lab. Find another lab. Not the only place in town.

The quest bundling package is a rip off
By -

A couple of months ago a representative for the new Quest bundle knocked on my door. I wasn't home at the time, but my wife answered. He promised her quite a few discounts, and told her he could save her at least 50 dollars a month off of our present Dishnet, Comcast bill every month.

He told us Quest was a lot faster than Comcast, (which is a big lie). He told her that he could put a phone in our house for 3 dollars (another lie) and he told us we were going to get a prepaid credit card for 150 dollars to offset the early contract cancellation fee for Dishnet (another lie).

This isn't just heresay evidence, because my wife called me and put the salesman and me on the phone together, and he told me the same thing. I was paying 127 dollars a month for my Comcast, Dishnet services every month, and now I just got a bill from the bundle people, and it is for the amount of $161.98 (copy and pasted from my current bill).

The sad part is they think I saved $45.00, when in fact it cost me $34 dollars over what I was paying prior to switching, and as you can see by the statement it is going to go up another $45.00 in another 4 months, bringing the total to approx. $207.00. Just so you know what to expect.

I never got the $150 prepaid credit card, and I am still liable to Dishnet for the early termination fee. I called Quest, and DirecTV customer service about my bill, and the prepaid credit card and they just play dumb. Now I know I am the one who was dumb because I thought there must have been an error or something. They told me there was no error.

This is going to be my fee for bundling for the next year, and it will be yours as well if you buy the package. I just thought you might like to get a look at a real life, honest to goodness copy of what you are going to receive for purchasing the Quest DirecTV bundle every month, and as far as I can tell you can just forget about the 150 bucks they promised, I know I have.

The good news is that you don't have a contract with Quest, and can cancel without financial recourse, but you do have a 1 year contract with Direct TV. I just got off the phone with Direct TV and they told me if I cancelled it would cost me 20 dollars a month, now I am not sure if I got this right or not, but I believe they told me, for 2 years.

I copy and pasted the bill I received to protect myself from being liable for slander. This is a true copy of my discounted bill received just the other day. I have been contesting the bill, I have been looking for someone in customer service that is concerned about customer satisfaction, and, or customer retention, but so far I haven't found anyone that fits that description.

Unreliable, Horrible Service, unethical billing practices
By -

Quest notified me that I had to get another provider for my cell phone, (because they lost their contract with Sprint). They were terminating my cell service. I called and told their representative that I did want to keep my internet access. They told me that it would not be a problem.

So I went and got another cell phone provider. I moved my Cell and my home phone. Three days after my phone numbers were transferred to my new provider, Quest terminated my internet. I got a song and dance that it was turned off because they had to use another accounting identification number.

The tech restored my connection within a few minutes. Then my service was disconnected again that evening. I called their technical service again and got this tech that had kids screaming in the back ground. They put you though all of these questions including what number they can call you back.

The tech told me he could not do anything to restore my service and I would have to wait until Monday. He told me to wait for his call and let him call the office first and then he would call me. I waited and waited and no call from this Tech so I called in myself. I was transferred from department to department, cut off repeatedly. I was told that it was going to take 5 days for my "NEW" service.

They put you to this "LOYALTY" department. Believe me that it is not a customer loyalty they are talking about. One representative told me that they would have everything working that night. DIDN'T happen so the next morning I called again. It was five days and over 438 minutes on my cell phone and still no service.

Then they put me to this tech who told me it was my phone lines and they would send out a repair service Two days later. Quest had disconnected my service, reinstated my service and there had been no changes made to the wiring in my home. Call it a setup or what.

I called Quest back to tell them to never mind. They put me to their Loyalty department again where their representative badgered me and wanted me to say on tape that "I was canceling the service" I told him how can you cancel something that you don't have?" It wasn't working. They had disconnected me.

I even talked to his manager. He told me that I would be credited any unused prorated amount back to me. So I called Comcast. 12 hours later including 8 hours of sleep I had a new service all set up and running. So a few days passed I got a packet FedEx welcoming me to "MY NEW Service". Then Quest's tech even showed up. They don't communicate even in their own company.

Then I get the bill and they had charged me an early disconnect fee. I called them again. I finally got to their "LOYALTY Department" in about an hour and a half on the phone. Then this woman told me that they were not going to correct it on my bill because my new cell carrier had cancelled my account. I told her that they only moved my phones. They don't even do internet. She told me it was all one account and that their moving my phones, also disconnected my internet. I told her that they were the ones who were canceling my cell service.

She was yelling and screaming at me. I have never seen anything so unprofessional in my life. I had one representative tell me that they would correct my account if I went back to Quest. ARE they serious? After everything that I have been through? My question is how can you go back to "NO SERVICE" as in "IT DOESN'T WORK"? The tech that could not seem to flip the right switch told me that if I wanted internet I should go to the library.

So if you have cell service that they are canceling on you because they can no longer deal Sprint, be prepared to have everything else shut off and an early disconnect fee. I am looking for any and all remedies of this problem. I am going to report them to the BBB and to the Utilities Commission. I am going to Tweet everything that I can.

Oh, the Manager from the LOYALTY DEPARTMENT DID SAY that she would give me 100.00 of the 204.00 charge back. I am wondering if that would constitute a settlement and relieve them of any and all other legal obligations of their fault of any dispute. Yes, I am going to make a legal NOTICE and dispute to Quest.

Over Inflated Price
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Rating: 2/51

OCOEE, FLORIDA -- I used to be self-pay and my lab work was under 200.00. I got insurance but Blue Cross of Tenn. denied labs because it was pre-existing. So Quest is charging me 716.00 for the same lab work that cost 200.00 as self-pay just because Blue cross of Tenn denied it. So they are charging me the inflated amount that they would charge the insurance company... so messed up.

Did Not Honor My Appointment
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Rating: 4/51

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA -- I had appointment with the Quest Laboratory at 324 East Par Street, Orlando, FL 32804, on June 5, 2012. I was about 5 minutes late for my 9 AM appointment, but was told that they would take care of me on time. The receptionist asked me for my confirmation number. I did not have it with me as I normally would have. But I assumed that the record of my appointment would be in the Quest computers. It was not.

The receptionist told me that that she would not honor my appointment, but that I could be considered as a walk-in. I told her that I did not bring my confirmation once before at the same laboratory, but my appointment was honored at that time. All of a sudden, the receptionist developed an attitude and asked if I wanted to wait. The waiting room was full of people. I said "No" and left.

I am a diabetic and have had Quest Labs at 2000 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando FL 32826, perform all my laboratory work for years. I recently moved and changed labs to the Par Street lab since it is closer to my home. The Quest Laboratory at the 2000 N. Alafaya Trail location, the lab that I had used for years before changing to the lab at the East Par Street location, was outstanding in every way. A couple of times I failed to bring in my appointment confirmation number, and they always worked me in. This was not the case with the poor service and attitude that I received from the East Par Street location.

Now I am faced with decision of whether to continue to use Quest Laboratories or begin doing my repetitive laboratory work with another company. If I continue with Quest, then I will make the long drive to the former location where I always received respect and outstanding service. There are a lot of people looking for work. It would be in the best interest of Quest Laboratories and its customers if Quest would replace those employees whose behavior and attitudes cost the company business. A copy of this letter will be mailed to top management at the Quest home office.

I Am Not a Liar
By -

I finally decide to get Internet at my house and because I have Direct TV, I thought I would call Quest. A 'customer service' agent named ** tells me that I 'qualify' for a FREE modem and free installation. I get the modem on time and the tech calls me to tell me I have been hooked up. I connect everything and I am happy until I get my bill... I have been charged for installation and for the FREE MODEM. I called 'customer service and spoke to ** who after about 10 minutes tells me she will 'give' me the installation charge back.

I tell her I still want the free modem and she leaves and comes back 10 minutes later stating "I read over the notes from your order and there is no indication that you were promised a free modem." I am insulted and I tell her that I am not a liar and I want my free modem.

She tells me I have to speak to ** because he is the only person who can give me the free modem he promised me. WHAT??? She also does not know who her VP of operations is. I call the next day and talk to ** who does not know who ** is, but will put in a request to 'review the call and ensure I was not given false information."

Again - I am not a liar, but they need to review the phone call to ensure I am not a liar. I called back today as overnight I became more insulted and spoke to **. He tells me that they have to review the call to ensure that the associate was not misleading. I tried to explain that their internal training issues are not my concern and that I wanted the free modem I was promised and they could deal with the call later.

I informed him I was not a liar and simply wanted to modem I was promised..he also does not know who his VPs are and there are 100s of ** who work there and he could not possible tell me who he was. I also cannot cancel my service because that dept is closed today...

Very Bad, Unethical Business Practices and Customer Service!
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I have had the worse experience with this company from the very beginning. It all started when I tried to cancel my service last March due to them always raising the price on me for some additional charge or whatever each month. If you don't carefully review your bill each month, they will raise the rate without any notice. I shouldn't have to review my bill every month to see if they are charging me correctly. I live in an apartment complex and they offer a lower rate for internet service so I called Quest to cancel last March.

They transferred me to their special department "Loyalty" after numerous attempts to ask me why I would cancel, to consider, put me on hold numerous times, etc. Finally the Loyalty dept. said she would give me a rate of $25 no additional charges, no contract, etc. per month. I made sure I asked every question before agreeing.

She also gave me her extension and email. I have tried contacting her afterwards. She does not work in that dept. Funny no one can find her??? Needless to say, they have me now in a contract, raised the rate from $25 to $30 and now $40!!! Will cost me $200 to get out of the contract. So rude when I call and they transfer me to the Loyalty dept.

Sounds like they are kids in charge. Wouldn't allow me to talk with anyone and just stated, "NO" you cannot get out of your contract. By the way lady, we no longer have contracts for our customers he tells me. Cannot believe this, it is supposed to be a professional company??? PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT GO WITH THIS UNETHICAL, ILLEGAL CORRUPT COMPANY. What is this country coming to?? Please forward to everyone you know..

Worst Billing Practices, Don't Accept Co-Insurance, Horrible Provider
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- My wife was expecting so OB/GYN requested blood work several times. We obviously have no control over where blood work goes so service request went to Quest. We have not one, but two insurances. Cross insure each other and kids so don't have to pay co-pays.

Quest refuses to bill co-insurance, demands co-pay from patient. We refused to pay. I submitted manual claim to Anthem Blue Cross with all required paperwork. Insurance carrier took time to handle claim, in mean time Quest bombarded me with notices, reminders, etc.

I called them several times, spoke with billing and they advised notes were placed in file/record to indicate status. I faxed them copies of my claim several times. These people are deaf, blind and idiots. They actually sent our file to collection agency that sent me nasty collection notice... and it was 3+ weeks after Quest actually was paid by co-insurance.

Now my time to threaten them with unfair debt collection practices (The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as amended by Public Law 104-208, 110 Stat. 3009 (Sept. 30, 1996). Failure to comply with New York State Department of Health rules and regulations; patient intimidation; patient harassment. Just horrible experience all across the board.

Bad Service And Disconnect
By -

SUN CITY WEST, ARIZONA -- Today again my phone was disconnected from the outside box which is locked and only a Quest or Cox repair person could disconnect. My bill is paid but my phone is dead, dead. Both types of phones in my house are dead because no service.

Quest does not do repair on the weekends so you go without a phone. This is the second time they have done this to me as they did it the weekend of Hurricane Ike and my son lives in Houston and was in danger and my other son is in Iraq.

Sister in a home with Cerebral Palsy and I could not call anyone as phone was dead to call out because Quest did not connect right and they refused to come out and fix the entire weekend. I am disabled and this makes me very upset to the point of screaming! I do not have a regular cell phone and this is nuts that in 2008 companies are getting worse and worse and they then slam one with phone bills that are nuts.

They have incompetent repair persons who do not do know what the hell they are doing and I know many, many people here in west valley, AZ that have been the victims between Quest and the other phone provider Cox. Does anyone give a darn as I am so burned up with this issue of these two horrible companies but mainly Quest! Both are bad! Oh yeah there e-mail to report trouble is a joke!

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