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Gas Causing Engine Problems
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Rating: 3/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I, too am in Phoenix AZ. I've had extensive problems with my Kia lately. I got gas at QT and before I could get it home, it was revving up on its own. At stop lights, it was fine until I put on the gas to go and it would sputter like it was about to die. It drove better this morning. I stopped at QT on the way home for gas (89) and before I got home, it was revving again. I'm pretty sure it's the gas. No more QT for my Kia. A day or two after I get gas, it is fine. But, right after I get QT gas, it makes the engine act crazy.

If You Like Getting Stuck on the Road, Go to Quik Trip
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Rating: 1/51

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Purchased a 2000 Suburban a week ago. All service records, ran awesome. Filled it with Quik Trip gas and 2 days later my fiancee and two children are stuck on Highway 364. Corporate was no help and informed me that my BMW was the problem, even though I was having issues with my Suburban. My BMW was also having the same issues, loss of power, missing, running like crap and telling me my O2 sensors were faulting, filled it with 89 octane at Quik Trip 20 minutes prior to the issues.

I have always used Quik Trip gas, had the same issue last year when they switched blends. BMW ran like crap, threw O2 sensor codes and eventually ran itself out after several Lucas and sea foam treatments. Imagine that... It's back again. And they blame my BMW, yet posted no warnings about BMW's having issues with their products. Called my BMW mechanic, informed me that he has a car in his shop as we spoke with similar issues with QT gas, fuel tests revealed that the gas is garbage. I put at least 500 miles per week on my car and know every tick on it.

After the hell I've been through and the danger imposed on my family I will never return and I hope this will make you think twice before you make my mistake. As a BMW owner I have learned the hard way you need to pay attention to what you put in your cars.

Luckily, my BMW is running, damn German won't stop. My Suburban on the other hand is sitting with the repair bill stacking up that I must produce upfront and fight these ** for, guess I love a challenge and a good fight. In the spirit of the STL, QT... BMW's are expensive. So are Suburbans... You going to learn today.

My Trip Home Wasn't Quik
By -

MCDONOUGH, GEORGIA -- After enjoying my weekend off in Atlanta area I headed for home at 2am Monday morning. I have my Avalanche service on a regular so I trust my car even though it's an 2002. Stop on i-75 in McDonough, Ga at a Quik Trip. Got about $50 in gas and jump back on i-75 south. At first the trip was going ok then as I headed up hill 15 miles in to my travel my car began to lose power and speed dropping from 75 - 60 each and every hill. I stopped again 30 minutes later and some gas treatment and got back on the highway. The truck struggled for the next 2 hours.

That's how long it took me to travel less than 80 miles. It usually takes an hour to travel this distance and I could barely keep car at 50 miles an hour and my truck is shiver with power loss. At 4am I planned to be nearing home not 2 hours away and everything in site was close. Pull on exit, slept from about 4am to 8am till AutoZone informed me that my car was misfiring and could have bad gas. Attendant recommended I try heat which should remove water from gas and Lucas gas treatment.

Got back on highway, truck performed a little better but the trembling from losing power was too much on the ride, not to mention every hill posed a safety threat as big trucks zoomed by. It's now 11am, had to call in to work and wait on emergency roadside assistance. Got home at 1:30pm. A 4 hour Quik Trip took 11:30 hours on bad gas. 4 days later an ASE certified mechanic said it was bad gas, suggested I call quik trip. Spoke to a member of their management team who was helpful. He faxed over information for claim and now I wait to see how much they guarantee their gas and their name because my trip was not quik.

Accident Expenses Not Being Reimbursed
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Rating: 1/51

LEE'S SUMMIT, MISSOURI -- 11/21/14 I fell on ice in the parking lot, not from rain, or snow but someone poured their drink out and it became frozen. I stepped one foot out of my SUV and hit the pavement on my left lower back which has caused me to have back spasms. My right leg flew in the air and hit the corner of my SUV which left a gash on my calf. Both of my hands are still hurting due to trying to stop myself from falling. I submitted a claim and just heard back from their incident/legal dept that they will not be reimbursing me medical expenses of 9k or time missed from work because they weren't negligent.

They have their employees monitor the parking lot for grease spots and put sand down on them to prevent ACCIDENTS but they don't send them out to check for ice unless there has been precipitation. What is the different of a fall inside and one outside??? They know people pour their drinks out in the lot so they can have an empty cup when they come in. This is the most uncaring and unconcerned company I have seen. I just want to be reimbursed for the medical expenses. I didn't ask for more that what was caused by this accident.

Thanks for Standing There & Watching the Line
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OAKLAND (ST. LOUIS), MISSOURI -- For those of you familiar with QuikTrip, the place can get crazy busy, especially in the morning, lunchtime, and evening. Most of the QTs I go to usually have 3-4 people at the counter ringing people out, then 1 or 2 people restocking and "working the floor," which works to get people in an hour quickly.

At this particular location, especially at lunchtime, you will usually only find 1 or 2 people at the counter with 3-4 on the floor, which is not good when you have a line of 10+ people. To make matters worse, there are two mid-age women (one blonde, one reddish/brown hair) that are always just standing around by the coffee talking about who knows what. You want to stand around a talk when it is slow, fine. However, when you got 10+ people in line and the 2 people at the counter are new (nice kids, but still in that slow/learning phase), don't just glance at the line and keep talking about last night's episode of Cougar Town, go ring some people up.

I'm sorry somewhere down the line you made some mistakes that caused to you work at a convenience store at the age of 45, but try to take some pride in your work and help out. The only time I've seen either one of these women ringing people out is at like 2 pm when no one is in there. That is why I still go to the Watson Road one instead. They always, ALWAYS have at least 3 people working the counter.

By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Quick Trip gas stations seem to be popping up all over our state since last year. When they opened in our neighborhood we got coupons and went to buy our gas there. 3 days later, my car stopped working in an intersection and needed to be towed. A few weeks later my husband's car started to show signs of severe power loss, so much that it became impossible to drive on the freeway. Another friend of ours had the same problem with his older car. All 3 cars had carburetor/ fuel injector problems. We will never get gas there again.

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