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Rating: 4/51

OCCONOMOWOC, WISCONSIN -- I have never been more angry with a sub sandwich company. The closest one to me is 20 miles away. I am glad that there was a Quiznos near my house when I was younger, otherwise I wouldn't know how truly delicious the subs are. The prices are a bit higher than other sub chains, but it is well worth it.

Personally, I recommend the peppercorn steak sandwich on either the rosemary parmesan or jalapeno cheddar bread. The sandwiches all have top-tier fresh ingredients, and are made to perfection by the ever so friendly sandwich artists. The peppercorn steak sandwich comes with a savory peppercorn sauce laid on freshly baked bread and then layered with juicy steak and cheese. After each sandwich is made, they roll it through the quick oven and serve it to you crispy and hot. For a $10 footlong sub, one couldn't expect anything more.

Coupon "misspelled"
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- On Monday, October 25th 2010, at approximately 7:00 P.M. I had gone to Best Buy in the same shopping complex (Waterford Lakes), that this Quiznos was located. I realized that I had a coupon for Quiznos that I had personally cut from a coupon book for shops in Waterford Lakes. This specific coupon stated the following "Free Sub with the Purchase of Sub or Drink". Please note that this specific coupon stated "Sub OR Drink".

I could have used coupons from several shops in Waterford Lakes including Subway, but chose Quiznos because of this coupon. Please understand that I am a full-time college student and I have a small budget, which forces me to be a very frugal spender.

I walked into the store and the gentleman behind the counter was very friendly. I showed the employee my coupon and he said there were no problems and it is accepted. I excitedly ordered two large subs because I was going to eat one of the subs and give the free sub to my girlfriend.

After the subs had been made, the only other employee present at the time who seemed to be the supervisor was going to ring me up. I presented the coupon and he stated that the coupon was a "misprint" and actually meant "Free sub with purchase of sub AND drink". I told him that I specifically came to Quiznos just because of the coupon and he rudely told me to give him a break, and that I am already receiving a great deal and I should just pay the extra $1.89 for a drink. I reminded him that I was a college student on a low budget, and he went on to tell me that I was crazy to think that a purchase of a drink would get me a free sub.

I was going to walk out of the store because of his rude service but my friend who had come with me persuaded me to forget about it, my friend however did not realize that I was arguing about the specific wording of the coupon, and told me later that he would have backed my position had he known what I was arguing about.

In conclusion, I am very disappointed with the service I received, and being forced to pay for a drink because of a misprinted coupon. The employee who rang me up was very rude and forced me to pay for a drink that a coupon said I did not have to. Although I can handle paying extra for a drink, I did not want a drink and the sole reason I came to Quiznos to spend my money was to use the coupon. I do not plan to purchase food at Quiznos again and I just want the company to know of my rude service and being forced to pay for an item I did not want. From my understanding of customer service, and in this case it is truly applicable that the customer is always right.

Unbelievable Response To Negative Feedback By A Quiznos Store Owner
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I left negative feedback on a specific Quiznos store via the Quiznos website. In my feedback I complained that when we asked if they were participating in the Quiznos "1 Million Sub Giveaway" promotion we were told "Yes, but only if you purchase a drink and chips." The giveaway was a coupon you could print online for one free small sub without any restrictions other than it couldn't be combined with another offer. No other purchase requirement was specified or implied on the coupon.

Since we hadn't eaten at Quiznos for a couple of years, all we wanted to do was try a couple of sandwiches. We wouldn't have got drinks & chips even if we were "paying customers." So we left that store and used the coupons at another nearby Quiznos who accepted them without question.

The next day I received a phone call from someone at Quiznos Corporate Offices who apologized profusely for the experience we had. She said that they've had problems with this owner and have been round and round with her about this promotion and she just doesn't get it. If the owner was a Quiznos corp. employee she would be fired. Unfortunately she is a franchise owner and there's not much they can do about it. The lady from Quiznos corp. was very nice and professional and I appreciated the response.

Expensive and Takes Too Long
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Rating: 2/51

VANCOUVER -- I have never spent less than $9.00 for a Quiznos sandwich. For that I can get a sandwich, drink and chips at Subway, and it takes a whole lot less time. At Quiznos they never ask what toppings you want. They are there, but if you don't ask, you only get what it says on the menu, no lettuce, no hot peppers, nothing. And it takes 5 to 10 minutes of standing around to get your meal. They are good sandwiches, but not nine dollars good.

The Owner
By -

THORNTON, COLORADO -- I went into Quiznos tonight as I usually do 2-3 nights a week. Every time, I order the same thing... Chicken Carbonara with extra sauce no mushrooms large on wheat. They practically know me when I walk in. On this occasion someone I had never run across was there. No problem, I can't wait for her to get to know the usual.:) This time I wanted to try something different and did.

The entire time she assisted me she never smiled. She started to make a sandwich for me and I saw she was using mayo. I don't like mayo so I figured, my husband eats anything. I'll have her make his so there is no waste. When I told her to make it tuna instead turkey she gave me a disgusted almost "mom" look. I felt horrible. After it came out of the oven she was there to dress the sandwiches. She never once smiled and seemed like she hated her job.

I told my husband I feel I should say something to her. I waited outside until there were no customers and asked the gentleman if that was the manager. I would have been shocked it were had I not found out it was the owner! I was flabbergasted. I proceeded to tell her I felt bad for changing what I wanted on a sandwich and that she hadn't smiled at all. She smiled after I made the comment and then didn't seem to care when I said I felt it was bad customer service.

I turned to walk out and outside the doors I looked back and as I suspected she was then talking to the employee with her hand on her hips about what just happened. I will not go back to that one or any other Quiznos. I would rather eat McDonald's than go back there. I will be posting on every website I can!

Horrible Service + Charges For Toppings = Worst Quiznos Ever!
By -

NORTH YORK, ONTARIO -- I have been a happy customer of Quiznos Subs for many years. I have been to several locations across Ontario, and have always enjoyed my meal. I find that the food is delicious and a great bang for your buck. However, recently, I visited the location on 2215 Steeles Avenue West in North York, Ontario, and I was seriously disappointed!

Upon my arrival, the employee, who I assume was the owner by the way he was dressed, was too busy talking on his phone. He was the only employee working. He did not acknowledge my arrival and it took him over 5 minutes to serve me. He did not wash his hands after hanging up the phone and before handling the food. I ordered a large tuna on whole wheat. He told me that the sandwich comes with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. I requested that I would like tomato, onion, mushroom and olives, but no lettuce. The owner then repeated that the sandwich came with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Again, I asked that those toppings be changed. The owner then told me he would only make a change to the toppings for an extra charge! I asked him if he was kidding. I told him that I have never been to a Quiznos that charges for toppings. He claimed that it's posted on the menu, that substitutions are extra. After arguing with me, he finally agreed to give me the toppings, free of charge.

At the register, I noticed that "help yourself bar" where the pickles, hot peppers, and sauces are usually displayed, was empty. I asked if he had any of these items available. He said yes, but only if he put the condiments on my sub for me. Again, another first for me at Quiznos, since he was very stingy and I'm usually used to helping myself to these condiments.

Finally, the sub was ready. There was very little tuna in it as well. He asked if I wanted a bag. I said sure, so he attempted to charge me for that too. I told him he could keep the bag. This rant is not directed towards Quiznos in general, as I still enjoy this restaurant in general, but to advise people of the horrible services provided by this specific location (Quiznos Store #4442).

Verbally Abused by Quiznos Associate
By -

EAGLE ROCK, CALIFORNIA -- I have endured this place through the inept service, thinking the girl behind the counter was trying. I have endured them running out of soup, cheese, bacon, even some of the meat for the sandwiches. Tonight, I was running late and in a hurry, I got there a few minutes before closing time. Lights were still on, the doors were still open, the sign in the window was still on, and the clock behind the counter said I still had 5 minutes. I had my order ready, was going to be quick. The woman behind the counter as I walked rudely snapped "we're closed, so I am not going to make your sandwich".

I had intended to walk in and ask if it was OK that I place the order, AND ask her if they had anything that they could make easily because I was aware they were close to closing. After her comment, I replied that it didn't seem the case with the lights on, the doors open and the clock saying it is not closing time yet. She then said "it's close to closing, be quick". I had my order ready, and it was a simple order.

I understand that you want to leave, and my order, if it had been done without her constant litany of complaints, and one insult that she was only making my sandwich because it was clear that Quiznos was the only place I was able to afford, would have taken just about 5 minutes. Instead she locked the doors so I couldn't leave if I wanted to, and called the owner to tell her that she had a late customer who wanted to place an order. Ummmm..... wouldn't it be faster to just make the order? But OK.

So she gets off the phone, and finishes making the order. Sort of. First she continued to complain that I was in close to closing. Then she complained that she had to put my fiancee's order through the toaster again because of the time she took to call the owner. I finished and paid for the food. I would have just left without my order except the order wasn't for me, oh and the fact that I WAS LOCKED IN THE RESTAURANT.

The Customer comes first
By -

STOUFFVILLE -- As a former Quiznos employee I am very concerned with the way that this location is being operated. When my boyfriend and I entered the store we waited on a representative and when acknowledged it was not with the proper greeting; Hi, welcome to Quiznos, is this for here or to go... I had to explain my sandwich a couple times, and by then he was getting frustrated with my order, which is not difficult, I get an oven roasted turkey with mayo and zesty grill sauce, no veggies, just lettuce.

When he came to the finishing station, he asked for the second time if it were for here or to go, and I told him, for the third time, that it was to go... and yet he continued to prepare the sandwiches to eat in, when I asked him to wrap the sandwiches to go, he made a comment about me saying for here. I had asked about the broccoli cheese soup, and how many days it was, knowing that it has an expiry date of two days, and can only be reheated twice, he answered, telling me that it was from last week, funny... I decided not to get any soup...

As we were leaving, I decided to get some zesty grill sauce from the pepper bar, there was none, so I asked him if I could have some, and he told me that I was rude, and he already put two lines of it plus mayo on my sandwich, and if I did want more I would have to pay 50 cents for it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am more than positive that it is supposed to be in the pepper bar (thus indicating it is included in the purchase of a sandwich), along with honey mustard and red wine vigarette (none of which were present).

I mentioned this to him, and he told me once again that I was rude, and that it is not in the pepper bar and asked us to leave. I think that someone at the head office should have a word with the owner of this Quiznos location and explain the proper procedures required to operate the franchise.

Quiznos vs Subway
By -

PETAWAWA -- I live in Canada, and have always seen the Quiznos commercials on TV and thought, oh how I wish we had one here, because I am getting tired of Subway, and Quiznos subs look so good. Well, they finally opened one where I live in Petawawa Ontario Canada. I thought wow finally, this is a military town, we have tons of pizza joints but not much else, so this is a good change, or so I thought. The place had been open about a week before I noticed it was even there, no advertising they were coming or anything. So I thought great, that's what my family will be having for dinner tonight.

Every single thing we bought was paper thin with not much taste. The soup was old and tasted burnt. Chicken sub was not bad, but hardly any meat on it. The flat bread pizza had practically nothing on it, and we got the works. It was pathetic. Wasn't it Quiznos that had that commercial on TV competing with Subway on how much meat is on their subs compared to Subway? Wow what a lie. I never went back to Quiznos until today. I thought maybe it would be better now that it has been open a couple of months, so they get one more chance. Boy was I wrong.

I got a double meat Italian sub, the meat was so thin you could see through it. When compared to Subway's similar sub with double meat, the one at Quiznos double meat sub is the same thickness as Subway's single meat. So never again will I go back there. I think they will close anyway, every time I drive past the place the parking lot is empty, and with the military base right there, business should be booming.

So even though I was bored with Subway, there is not way I will stray from them again, they beat Quiznos in every category. I tried to find contact information online for Quiznos to tell them my feelings directly, but there is no way to contact them at their website, so I guess they don't care if they lose customers or not. There was one thing I liked about Quiznos, their white sub buns have sesame seeds on them hahaha.

Quiznos is a rip off
By -

WEST. ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA -- I had the same exact situation as the guy from Eau Claire, I am from The Twin cities area by the way, I almost ordered the same exact sub as you today but got the Chicken Carbonara (not one of those $4 torpedoes, mine was an $8 one) and like you I hadn't been their in about 6 months. Well when I was there at a different location last time I ordered a large sub and it was huge, today my sub looked exactly like you described.

I called the manager of that store soon after we left and told him my thoughts and he said it's a tough economy so in order to lower prices they need to lower portions (I believe when I had that sub 6 months ago or so It was maybe $9 at the most and would have much rather paid the extra 75 cents to a buck more to have that sub versus this waste of time and money thing).

I read on a different forum of complaints written by Quiznos franchisees how they're getting screwed by corporate because corporate is forcing them to lower their prices in their franchised owned stores yet still charging the franchise owner the same food costs and other overhead and still telling them to give out the same portions and I saw one franchise owner comment that the only stores that will survive in these times are the ones that don't follow all of the orders of corporate, so basically skimping customers out of food even though there not supposed to.

I don't know who I should be more annoyed by, that franchise owner and report him to corporate because He scammed me or feel sorry for him because he's getting royally screwed. I read that the average Quiznos owner works 60 to 70 hours per week and only nets 35K a year after operating costs. I'll take my business to Subway or Jimmy Johns and I told him. My buddy ordered one of those $4 torpedoes and his sub looked the same size as mine, I'm sorry but I paid $8 for mine with no special fancy schmancy meats on it and should have got a much thicker sub.

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