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Disgusted With The Way You Run A Business
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YORKVILLE, ILLINOIS -- Raging Waves Waterpark in Yorkville, IL opened up into the middle of this summer season, due to numerous delays! My fiance and I bought season passes the day it opened. From the moment we bought those passes we have had nothing but issues with the waterpark. I am not going to start with the beginning but instead what made me so upset this past week is where it set me off.

On Thursday July 10 I headed out to the waterpark to meet up with some family (that I talked into getting passes) and my friend with her 1 daughter and her 2 friends. My friend had to pay the 28.00 general admission and her daughter had a free ticket for reading in school. The two friends had to pay their 28.00 as well. Now this is a key point here: the waterpark is 28.00 for an all day pass so from 10-7pm. Or you can buy the half day pass which is from 3-7 and that is for 18.95.

Now we got to the park at 10 am when it opened. We checked the weather right before we came and they weren't calling for rain till late that night. So anyway we are all at the waterpark and around 2 or 2:30pm we went to our cars to eat lunch (they nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING!!) So we were sitting outside and there were some storms rolling in, started to lighten in the near distance. The waterpark was still operating full swing! We hurried to get back inside because our things were still on the chair.

I bumped into my one friend and I asked her they are closing the park for the day. She told me that she asked a manager what was going on and he told her that he wasn't really sure because they didn't have a rain policy intact. How in the world can you open an outdoor waterpark in Illinois, AND NOT HAVE A RAIN/STORM POLICY?? It is lightning for about 10 minutes and finally they blow whistles to get everyone off the rides. Here all these people are walking around with water just surrounding them all over. They waited a few minutes before requiring everyone to leave the park.

Everyone began asking for a rain voucher and they proudly answered that they DO NOT do rain vouchers. It is only 3 in the afternoon and all these people (including my friends) still have 4 hours left for the day. Now I can compromise, and I understand if they don't hand out free tickets considering most people have used a couple hours there. HOWEVER, if you are going to have split admission like after 3 it's like 10 bucks cheaper, then maybe when a waterpark has to close before 3 they should issue a coupon for 10 bucks off admission, or a free pass from 3-7 for another day.

Almost 30.00 for a day at a waterpark is expensive ESPECIALLY when you can only be there for less than 5 hours on a day it wasn't even supposed to rain till late that night!! I live across the street from the waterpark and I bought season passes, but I can guarantee you that next year we will not be going to Raging Waves. I will make sure that my clients at my job will know about their terrible business practices from the moment they opened their door till this past week. I must laugh because so many people didn't want this waterpark to come to our growing town. I couldn't understand why but now it's quite clear to people's resistant attitudes.

In the newspaper the 2 owners talked about wanting to be a part of this community, however I have seen and heard nothing but many angry guests so far. This is place does not change their cheap business practices they will run themselves out of town.

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Raging Waves Waterpark
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