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No Delivery - No Service
By -

CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- The worst - I wouldn't buy anything from the customer service is awful - no one call you back - and they don't ship when they say they are going to and when you ask for a ETA on delivery they tell you they don't know. I asked for a manager and they never give you one, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM RAINBOW APPLIANCE!! They are the worst!!! ** - the worst online store I ever dealt with - horrible service!! DO NOT USE!! The worst!! I wouldn't buy anything from this store. The customer service is awful - no one call you back - and they don't ship when they say they are going to and when I ask for a ETA on delivery they told me they don't know.

I purchase 5 items they shipped 3 - I needed the other two, they sent a tracking number like they were going to send it, after a week I called, no one answered the phone the first two times. I finally got a guy named **, who said he couldn't figure out why I didn't get it but would look into it and call me back, he never did. The next day I called back spoke to ** who said it was coming in from the manufacture and I would get it by the end of the week, I didn't.

I called the next week got switched around and spoke to a ** who said it was out of stock and had no idea when it would come in - I asked if he could check he said no, I asked for a manager, he put me on hold and then hung up on. I called back got ** who said he would call the manufacturer and call me back, he never did and 4 weeks later I still have nothing and I can't even get someone who has any knowledge to speak to me... Run from this store!!! The worst online store I ever dealt with - horrible service!! DO NOT USE.

Do Not Ever Order Anything From Rainbow Appliance.
By -

CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- DO NOT EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM RAINBOW APPLIANCE. My grandmother purchased and my father ordered a Frigidaire air conditioner for me and my husband on July 30th. The order was placed with Rainbow Appliance online. On the morning of August 11th, no word of the air conditioner or shipping notification had been sent yet, so I called Rainbow. I spoke to and was transferred to two extremely rude and unhelpful customer service reps, the last one telling me that my order will ship "tomorrow" before hanging up on me.

That afternoon, my husband was sent an e-mail and my grandmother was left a message, saying there was something wrong with the order, and they needed to contact Rainbow before it could ship. On August 12th, my grandmother returned the call to find out they needed a second verification because the order was billing to one state and shipping to another.

The representative then informed my grandmother that extra shipping costs (on top of the $28.60 she was already being billed) would be incurred because the air conditioner was shipping to a different state. But they reassured my grandmother and husband the order would ship. By August 17th, the order had not shipped yet, so my father called and was informed the order wasn't verified until the afternoon of August 14th, and it would ship soon.

The air conditioner finally shipped on August 18th. My husband and I received the air conditioner on August 25th. The box was quite damaged, but the air conditioner seemed to be well preserved in the packing inside the box. When we opened the box and plugged in the air conditioner, at first it didn't work, then it worked, but was as loud as a lawnmower, as the fan was making very loud banging noises. When I called Rainbow to ask of their return policy, they said they would not accept the return as we opened the box, and we needed to take care of this through Frigidaire now.

It took us almost a month to receive the product. Everyone we spoke to at Rainbow was extremely rude and unhelpful. They added extra shipping costs after already quoting a specific price for the shipping of the AC unit. And now my husband and I are stuck with a broken air conditioner that we are not able to return, and my grandmother is not getting a refund. And so I must repeat: DO NOT EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM RAINBOW APPLIANCE.

Company Response 09/21/2009:

We obviously cannot take back air conditioners.
We also cant ship out an order to a "friend or relative" in another state without verifying.

Nearly every store has the same policy.

Unfortunately there is a lot of fraud online and if you order from any web site "for a friend" or relative etc, I would hope that they would not immediately ship.

Mastercard and VISA will block any company that has too much fraud.

It is important that if you order online, you ship to your billing address or call the company.

Of course, all companies send an email if there is a problem with your order. Unfortunatley, iorder related emails can sometimes be marked as SPAM.

We are a little less strict than most other online retailers as people dont want their fridge to go to a PO box, but if the names and states dont match, we need to protect card holders from fraud.

Hopefully, there arent any companies online that is willing to process an order where the name and biling and shipping state does not match.

Rainbow Appliance Has "F" Rating With BBB
By -

CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- WORST WORST WORST Appliance store that I have ever worked with and that is exactly what another member had to say. They sell you things that are not in stock AND do not notify you to say that it is backordered for weeks. I got so desperate after two orders ended up on backorder that I ordered the only microwave that was guaranteed to be in stock even though it was not the right color because after all of their delays, they have you by the tail. Too bad I didn't just drive to a store and buy what I needed.

So much for convenience - this online ordering is a joke! They misrepresented the product's dimensions which caused me huge headaches when the microwave didn't fit into my custom hutch. No one returns phone calls after two weeks of promises. No one responds to your emails or letters. The only manager is the owner and he is the worst when it comes to caring about customers. I checked this company out at the BBB and they have an "F" rating. I filed a complaint there but don't waste your time because as long as "something" was delivered, they are off the hook - regardless if it fails to meet the item description. NEVER AGAIN WITH RAINBOW APPLIANCE.

Company Response 09/21/2009:

We are careful not to post items that we dont have.

We get deliveries from Whirlpool (maker of Amana) daily.

Some colors take longer to come in than others.

Whirlpool generally notifies us of any anticipated delays within a day.

Occasionally, it takes longer for us to get notified due to an error in the inventory. Most of the mnaufacturers of appliances do not have a great system of keeping track of all their items. With multiple warehouses, cancelled orders, refused orders etc - inventory can be off.

Additionally, we do notify customers of issues generally via email. The emails sometimes gets blocked.

Do not know the specific of your order so I can only think of some possibilities that caused this to happen.
We do take in 60-70 orders a day and do our best to take uinavailable items off our site as quickly as possible.

We also keep thousands of items in physical stock and use numerous warehouses as back up to avoid these situations.

Due to our volume, these situations do occur.

No online company spends more hours than we do on inventory management. We have a dedicated team working on ensuring that inventory counts are as accurate as possible, disconmtinued and unavailable items are removed etc.

It is a huge challenge as each supplier gives us data in a different format and we want everything updated as quickly as possible.

Another challenge we have is reaching out to customers when we need to contact them.

Our primary focus is to minimize the possibility of this occuring. We dont make money selling something that is out of stock - we only charge the credit card right before we ship.

We also make sure that our telephone line is answered quickly and our 800# is clearly and conspicuously posted throughout our site, emails and every other place customers see our name.

No Refund Without Government Action
By -

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY -- To All Who Need to Know: I FINALLY, after 6 months, got a refund from these jerks, but that was only after the threat of government action. Anybody who has a problem with these thieves should contact: Passaic County Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of Weights and Measures/Consumer Protection, 1310 Route 23 North Wayne, NJ 07470 Phone 973-305-5881 Fax 973-628-1796.

Don't bother complaining to the Better Business Bureau; Rainbow is NOT a member (big surprise!) and the BBB can't do anything. It may take some time, but as soon as Passaic County gets involved, watch how fast these ** get in line!

Ordered an air conditioner online
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Rating: 1/51

JOLIET, NEW JERSEY -- Ordered an air conditioner online, paid with credit card. After two weeks I called to find out what was happening. I never received confirmation or the product. I was informed there was a back order at that time, I told them to cancel. Without a date of delivery it would not fit my time frame. The order was placed on July 13 - order was canceled on July 27. On July 31 I received a shipping notice, I called immediately to stop. Talked to some representative from the company the next day, said would get me credit to account. Have called many times since. Going on six month no credit yet.

Rainbow Appliance Terrible Experience
By -

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- Ordered on April 3rd. On April 7th I contacted by email asking for a ship date. On April 14 I was contacted via email by Rainbow asking if I was still interested in the purchase. April 15th I responded via email saying I was still interested. On April 17th was contacted via email asking to for me to call the sales representative Monday to make sure item was shipped Monday even though talked to service agent April 16th via phone.

Sent email and called Service agent to confirm still interested on April 20th. Contacted by Rainbow on April 24th item was to be shipped on April 24th. Called Rainbow April 31st asking when item was to arrive. Told by Rainbow item was back ordered yet again. I cancelled order. I will not attempt to purchase from Rainbow again. Recommend others stay away.

Company Response 06/08/2009:

Samsung had some delays in getting this items to the stores.

The listing clearly stated that this was a new item and there would be a wait of about two weeks.

As we got information from Samsung, we updated customers.

To prevent Samsung from being accused of favoring one retailer over another or big box over independent and internet, the manufacturer released to all stores at around the same time. SO they held them in their chicago warehouse for a bit so all stores can have it around the same time.

Any shortage was quickly rectified and we managed to reasonably meet customer expectations.

Never Order Anything From This Horrible Company!
By -

They may have cheap prices but if the product comes to you damage you'll never get it fixed or replaced. They delay, lie, and don't respond. Stay away!

Fraudulent Business Practices At Rainbow Appliance
By -

CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased an expensive microwave from Rainbow Appliance. They shipped it to the wrong address resulting in the microwave being lost. They proceeded to blame the carrier instead of taking ownership of their mistake. They have not issue a refund or replacement. BUYER BEWARE!! RAINBOW APPLIANCE IS A FRAUDULENT BUSINESS. Do not be sucked in by low prices - they will rip you off!

Company Response 09/21/2009:

Customer received full refund from paypal and microwave. Microwave was delayed.

Microwave was delivered to the address that was provided to us by PayPal.

Micorwave was taken by doorman or someone else in building and given to customer a few days later.

Customer received a refund via paypal. So technically, we may not have given her a refund, but she did get one.

At the end of the day, customer got a microwave and a refund. She paid through a third party (paypal) so the refund came from them.

If you live in an apartment building, UPS, FedEx etc try to give it to a neighbor. Neighbors sometimes take a few days to give it to you.

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