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What You Don't Know About Discover Cards!
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If you are planning for your estate, don't make things difficult for your personal representative/executrix. Close your Discover Card. If you have any other type of credit card, check to make sure you understand what powers of authority you have granted by virtue of being a member of their credit card service, at the time of your death. Why? Well, imagine that you set up automatic payments to your Discover Card. This is such a common thing to do. In my instance, there was car insurance being charged to the card. The car being covered subsequently became part of the estate. I don't have to spell out what the implications and hassles are.

Or, image that you are winding things down, simplifying your bills and you thought that you would hang onto just one credit card. You also thought this would be a convenience for your personal representative who could then pay some bills while the estate is going through probate. Won't happen if you have a Discover Card. What you don't know is that Discover uses a service provided by Social Security which notifies them whenever anyone passes away. Upon notification, they cancel the card. They do this with no authorization from the person legally responsible for the estate and they do not notify you that they did it.

When someone you loves passes away, the last thing you need is more hassles and Discover creates them. Even though automatic payments are resolvable and probate doesn't take that long anymore, it doesn't come as a pleasant surprise when Discover closes the card without notification. I am certain that my family member did not read the small print, if there is any, which supposedly authorizes this upon applying for the card. (This is yet to be seen as they say they are sending it. Adding to this, for some reason, the card was closed, without authorization from anyone, well before this family member died. Very strange indeed.)

Regardless, unless you have gone through the mechanics of managing an estate, this isn't something you might think about. Even the most organized estates require time and effort by the person who has fiduciary responsibility. So, you don't need unnecessary tasks to take care of. Finally, like most mega companies all you will get when you call are people who read scripts and can't really help you anyway. I will never be a customer.

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