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Talks to You Like a Dog
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MERDIANVILLE, ALABAMA -- I checked my account with Redstone and had money available showing. Then the next charge is an overdraft fee charge, the ball keeps rolling and before you know it I have several hundred dollars in overdraft charges. I call several times and no one can tell me why. They just tell me it's legit!

I stopped by a branch on my way home from work, the tellers can't tell me why and send me to speak with customer service specialist. I get this girl, looks to be right out of high school that talks on the phone for a quarter of the time I am there about what time someone gets off work tonight and who is having what and going where for dinner. Then she breaks everything down and explains it to me which is great, that's all I asked for. She then asks if I want to speak to a manager. I am thinking it's because I said something about closing my account out.

The manager comes up and says "I hear you are looking for me to refund some of these charges." I just gave him a strange look and said "sure." I had never said anything about that, she took it upon herself to tell him that. Then he says he can't give me anything back because I continued to use my card after it was in the negative. I told him I did not and proved it to him and then he offered me $100 in charges back BUT my overdraft protection would be cut off and says "then you will have to deal with the businesses and not with us" which really got under my skin because I have NEVER had a check sent back on me before until that day.

The way he came across was as if I was trying to spend their money or something. He then walked away, I told the lady to forget it, I didn't need the $100.00 that badly and I would rather be safe than sorry. $100 was nothing on the almost $700 in charges they got me on. I would not refer Redstone to anyone at this time but especially not the branch in Meridianville, AL with the rude staff.

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