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If At All Possible, Avoid Business Here
By -

STAFFORD, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a Toyota vehicle from this dealership in July 07' in which I knew there was a A/C issue as the air was not as cold as it should be when I tested drove it. However, I was informed prior to purchasing from the salesman Jimmy that they would fix it and that I could have the original manufacturer repair since it was under warranty. Well, when I returned 3 days later to pick up the vehicle, the A/C issue was completely broke as all hot air was blowing. Since I resided 2 hours away, I decided to take it to a Toyota dealership the next business day.

After determining the problem, I was told that the A/C had a hole in the condenser and that if the air was cold, they must used temporary freon knowing it would not last. Most importantly, I was informed that it was not under manufacturer warranty as it had expired which ended up costing me $700. I believe this is why the air was barely cold on the day of test driving. Additionally, I had the vehicle re-inspected in MD and they discovered a defective headlamp in which it should have never passed in VA.

As I now review other complaints, the below incident is EXACTLY the same situation that happen to me. I was told two policies were not allowed. Regal Motors Inc. engaged in questionable, unethical and possibly illegal actions by misstating the validity of my Vehicles warranty with Nissan Motors - under which pretense they declined to provide a dealer warranty for the vehicle claiming there was no need for such because the vehicle was under Nissan's Manufacturer's Warranty and to use Jimmy's (Azimi Khalid -the owner) exact analogy "it would be like having two insurance policies on one car". Upon investigating with Nissan I found out the Vehicle Warranty had since expired.

Please be EXTREMELY careful if you MUST do business with this dealership as they are definitely unethical and the customer service is the worst I have ever experienced.

Regal Motors Inc. Stafford VA Scam Operation
By -

STAFFORD, VIRGINIA -- These people are a total rip off. I called them about a 05 Dodge Magnum that allegedly had 58,00 original miles, but allegedly had a brand new motor installed by a Dodge dealership (which is what interest me about the car). I put in a credit application and was called by finance person Victor stating that I was approved for a loan and that I should come in to start the process. I informed him that I was going on a trip for a week, but wanted that car specifically and would they hold it till I got back. He stated that I would have to put a deposit, so I put a $400 deposit. When I got back from my trip I went to their place which is 2 hours from me.

Well after spending all day there and going back and forth with Jimmy and Victor and them trying to get me for more and more money, I backed out and decided I was not going to get the car. I then asked for my Deposit back and was told that it would be put back on my debit card and should be in my account by the next day. Here we are 1 week later and the money is still not in my account. I called last Wednesday and allegedly Victor was not in the office. So I spoke to Jimmy and told him that I wanted my money back and after feeding me a bunch of bull and being very unprofessional stated that the deal was with Victor and that I need to call him.

Well I called Victor on Thursday and he told me that he re-informed the accountant and that I should receive my deposit back. Friday the money was still not there and Victor and the accountant were not in. Here we are on Sat and Victor is claiming that he gave the info to the accountant and he did his part. I asked him for the name of the accountant and he refused to give me a name, he hung up on me and then called me back stating he just got off the phone with the accountant and that Jimmy (who apparently runs things there) did not sign off on the refund and that I needed to call him on Monday.

I already know how that is going to go because that dude Jimmy is full of crap and a scam artist. Well come to find out that these people are just one big scam operation and sell bad and salvaged cars. Well I will not take a loss from these people and you have been robbed by these people and want to collectively do something about it send me and E-Mail at **.

Never buy a car from Regal Motors
By -

3906 JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY, STAFFORD, VIRGINIA -- I bought a 2004 Maxima from the dealer on April 23, 2010. Despite an up-to-date inspection 3/11, there was a knot on the side of the driver's side tire that made the car. The condition of the tire should not have passed inspection. I requested a brand new tire and a warranty for the vehicle. When I got home, I noticed that the fog lights and license plate lamp did not work. It made me wonder if a reputable mechanic really inspected the car. When I brought my car back to get the new front tire, I asked the manager about the inspection and asked for the shop contact info, he refused. I drove about a mile down the road and had to turn around because the car was vibrating badly.

I returned to the dealership and spoke with the manager, Jimmy. The mechanic pointed out the big "bump" in the old tire. The condition of that tire also should have not passed inspection. I asked the manager to pay at least half for a new tire for the car because that car shouldn't have been sold with a tire like that. He refused. I asked for $100 so that I could just go to Wal-Mart to buy a tire for the car. He refused. Since then, I have had more vibration issues with the car. I replaced the struts. My mechanic said that the drive axles were bad, 2 rims were bent, and the brakes needed to be replaced badly.

My credit union has sent me 2 notices stating that the dealership still hasn't mailed them the title to the vehicle and when I called the dealership, they hung the phone up on me. I called GWC which is the company that I got my warranty with and the representative told me that the warranty was not on file. Although the dealership stated that they would offer me the warranty, they only did it to get me to buy the car, but they never turned in any paperwork to GWC. Regal Motors, Inc. is a very dishonest company and I would suggest that NO ONE ever buy a car from them.

Do Not Buy From Them
By -

STAFFORD, VIRGINIA -- I have definitely learned my lesson about buying a car from these sketchy people. I purchased my car and I came from out of town. They rushed me to give them the money. The salesmen tried to throw some papers in when the signing process occurred and tried to ignore them. They do not clean or fill you up with gas when you buy a car (like most dealerships do). When he tried removing the sales stickers from the window he ripped my tip because he used a razor and then refused to replace my tent stating that I could just go to Auto Zone to get a new tent.

They did not include my sales tax and title fees in the price so they sent me my title almost a month later and I had to go to the DMV and register the car and get tags separately. They are just rude, they talk rude to you and all they care about is getting their money up front and letting you take care of the rest. I had to get a few things fixed on my car within the first month I purchased it as well as replace the tires because the tread on them was worn down so bad.

Just avoid them at all cost if you can, I don't trust anything about them. They are not organized and don't run things properly. Any pre-existing ideas you had about shady used car salesmen, the slick ones who will do anything to make a sell this describes them perfectly.

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