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Credit Card/Debit Card Fraud
By -

Well for those of you who have read about my other posting about these two companies, I am here to inform you of more problems with these companies after the fact. I found Reliance Locations online and they outsources my business to American Knights. After nonstop problems trying to get my furniture and endless headaches from the unprofessional service they provided. I had yet another problem, months after I received my goods.

Apparently they either sold my information or gave my debit card information to relatives overseas or friends that they knew, because like clockwork, I received my goods the end of January 2008 literally and by March 1st of 2008 my checking account was exhausted to every bit of $2.36. I realized this after logging onto my bank account online and that€™s when I realized the amount of money in my checks was completely wrong!! After looking at the account activity I realized there were various large amounts in purchases that was spent over a period of two days.

Once I got my bank on the phone and chewed them out about it they stated that there was absolutely nothing they could do about it because all the purchases were made days ago and had already went through. They said they would launch an investigation and look into the matter. And after asking more questions about the charges and why they didn€™t catch on to the irregularity of the charges (that were all made from Italy I might add) they informed me that all the money was exhausted on the 1st, and then on the 2nd whom ever it was then continued to try to spend more, but by then the card declined and continued to declined up to four more times before they gave up and stopped.

So after having all of my accounts frozen, my rent check bouncing, my car payment and other various accounts that automatically are withdrawn from my accounts no get paid, I was left using a credit card to survive off of until my bank resolved the issue and placed the money back into my account three week later! I know a lot of people would say how do you know that it was this company?? Well with the unfortunate problems with the Moving company I had to begin with, I had to find a last minute resolution to get my furniture, I had my father pay for the remaining balance and then I paid him back.

Well the one thing the movers didn't know was my father resided in another state altogether. And the other reason why I know it was the movers is because the movers picked up my stuff in Texas I gave them the address of the apartment I was SUPPOSED to move into. I didn't change that information until the day I received my goods. And here is the kicker!!! I used my debit card to pay the deposit with Reliance Locations, then I paid with a check for part of the shipping costs when the movers picked up my goods in Texas, who were working for American Knights.

American Knights delivered the furniture and American Knights was the company my father paid for the remaining balance. So before the fraud happened on my account my father€™'s credit card company reported to him some fraudulent attempts on his account, but nothing went through, they caught it before anything could go through.

That happened in end of February and the address that was associated with the attempted charges was the original address that the movers had in Texas, which was on all the paperwork. My father had never lived in that state so why did that happen? Then the fraudulent charges on my debit card happened days later. I don't think that is a coincidence. So both companies are crooks!!

Beware of Reliance Relocation/American Knights Movers
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I went online to to acquire about getting a moving quote, my advice to anyone else this website uses a bunch of scamming companies to sell your information to, all promising to move you furniture for dirt low prices and quotes and then jack the prices up after they get you stuff on the truck where you can no longer get to them! I was quoted a really low rate to move my furniture from Texas to Maryland $900 to be exact from Reliance Relocations. I was informed that I would pay a deposit at that time to hold the arrangements, then when they pick my stuff up to pay half of the remaining balance.

At the time I asked them who would be moving my furniture if Reliance Relocations were using their own movers or if they hired another company to move my things. I was told Reliance Relocation would be moving me, they use their own movers. That was wrong they hired another company which I didn€™t find out about until the movers finally made out to me to pick up my furniture. After waiting for two days and calling constantly to find out where the movers where. Finally I was told that they would be there that day, I waited and waited the next morning I received a phone call from the movers stating that they would be there to pick up my furniture that afternoon.

Well late that evening around 10 o'clock, they finally arrived. After packing up my things and getting it on the truck the driver turns around and tells me that they will give me a great deal and it's better if they charge by the square foot instead of the weight because it will save me more money and to trust him. After signing all of the paperwork I was informed that Reliance Relocation was not moving me that they had hired (or outsourced) another company to move me. Well American Knights Moving and Storage Inc. was the outsourced company and the driver then tells me that it will cost me around $3000 to move my stuff to Maryland.

I told him I will not pay that and to unload my furniture off the truck and put it back, because that is not what I was quoted. He then started to negotiate with me as if he could bargain with the price. So he said OK how about $2000 and that he couldnt do any less than that or he would get in trouble by his boss. I told him no and to take my furniture off of that truck. He wasn€™t willing to take the furniture off and told me to call his manager at the number on top of the form.

I told him that I had already paid a deposit when I made the arrangements through Reliance Relocation and the check that the driver had already took from me was to cover the first half of the remaining balance, he told me he had no information about that. So he took off with my things and my check. So I called Reliance Relocation and left several messages concerning the movers asking for more money and I received no phone calls back. I called for several days, until I got the hit that I guess to them it no longer was their problem.

So I called the number that was on the paperwork from the driver, I spoke with the supervisor and he was completely unaware of went on (or so he said). The driver made it seem as if I was unwilling to pay for the supplies that they used to move my things, and by the way I had almost all of things packed in boxes and taped up already, the movers used every bit of three large boxes and the tape to tape them up and the blankets to wrap my couches. That came up to $200. And they moved my furniture from a storage unit to their truck, so everything was already packed up and ready.

So they really didn€™t do any real work, but move my things five feet to the truck. I told the manager that I had no problem paying for the supplies, as inflated as they were, I will pay for the services that I received I have no problem paying for what I used, but I will not pay more than what I was promised and I had that quote in writing. He assured me that my shipment was not going to cost anywhere near $3000, he had unloaded my shipment that morning and it was nowhere near a $3000 shipment.

The manager looked up my shipment and from what I was quoted I had a little over what I was said in weight, so with the deposit and the first half of my payment they received I owed around $1000 more. I was shocked because I had not planned on paying that much because that is not what I was quoted. I would have gone with another company for that amount of money or I would have moved myself which is what I originally planned on doing from the beginning. But since Reliance Relocations gave me a really good quote I went with them and canceled all other plans.

And here it was I would end up paying twice as much as I planned. But at that time I had no other choice because they informed me that my shipment was already on the road to me, so I couldn€™t get it back and it had been shipped out of Houston. So I told him to send me something to my email so I had something in writing so I wouldn€™t be hit up for any extra fees after the shipment arrived in Maryland. He sent me the invoice so that I had proof of the final payment.

Two weeks later I got a phone call from someone telling me that the driver would be at my address to deliver my furniture in about 24-48 hours. At that time I had waited for the movers for over a week and my employer had sent me out of state, I was not in the area to receive my goods, so the American Knights office in Houston threatened to send my furniture back if I didn€™t find someone to be at my apartment and have the remaining balance I owed, within the hour.

If I didn€™t pay it or find someone, they would send it back to Houston and then I would have to pay double to get my furniture sent back again. I asked about the free one month storage that was included with everything I also had that in writing as well, American Knights told me they didn't care that was an agreement I had with Reliance Relocation, not with them. After calling Reliance Relocation and complaining, Reliance Relocation in so many words told me that they had been dealing with American Knights for several years and they had never had any problems with their movers or the company and they in so many words didn€™t believe me about the allegations.

Reliance Relocation felt that I was being unreasonable with the moving company and I didn€™t give them efficient time to make any other arrangements with my furniture, when I asked about the free month of storage I was told that that had to be arranged ahead of time, when I explained that American Knights didn't give me any notice as to when my shipment was to be delivered ahead of time and that was why I was in the predicament that I was in, Reliance Relocation told me I didn€™t give American Knights the proper notice about not being available for the shipment drop off.

But they have nothing to do the drop off shipment at this point and that at this point the responsibility falls on me. After making impossible arrangements the movers finally arrived to deliver my things, and because they couldn€™t get the truck close to the front door to bring in the furniture easier, the drive told me I had to pay an extra charge in addition to the final payment.

Stay Away From American Knight Movers!!!
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UTAH -- Houston - Boston move December 22nd. I have been dealing with this company for over five months. The visual estimate was approx. $2100. I made clear that my main concern was my great grandmother's€™ baby grand and asked repeatedly if that was included in the estimate. I was assured it was. When they arrived the destruction began. I was then told, after all my belongings were loaded, that the piano was NOT included in the move and that it would be an additional $1200 for crate and handling. I was also told that my belongings would be thereby the 28th of December and no later than the 29th, another fabrication on behalf of American Knights Movers.

When my items arrived in January the piano was not even covered and it was obvious that the top had already been ripped off. They then proceeded to drag and drop it the piano on my patio. 90% of my other items were also damaged or destroyed.

My leather couch was torn in several places, end tables were chipped, a canopy bed was broken in both frame and the top metal canopy rendered useless, antique dresser in perfect condition had the leg snapped off, antique hutch was completely demolished, oak stools were gouged across the top, and some very precious items from around the world (handmade wine glasses from Venice, Silver vase from Thailand (bent in 1/2) as examples) were also ruined.

I have been patient in dealing with both American Knights Movers and with The Claims Adjustment Firm and have had to call constantly for any matters without (until I started litigation 5-7-08) a returned phone call. The email settlements offered were for $105 and when I rejected it, they offered $225. Please look at the notable movers (Mayflower, Bekins, etc.) This is quite the racket and unfortunately, at this stage, I have paid American Knight Movers Over $3000 to destroy my belongings, decimate my character and treat me, their customer, with unjust disdain.

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