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Most Horrible Car Buying Experience EVER!
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RENO, NEVADA -- Sales manager lied to us about credit check process. We went in pre-approved for a loan with our credit union. We did not want to pursue other financing. They kept insisting that they could get a better rate for us, and I said, "That's OK, I don't want a bunch of credit checks noted on my credit report." He insisted that they were "soft" looks and that it wouldn't affect my rating.

I finally (stupid me) agreed to let them at least try to find us a better rate. Guess what? A week later I checked my credit rating and there were over a dozen "hard" looks at my credit history, and my FICA score dropped 20 points! This can't be disputed or "explained away." They lied to our faces about it. Period.

When we finally did get the financing issue settled, we got the paperwork signed. We bought the extended warranty because the mileage on the vehicle was 75K+. We probably wouldn't have bought a high mileage car without thinking we had a warranty. Next, it took 4 tries to get a crack in the windshield fixed that was incl w/ sale of car. I kept making appts, and the guy would either not be there or tell me he didn't have time to fix it. Next: they sold us an invalid extended service agreement. We found out only when trying to make a claim.

Several months go by, and we have an issue that needs fixed, so we took it into them to have it inspected and fixed, per our warranty instructions. After having the car for several days, they end up telling us that they can't find what's wrong, but they agree something is wrong, and to just "keep driving it until it gets worse." WHAT! But of course they still charged us for the inspection.

About 2 weeks later, we get a letter in the mail from them that the warranty plan we bought is not valid for cars over 60,000 miles, so it is no longer valid. Why would they sell it to us in the first place, then!! So now we have to go back in again and get this straightened out. Every step of the way has been nothing but frustration. I will do everything in my power to warn anyone I can not to do business with these guys. They are exactly why dealerships get a bad reputation. I have bought cars at several other dealerships in Reno, and I pretty much never even talk to them again once the papers are signed. This has been a nightmare!!!

Duress Tactics
By -

RENO, NEVADA -- I went in to see if I could get a car w/ a better interest rate and lower payments. I was a return customer who made the mistake of going into the dealership after a stressful day at work. They took my car keys, supposedly to check the value and condition, and did not give them back, and triple teamed me for 3 hours. I was hungry, and tired, and without my car keys to leave and ultimately caved into the tirade. I would have signed anything just to get home! They told me if I did not like the car, I could get mine back.

The payment was higher, and I could not cover the down payment they wanted so I issued a stop payment on the two remaining checks though they cashed the initial check for $300 even though I told them the car was not for me and I signed the paperwork under duress. They've been jerking me around for over a week, during which my gas cost has quadrupled. They tell me the loan papers must be turned down before they will give me my car back. I told them, it's moot, I don't the additional $1,000 they want down, so the loan will not go through... Mind you, I told them this at the time... They team tagged me down, and now tell me, I'm stuck. What can I do?

Resolution Update 10/10/2009:

I got my carrito & $ back! Close call, thanks everyone!

By -

RENO, NEVADA -- I had to go back to the dealership 3 times because of mistakes they made on the paperwork. The smog certificate that they gave me initially was expired and when I went back to get another one, they gave me a certificate that belonged to another customer. So, I had to go back yet another time to get the correct one. They also printed the extended warranty paperwork incorrectly, which lead me to going back a third time. They seemed rather unapologetic to me about the hassle I went through.

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