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Nightmarish Experience!
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I reserved a car in Seattle on June 21st 2018. Chris, the "customer service agent" was the rudest jerk I have ever dealt with in my life as a consumer! The car they gave me had a huge crack in the windshield, it smelled badly, and was filthy inside and out. Even though I had a reservation I had to wait 2 hours before anyone brought back a car for me to drive. As I was driving to my hotel the car died twice, so I brought it back the next day, ruining all of my business plans for that day.

Chris was there and was not apologetic at ALL. It is difficult to get across just how rude he was to me, like renting me this malfunctioning car was my fault. He even yelled at me. He wouldn't give me a different car! Someone brought in a manual transmission car and he grudgingly let me have it after quite some time, only because no one else could drive it. I had just filled the returned car with gas and had to fill this new one with gas -- what a waste of money and time. I have never witnessed such awful customer service in my life! Rent-a-Wreck obviously does not stand behind their cars, and the customer has no rights. I will never rent from this company again.

Rent A Wreck Rip Off (Beware) Read This Before Renting 210,599 K
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Rating: 1/51

IRMO, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Well I had gotten into a wreck with a DUI driver and he ran off my SUV was gone... I didn't have full coverage so I needed a car. Well, went to Rent-a-Wreck. The owner ** was nice at first then I got into a Ford z4. I think I drive it a mile down the road it sounded like the hub was going out.

So I returned bad then the niceness went down then I got a Toyota. It was OK, drove fine but it was nasty. It had mud in the passenger floor board. So instead of going back I just cleaned it up and the car also... Now keep in mind the outside of the car was chipped and missing paint. The passenger door had to be locked on its own without the power locks. The window popped when you rolled it down. 2 mo after still renting this car, the tire blew out. I went and jacked the car up to replace the tire and the spare had wire coming out of it and a lump on it also. So I call them and they said I was responsible for the tire.

Took it to the place they use and the owner of that company said she a spiteful woman and even call her say he wasn't going to do any more work for her from having so many upset customers from her company coming in. He helped me out on the price of the tire but I couldn't - I had to replace the tire. I was pissed but I needed the car for 2 more mos.

Then as luck with this car I had some problems with the motor jumping and no get up and go, plus gas was getting ate up too. I knew it was the plugs and wires so I called again - should have known it was a waste of my time. I again I heard "We don't replace plugs and wires on owner cars." THAT TOLD ME RIGHT THERE THAT'S IT, I HAVE HAD WITH THEM. What they do is not do repairs to their cars and when something goes wrong, you have to replace it.

So I returned the car and then I asked for my deposit back. She said no because I was 1 hr late on my payment because I got stuck on traffic on the interstate. These people are rip off company. I WILL NEVER EVER RETURN TO THIS COMPANY NOR TELL ANYONE TO USE THE COMPANY... RENTERS BEWARE.

Never Use Rent-A-Wreck!
By -

TORONTO -- WORST JUNK HOLE IN TORONTO, STAY CLEAR! This review refers specifically to the Rent-A-Wreck on 7 Dibble Street in Toronto. I was quoted 97.00 for a 3 day rental on the telephone. I also mentioned a good friend of mine who rented from them very often so they could trust me a little more, and was not told about insurance costs of almost $20 per day in that quote.

INSURANCE IS AN OPTION! If I want to be 'liable' that is MY business. Their actions are fraudulent of insisting their insurance coverage. I told them I do not use credit cards and only use cash or cheque. They made me pay $1000 cash plus $500 on my debit for this rental and would not accept a cheque. The $500, which is part of my rent, will not be returned to me for a MONTH!

When I returned the car on time, perfectly, as I am a good driver and very organized, firstly they were understaffed and I had to wait 30 minutes in their disgusting waiting area just to return the car, then I was told can I come back tomorrow to pick up my cheque for $1000 (minus the $150 that I had to haggle down. Before this he even calculated that I somehow owed almost $400!) NO! I said. He made me wait an hour before someone could actually create a cheque for me. Their cash policies are INSANE! $1500 deposit to rent a worn out car for a weekend? I want interest on my $500.

Not only are the people who work there disorganized (he couldn't find my original paperwork initially), they act rude and completely greedy while misleading you into further charges. NO customer service skills AT ALL. Dirty dumps like this place should be shut down and outlawed. Plus I think I have mild hearing loss from the screaming loud auto noises from the body shop.

WE ARE IN CANADA NOT IN INDIA! We do business differently here and don't appreciate your immature manipulative business ways and lack of human respect. I will be lodging a formal complaint with the head office and since I am very studied in law, I could actually shut them down and will think about doing this. To top it off, it started to rain hard by the time I was done with them, so I had to walk home in the pouring rain. They wasted over 2 hours of my day just to return a car and I STILL have to go back there again to get my $500 back!

Rent-a-Wreck in Scotch Plains, actually Had a Brand NEW Car for Me to Rent!
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Rating: 5/51

SCOTCH PLAINS, NEW JERSEY -- I was used to hearing bad complaints about Scotch Plains, rental company called RENT-A-WRECK, and I myself finally did in the past five long years ago try it out myself. They had rented me a VERY bad OLD car, but since I needed wheels at a cheaper rental stop, I took it a FORD TAURUS 2000 or 1999 omg. It was horrid, and rip off - seat SMELL bad (this I demand to be clean out at the time) but then I went to do it myself. Food or something left in it for sure. Leaves all in it with mileage, OVER 125,000 on it, so just use it 1 day fast, and returned as soon as Enterprise had some available (Enterprise always got new beautiful four dr. vehicle, and or 2 dr. - a few two door).

So I was pleasantly surprised that few years later, I go back to same spot, in Scotch Plains, NJ rent a newer model. 2011 or 2012 look feel was brand new just about, low mileage, under 40/50,000 miles, and drive like a DREAM! I did not want to return it LOL. Air condition was working like a charm. I love it. Radio/CD and it played songs saved on my iPod, and HTC smartphone, very well. Was not too loud the radio, but good enough. Most important like new.

And I think RENT-A-WRECK, need to NOT be legally allow to rent out OLD model dirty cars, with high mileage - that should be outlawed, and seriously illegal. Maybe now they cease, from doing so, as I was pleasantly happy I must say with the Rent A Wreck car experience just a month or two ago, and ** was a nice guy, along with a tall lady, medium tall - forgetting her name, I think Latina, and a black lady **, was real nice. Even if they call too many times it seem to see if I am returning the car, if I am one day late lol.

I understand, and I actually end up keeping in it for almost 3 weeks, instead of just 1. The Nissan Versa, was nice, Beautiful car in and out - NO complaints, as this is how ALL Rent-a-Wreck vehicles, should be if they plan to stay in business in Scotch Plains, NJ and receive more favorable results, commentary as I am leaving right now. Will call to rent again to go car shopping – easier that way rather than to use my old clunker! (That I love but time to upgrade.)

I GIVE renting at Rent-a-Wreck in NY, this time from 3/5 yrs. ago this time a PERFECT FIVE RATING if I can rate it that high. No complaint at all and lastly the price? I think is best in renting business - 100.00 fair cash or credit card, debit Visa deposit, pay if you're going to hold on to the rent car, longer per day or every other day/You're not going to beat that at all. Just KEEP RENTING NEWER 2009 AND UP CARS RENT-A-WRECK, and you're going to do better in the review category than the past decade LOL.

I will be renting again, the nice lovely NISSAN VERSA, as all Nissan drive like a dream. Anyhow ALTIMA is gorgeous. Hoping they get an Altima soon, but I am also car shopping for BMW, Infiniti, Altima, Maxima, (Nissan model) or the actual beautiful SONATA! But for now will be renting again from them soon. If the cars are all newer, or maybe I just got lucky 2/3 weeks ago, I will see if they have any new ones when I call again, Monday. No complaints this time from this Rent-A-Wreck NJ renter. I hope it stay this way.

They Suck Rotten Eggs
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Rating: 1/51

NEWARK AIRPORT, NEW JERSEY -- The car look like 40 homeless people had lived in it. I'm sure if I had it for 2 days I would have gotten lung cancer from the deeply embedded cigarette smoke. I put plastic bag on the head rest and newspaper on the seats to avoid my exposed skin from accidentally touching anything. I Lysol, Clorox bleach anything I had to touch. I was going to take my dog to the vet in it but I was afraid it would give him fleas or something... I wish I could upload photos. If you have no standards or not a germaphobe, you will be when you get the car. Don't rent from Rent-A-Wreck. You've been warned.

Worst Rental Experience of My Life....
By -

This has been my worst rental experience ever. I went there because I was really short on money and just needed a car to get back and forth from work while my car was being repaired from an accident. First off, the car was literally beat to hell but I wouldn't have cared if that was the only thing. The air conditioner was broken and all it did was blow out hot air. The right front brake grinded and the ABS light kept coming on. And, they took a $350 deposit which wasn't even disclosed at the time of the reservation. And when returning the car, there was no financial discount due to these things.

How can a company in their right mind rent a car that is grossly negligent and unsafe regarding the brakes? When contacting the corporate office, they wrote back and explained that a car should have working air conditioning (especially in the San Fernando Valley in June) and should be in proper working order. Both of these things were unacceptable but because these are independently owned, they have no control over what kind of compensation I could get.

If I wouldn't be getting refunded by my insurance company, I would be taking these jerks to small claims court. Don't rent from these guys. It was only about $20 cheaper than Hertz or Enterprise and at least with them, you get a properly working vehicle...

Pros: None.
Cons: Cars are crap, plain and simple. Improper working order (come on, renting a car with bad brakes!). Not much cheaper than other more respectable car rental companies. Impolite and rude customer service.

Shady business ethics
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I placed a reservation for a mid sized car with Rent a Wreck of Miami and found their prices very competitive. Their website noted hours of operation in big red letters as 1am to 1159pm seven days a week. My flight was to arrive at 9pm at night and booked the reservation to pick up the car at that time.

A day after booking the reservation I received a phone call from them saying they would only be able to provide the car at that time for an additional charge. I disagreed with them noting their websites hours of operation and was told "Did you read the entire website?" My deposit was not fully refunded. I called their national office and spoke with two guys who agreed that their information is misleading and inaccurate but that they could not force the local franchise to refund my money.

It's a disgrace!
By -

MT POCONO, PENNSYLVANIA -- Was promised a 15 passenger van on 3/4/10 for my son to take to Florida. They quoted me price and said to call back. I called back to confirm and they said that the associate who would drive van from MT. Pocono to Bethlehem called out sick. I had my son drive to MT. Pocono, 58 miles to pick-up van. When he arrived they did not have van. It was getting fixed.

They tried to give him smaller van, 98,000 miles on it, brakes went to the floor, dent in side and tire pressure light on. I was not going to allow him to drive over 2,000 miles back and forth to Florida in that van. When I called today to make sure I got my refund the owner, instead of just saying we blew it tried to blame my son for not taking the other van. I would strongly not recommend doing business with people who don't keep their word and don't admit when they made a mistake.

Great Service at Rent A Wreck of Scotch Plains, New Jersey
By -

SCOTCH PLAINS, NEW JERSEY -- We planned a trip to NJ last month to spend 2 1/2 weeks with relatives. Our relatives had a car for us to use but we didn't want to be responsible for their car, so we decided to rent a car... Looking at all the rental car companies left us bewildered, until we looked at Rent a Wreck in Scotch Plains, NJ!!! The prices were VERY affordable. The car was older but in great condition, and we were extremely satisfied with the entire rental experience!!! They left the car for us at a convenient location at Newark International Airport, and we left it there for them after our trip! Kudos to a company who is giving us a break in this economy!!! I highly recommend Rent A Wreck!!!

Rent a Wreck. It's all in the name
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Worst experience of my life. It's all in the name Rent A WRECK. I called ahead of time to insure they can rent to a 24 year old and they confirmed. When I got to the car rental place they said they do NOT rent to anyone under 35 and they need a $100 deposit. The cars had over 160,000 miles on them, oil light and engine check lights on. Their hours of operations are ridiculous. No one picks up the phone when you call. If they do answered they will be sure to tell you that they are the manager.

The car they gave me had a broken seat. It hurt to sit down in this seat. BROKEN. Stunk like cigarettes. When exchange the car no one was there. I called no one answered. Mind you this is 1:45 PM. I called them and had to wait for 45 minutes for them to come back to their place of work. They finally got me a new car which turned out to be worse than the first one I rented. When I demanded a new ride, they told me this is all they had. NEVER RENT FROM RENT-A-WRECK NEVER! It's not worth the savings. They kept my deposit for God know what reason. I'm currently fighting with them to get it back with no luck.

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