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Oliver head gasket set does not fit all the applications it is advertised to.
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HOPEDALE, MASSACHUSETTS -- I searched the internet for a new head gasket set for my 1951 Oliver 77 Diesel and found one listed on Restoration Supply Tractor Parts' website ( for what I presumed a decent price. Before ordering the set I phoned them to verify availability and proper fit for my tractor. I was informed they had it in stock and that this set would indeed fit my tractor (Oliver 77, Super 77, 770 Diesel Head gasket set: $99.00). So I went back to their website and ordered this set.

I received my order in good condition and in a fairly timely fashion. I had been anxious to receive this gasket set because I needed it to proceed in putting my engine back together. Needless to say I was very dismayed when I opened the set only to find most of it did not fit my tractor or parts were just plain not there. After I opened the package I found the small print "Not returnable if package is opened".

I immediately phoned Restoration Supply Tractor Parts to inquire about the improper fit and missing parts. The woman I spoke within customer service was very polite and helpful and informed me I could return the set, until I informed her I had opened it. She contacted her vendor while I was on the line and they too verified that the set I had purchased indeed was applicable for my tractor. I kindly explained to her that this set did not have the proper gaskets for my tractor (a Diesel).

The gasket set I received was supposed to apply to both the gas and the diesel engines, but it does NOT. I determined with the help of my local AGCO dealer that this set will actually only fit the gas engines. I then inquired about the possibility of getting the right parts and the missing ones shipped to me. I was informed that there was no other parts available other than what I had already ordered. By now I am getting a little hot under the collar, I'm getting nowhere. Realizing I'm out the money I spent on the set and still without gaskets I needed...I simply had to re-order the parts I needed from my local AGCO dealer.

The gaskets I needed: Head gasket, Intake manifold gaskets, Exhaust manifold gaskets, Gooseneck gasket, rocker cover gasket and seals (which were all supposed to be in the set I purchased) ended up costing me well over $200.00 in the end and I could have ordered them from AGCO in the first place for $160.00.

The moral of the story is...The gasket set that Restoration Supply Tractor Parts sells "Oliver 77, Super 77, 770 Diesel Head gasket set: $99.00" has a head gasket, gooseneck gasket, and rocker cover gasket and seals that will fit an Oliver 77 diesel in it. But the intake manifold gaskets aren't included for the diesel, no valve stem seals are included, and the exhaust gaskets will not fit the diesel engine (they were too small in diameter).

I suggested to their customer service person that they should correct their listing to not include the diesel engine and she told me that would be highly unlikely. DO NOT order this set (Save yourself the money and hassle and go to your local AGCO dealer) if you need gaskets for your Oliver diesel. Sure wish I had.

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