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Worst Bank
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Rating: 1/51

CLARKSVILLE TENNESSEE -- I currently have an account with NetSpend. This is the worst place to possibly bank with. Now, first of all let's start with the default setting of charging you every time you use your card, which will add up very quickly. However, you can call and dispute these "default" settings and opt out for a monthly of $9.95. Buuut here comes the rip off part. Now, if you use an ATM, not only does the ATM charge you but NetSpend will also charge you an additional $2.50 to use an ATM.

It's not over, if you are like me and have a boss that hands you a paper check and doesn't do direct deposit, well guess what for mobile upload you will be paying anywhere from $6 to $15 dollars to load your check because NetSpend seems to use another company to upload your checks!! So why do I even pay NetSpend the $9.95 a month to begin with??? I dunno. Every service you use you get charged for!! If you use this card be prepared to pay them over $50 a month to use them. I pay over $72.00 (ATM withdrawals not included) as I write this review! And I have the proof right here in front of me.

To top all of this off, I had a family emergency so my sister wired me money from another country, they go ahead and reject the money without telling anyone and send it back. This is a total of $975 people!! I've been trying to talk to a supervisor all day and they just keep my hold until I hang up. As of right now we are collecting all the data from where the money was wired, recorded all my phone calls with NetSpend. Every time I call they give me a different reason and explanation to where the money is.

My sister wired this money to take my dog to the vet because of an emergency. As of right now the money is missing without a proper explanation and can't seem to get a supervisor on the phone. However, luckily proof of the transfer exists with me and my sister so we will be taking legal action if the money isn't in her account or my account within a couple days. I would never recommend MetaBank and their cheap scam card NetSpend to anyone. Go get a normal bank account or look for a better option, this is a scam and everything is hidden in their fine print, if you don't ask, they don't tell!!!

READ and Follow Directions!
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I most certainly do NOT work for Rewards 660. I wish they WOULD pay me to tell people to start using common sense! I am a single mom from CA who has had a hard time financially and ended up with some seriously bad credit. I consider myself lucky to have come across this credit card program. I did not pay the fees up front, this company TRUSTED me enough to send me a real, legitimate, unsecured visa with money on it.

Think about it. Isn't it cool to pay $250 and get $300 in return? I think so. And you don't get charged those fees everyone keeps complaining about unless you're LATE, which you shouldn't be if you're trying to establish GOOD credit, duh! They tell you straight up that if you're paying by check then you need to mail it or phone it in 2 weeks before your due date so it can clear in time. If you don't do that and refuse to pay by a quicker method - that is your bad!

Yes they call you to remind you to pay, to make sure you know how to pay, and when they haven't received payment on time. They are trying to HELP you not ** up AGAIN. Yes, it bothers me a little that they called me at work more than I felt was necessary, but looking at my credit report I'D call me too if payment was not received promptly. :-)

And if you pay attention, you know that you can access your account online 24/7 at And they've even started accepting debit card payments over the phone. The payments this way post in less than 24 hours. I know cause I JUST did it on 11/10. I used my card on 11/11, no problem. My other credit cards don't have this convenient option.

I don't know why some people have been having problems with the customer service reps, but I didn't have any. They probably get irritated dealing with so many people who don't know how to/are too lazy to read contracts they sign and follow the directions, then want to throw a tissy and make excuses when they receive the applicable penalties.

Bottom line, people please READ and make sure you fully UNDERSTAND any contract you sign. If you do that, you can be at least 99% sure you won't be scammed. Rewards 660 is not a scam. They are one of the very few credit lending services available that are NOT a scam for people with seriously messed up credit.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

ARKANSAS -- This is going to be long, but please read it entirely. I recently applied for and received a visa credit card from Rewards 660. I have had some credit problems and am now trying to rebuild my score. After receiving the $300.00 Credit limit card with only $50.00 Available because of the high fees and charges, I decided to pay the $250.00 Payment at once so I could have a little more to work with. I made the payment by check.

Once the check had cleared my bank, I called to activate the card. After having to answer several questions about my identity, I was told that in addition to the high interest rate, that I would also be responsible for paying an extra $10.00 Per month just for use of the card.

When I asked why, the customer service rep could not definitively answer. I then decided that I did not want to use this card or company and prior to completing the activation, cancelled it. I verified that they had received my $250.00 Payment and asked for the money to be returned. I was told that it would take at least 30 days for the refund to be issued, but that I could cut the time in half by faxing a copy of my bank statement showing that my check had cleared.

So, I did that. After 2 weeks, no refund. I called again and was told that the font on the bank statement looked to have been changed and that they could not verify if the check had in fact cleared and that they had to be insured that they were going to get paid. Keep in mind that I never even activated this card.

I became enraged and asked for a manager; was on hold for a lengthy period and finally a person who said that they were a manager came on the line and repeated the whole changing of the font story and suggested that the only way to prove that the check had been cleared was to call my bank and have them verify it. I told him to go ahead. OK, the bank verified that the check had cleared 3 weeks prior, just as my statement indicated.

I asked this person was he mailing my refund on this day. I was told that it would take an additional 7-10 days. I have not received my refund yet. What they implied to me by their actions is that just because you may have had past credit problems, you must be a dishonest person and moreover... Stupid! In my opinion this is not a credible company and the dishonest one.

Rewards660 Is An Awful Credit Card To Have - Customer Service Sucks!
By -

PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA -- About 4 months ago I received the Rewards660 visa. Like most people I had to get this credit card because I am rebuilding my credit after a tragic life lesson... Too horrific to mention, anyhow, I always pay my credit card on time, I even received a $75.00 Increase after paying good for 3 months, but I went to Arkansas to get my children after they spent time with their dad for the summer and I stayed at a Travelodge/Bestwestern for 2 nights totaling $65.77.

After returning home I tried to use my card and found that the hotel had charged my card for $234.00. So I contacted the hotel and they credited my account $163.68 because they had charged my card 3x's: 1. $103.06, 2. $65.77, 3. $65.77.

Now there is a hold on my card. I called the hotel to fix everything and they have on their end they have faxed pages after pages of everything the Rewards660 visa has asked for. I have spoken to customer service on several occasions also with managers there who repeatedly tell me they have received no faxes from anyone and that until the hotel does something I cannot use my card....

I have been waiting for over a month and still no one wants to talk to me. I have called customer service at 1-866-374-5816 with too many rep's to mention their names. I have called the fraud department at 1-800-854-1557. They absolutely will not speak to me or the hotel about my account.

Then I have called the activation department in which I talked to ** the manager at 1-866-722-0687 who repeatedly tells me the hold is lifted but when I try to use the card I hear "I am sorry man your card has been declined!!!!!!!!!" Which is embarrassing not to mention I am pissed.... Then when I try to speak to someone else I get the runaround daily... Not to mention they have me on hold for over 45 minutes at a time!

I am ready to cancel this card and not make another payment. I think the BBB should revoke their license to issue more cards... This company suck!! Not to mention how much the card costs you plus the $10.00 Fee each month for service... I suppose this is what people get for having bad credit but that is awful. The next step I am taking is I am calling governor Charlie Crist. I have had enough of the runaround!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again this company sucks... They say call back in 48 hours over and over again then I call in 48 hrs still the same crap! Let's close this credit card company down! The more complaints the better we will end up... We may no longer have a credit card but they have prepaid visa's now! This company sucks!

Rewards660? More like Rewards666!
By -

First of all, my name is **. I have no credit card debts, or unpaid medical bills. My problem was that I just needed to GAIN a credit history. After reviewing a couple credit card referral sites, I decided to try Rewards 660. I clearly understood they were to charge $200 for 'set up fees' and leave me an open to buy limit of $50. The annual fee was unbelievable, but I honestly thought this was going to be better than nothing. So I applied & was accepted.

While waiting for my card to come in the mail, I started researching SECURED CREDIT CARDS online. I decided to go to my bank and apply for one. My bank representative actually recommended me a Student Credit Card. This card had no annual fee, and a starting limit of $550! Clearly I should have visited my bank first. I was accepted for the Student Credit card.

I decided not to go with Rewards660 after all. Rewards 660 came in the mail, with the 'Card Activation' number intact. I decided not to activate the card. I would just wait for my Student Credit Card. However, about 20 days later I received a bill for a card that I never activated. I decided to call Customer Service.

I just first want to say, 'dealing with idiots all day' does not give ANYONE the right to be rude. It's your job to provide decent customer service. If you hate your job, then you should have gone to college. Also, these people usually receive some type of commission. That's why they want your payments so badly. Anyway, I spoke with a customer service representative. I told her my situation, and that I wouldn't be needing the card. I also explained I haven't activated the card, and questioned why I was charged.

Rewards660's representative told me 'So uh why did you apply for a credit card if you obviously can't afford to pay it off?' I explained to her my situation, that I'd be getting my Student Card with no annual fee. She was extremely rude, making remarks that I should keep the card and pay it off. She finally canceled it, and I ran away from Rewards666 and never looked back! If you think this is your last resort, try a secured credit card. If you have a Savings account, you could go to your bank. If anything, apply for a Gas Card and start that way. This company is horrible.

Cancel W/O notice
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Warning! This Rewards 660 survives off of the initial fees you pay to receive the card. A company representative contacted me requesting a payment of $60.00 on a $300.00 credit card limit. The next week I sent on a payment for $80.00 to cover any late fees. Without notice Rewards 660 cancelled my credit card account after receiving the $80.00 payment I sent.

I have 3 other credit cards with the same limit, and my monthly payments are $15-$20 a month. Rewards 660 charges $40.00 a month on a $300.00 limit. This company, and companies that rip off people trying to rebuild their credit should not be allowed to do business anywhere in the U.S.

How are Federal, State, and local Governments allow these companies to operate for any length of time is beyond me. If you have a Rewards 660 credit card, and you've been treated unfairly or cheated unfairly I urge you to send a complaint the Attorney General of Sioux Falls, and the Federal Trade Commission.

Excellent Credit Card from Meta Bank (Visa Rewards 660)
By -

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I have had this card now for 3 months. I agree the fees are too high, but look at it this way, if you have bad credit go for it, if you have good credit the card is not for you, right? My credit sucks and I've been making my payments on time and no problems with this company whatsoever! If you know you have to pay a bill monthly, just pay it and you're have no problems too!

I just had to add this for some folks who don't know, if you send more than a $100.00 payment, they will hold your check for 14 days until it clears, so send money orders or cashier's check. If you send $99.00 or less your money will post the next day via online or mailing in a payment (checks, money orders, etc) it will post the next day. But the catch is if you pay online you cannot make another online payment for 14 days, so mail the rest in as long as it's under 100 if you want it to post. Take care.

Rip Off
By -

FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA -- I have an account with rewards 660/metabank, my initial credit card limit was 300 then they take 250 dollars off for a bunch of fees. I sent in an 50 dollar payment off of the site and then they tell me that the check was returned but the bank says it was cleared. Be aware of this rip off credit card company.

Rewards 660 Visa
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I've read a few mixed reviews about this card, but for the most part it seems like the people complaining are complaining because of high fees or a 14-day hold on personal checks. The fees are there because it is a risk to issue a card to those with bad credit, and if you can't work with a 14-day hold pay with a debit card.

Now, I will tell you a story. Just one year ago my credit score was under 400. I had some screw-ups my freshman year of college and there was no way anyone was going to let me prove that I was actually responsible. I got the rewards 660 visa card. I paid the initial $250 in fees (a price well worth the opportunity to rebuild your credit), I pay the $8 a month or whatever it is membership fee and I pay the $25 finance charge every 3 months for a credit limit increase. Everyone I've spoken to on the phone has been friendly and helpful and they certainly do not hang up on you.

I've paid my balance in full almost every month (I'm not trying to over-extend myself, I'm trying to REBUILD my credit). Only a year later and my FICO score is 690. It took one year to go from very poor to good, and I have the Rewards 660 Visa to thank. I've been able to obtain a small personal loan and also finance a new car. The fees are a very small price to pay to get your financial stability back on track.

Card Service
By -

MACON, GEORGIA -- I've been reading the reviews and found the absolute opposite of my experience with the company. I really enjoy their customer service and find that most of the reps have a great sense of humour and are happy to be at work. They go out of their way to help me and explain my situation.

Occasionally there are 14-day holds on a check at random times for their own purpose. If you read the terms in their credit card offer, as you should, you'll find that it's all listed there; an offer to extend credit is just like any other contract.

I was late on one of my payments because of a mailing situation between the bill arriving at my parents' house, and my being at college. I called the company and explained everything; they refunded my late fee and it didn't tarnish my credit. It's worth the money, you pay fees to American Express, just like you do with this card. The difference is, the benefits are simply credit for someone trying to build or restore. It is not a scam, they are a FDIC insured retail bank.

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