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I Love Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Non Stick Foil
By -

COLORADO -- I love Reynolds Wrap heavy duty non stick foil! I've always used regular Reynolds foil, to line pans, and cookies sheets, but things would still stick. Nothing sticks with Reynolds non-stick foil, food lifts right off. I used it all through the holidays for baking and cooking. I would line my pans with it, and cook whatever it was I was cooking, and after the food was done, just lift the foil off, and toss it. You don't have to wash your pans, just a quick rinse. This foil keeps everything nice and neat.

My only suggestion would be, be careful when you line your cookie sheet, because when you remove the cookies, they tend to slide all over the place, because this foil is so slippery, but worth it. I wish it came in a bigger roll, at least 100 sq foot. So far I've only found it, in 35 sq ft rolls.

Is my Reynolds Wrap cooking along with my food?
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Rating: 1/51

Has this happened to you? This evening I put 3 boneless chicken breasts on a small baking tray, covered them with Reynolds Wrap, and put them in my toaster oven to cook at 375 degrees. As it happened, each piece of chicken was touching the foil in at least one spot. After 10 minutes on the timer, I removed the tray to check on the progress. Before removing the foil, I noticed a small amount of what looked like light grey (aluminum color!) ash in three separate places on the outside of the foil.

When I pulled back the foil, I also noticed that there were 3 corresponding places on the chicken that had a blackish residue where the chicken had been in contact with the foil - on one piece I was able to scrape it off, on the other 2 pieces I had to actually scrape away the chicken in order to remove the black "stuff".

At this point, since the chicken was not cooking fast enough for our dinner timetable, I decided to place the chicken in our conventional gas oven, also at 375 degrees. A bit concerned by the strange behavior of the foil, I pulled off a new piece of foil and re-covered the chicken. After another 10 minutes, I again checked the chicken and found that the foil had done the exact same thing. This time I had to cut away part of each piece of chicken, and then decided there was no way I was going to serve this chicken. The same thing happened to me several months ago (different roll of foil, same brand) and I just chalked it up as a fluke, although it did make me nervous.

What is going on here??? The only time I have ever seen foil do this is sometimes when cooking baking potatoes in a charcoal fire and leaving them in the coals for too long. The foil seems to disintegrate, become ashen, and leave a powdery residue. And of course it has holes in it. Tonight I took the second piece of foil and held it up to the light and there were several pinholes where you could see light coming through the foil - and this after only 10 minutes at 375.

What do you think? Has Reynolds changed the composition of their foil? In using this foil, are we having substances transferred to our food during the cooking process? I would love to hear from anyone with a similar experience, and any thoughts as to where I should go with my experience to see if this is a larger concern? In the meantime I think I may try some experiments with this foil...

What Makes Reynolds Non Stick Aluminum Foil Non Sticky?
By -

I had just read a glowing review about the latest of Reynolds Aluminum the non stick aluminum foil. I haven't tried it because I wonder what makes it non stick and will it seep into the cookies or anything else that bakes or broils on that foil? We need to know more about this latest invention of Reynolds.

I love using your product but the last time there was a problem
By -

The last time I purchased reynolds wrap (aluminum foil) that was a problem. It was stuck together and ripping like a coil or a spring making the pieces too small to use. I had to go out and buy more. This was an inconvenience considering I had to leave a house full of guests to go back to the store. I thought you would like to know. Thanks.

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