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Rich Dad Poor Dad - Kiyosaki - Coaching Program - Expensive & Overrated
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After reading several books in the Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Kiyosaki, I decided to contact them regarding their coaching program. *Expensive: Eager to exit the "Rat Race" and to increase my knowledge of real estate and business ownership, I enrolled in their coaching program to the tune of $5000. This program guaranteed unlimited access to the "Resource Line Coaches" and 1 weekly 1:1 conference call with a coach for 14 weeks.

*Coaching time limited: Little did I realize that this call was limited to 25 minutes, with most of it spent asking me questions about "how my week went" and at least 10 minutes was spent giving out next weeks assignment. *Hidden cost of additional material: I was expected to complete weekly assignments which included purchasing another book or two in their series and completing an online questionnaire.

*Resource Line not available, no help: When I called the resource line, I was on hold for over 20 minutes listening to clips of Kiyosaki conversations. At which point, I gave up and left a message. A call was usually returned within 2 days. Each time a different person answers the call and you must restate your background and questions. Although I was asked to complete an online profile, the "coach" was not familiar with my situation. The calls were limited in time and most answers were asking me "What do you think you should do?" or the coach was not familiar with my area.

*Did not receive all services: I was not allowed to reschedule any conference calls, although my coach rescheduled 4 of the 14 calls. I did not even get a callback for the final session. Although I completed all homework assignments and submitted questions 24 hours in advance, there was never enough time to answer my questions.

*To summarize, I would not recommend this course. I did a lot of reading and writing, but this course was not as advertised. I did not reach my goal of purchasing a laundromat and do not feel any closer to exiting the Rat Race. I do think I helped Kiyosaki & Sharon in their quest to provide a fancy, expensive package of general material which helped line their pockets.

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