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A noisy and sleepless night at the Richardson Hotel in Dallas TX
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RICHARDSON, TEXAS -- A valued customer and guest of the Richardson Hotel in Richardson Texas wrote that they had a problem with noise disturbances in the room next to them while staying at the hotel. They called the front desk but nothing happened, and when they were checking out, there was no acknowledgement of the incident, or problem, or apology from anyone at the hotel. I contacted the hotel management and they have responded back to me with concerns about this incident and would like to resolve the matter to everyone's satisfaction. I am impressed that they responded to me and ARE concerned about this guest's concerns. A "RAVE" to the management at the Richardson Hotel!

Bad PR
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RICHARDSON, TEXAS -- Stayed at the Richardson hotel for the second time in a year. Prices are rather steep as the rooms are so tiny, but we are obviously paying for the location which is close to Dallas. This place charges $5 for a bottle of water in your room. Tacky!

Anyway the problem was that our neighbors were very noisy the whole time we were there. They were unchaperoned teenagers who would argue outside their doors, go yelling down the hallway, etc. Well this is normal, but not okay at 1am, 2am or 3am. We did complain to the front desk, but nothing happened. When we left we mentioned it again. Nothing. Not even an acknowledgment.

Has American business become so lacking in professional courtesy? We did not expect any financial reimbursement, but a "I am sorry. Would you like breakfast on the hotel?", or a "I am sorry, perhaps we could offer you another room"-would have been nice and inviting. No. Oh well. I will not be staying there again, nor will my siblings when they come to town or any friends or co-workers.

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