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Ride Auto Is a Rip Off
By -

BURNSVILLE, MINNESOTA -- Purchased a 2011 Kia Forte from Ride Auto, they gave me the Carfax that showed the vehicle was in good condition - no accident was reported. When I got the vehicle home I noticed missing parts and loose bolts under the hood. I took the vehicle in to the Kia dealer where they told me that the car was in an accident and had extensive repair work. It also has bondo all the way down on the passenger side of the vehicle. It had a used strut and knuckle on the passenger side front wheel and had a bent tie rod on it. They also told me it could cost me up to $1000 dollars to fix the Air bag issue.

I brought the vehicle back to Ride Auto and told them I want my money back. They told me that there was nothing they could do for me, I purchased the vehicle AS IS - NO WARRANTY. I told them about the air bag issue and the missing parts and they told me they would cut me a check for $560 dollars to fix the air bag and the missing parts on the vehicle. I later on got a current Carfax which showed me that the vehicle was in an accident and the air bag was deployed. I again tried to return the vehicle and they told me the same story, I purchased the vehicle AS IS - NO Warranty and there was nothing they would do for me.

I told him about the cars suspension and the used strut and he told me the only thing he can do is cut me another check for 100 dollars for a front end alignment. I brought the vehicle to tires plus for an alignment and they told me that there was several issues with this vehicle and they couldn't do an alignment on it. The following day I returned to Ride Auto and they told me they would take back the car minus $800 dollars I paid for it. I called the Burnsville Police Dept and told them what was going on and had an officer come in and return the vehicle.

The Officer Demanded for them to return the full amount of money back and that I didn't have to sign anything. They refused to give me my money back, and gave the police officer his attorneys card. They argued that I bought the vehicle AS IS - NO Warranty and that he needed the $800 dollars to pay his employee's and to fix the title. We later got it down to $500 dollars and I was forced to sign an agreement that I wouldn't take any legal action against Ride Auto.

Ride Auto is a HACK SHOP that takes in used damaged cars and fixes them up half ass and puts them back on their lot. Don't believe anything these guys say, not even the Carfax. They know how to get a clean Carfax report when there is damage done to the vehicles. They purchase the vehicles from out of state damaged, fix them half ass, and give potential buyers (Like Myself) a clean Carfax report. Do your research before buying from this place, make sure they didn't misrepresent any of the information.

A dealer must not withhold information as to the condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase. Fraud may be committed by an automobile dealership by misrepresenting or failing to disclose such things as the true condition of the vehicle whether the vehicle was involved in an accident or sustained some type of damage when in possession of a prior owner. Make sure you do your research and buy from a reliable dealer.

Stay Away
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Rating: 1/51

BURNSVILLE, MINNESOTA -- Do yourself a favor and don't buy from Ride Auto. There is a 2011 white F-150 on their lot with this vin: **. It has many problems and ride auto will trick customers to buying it by resetting the check engine light before your test drive and the light will lit again soon later when the truck thinks the problem still exist. It rides well but has many problems.

Ride Auto have had this truck since early 2018 and is trying to sell it with all these problems without anyone knowing. They brought it to a dealer and tried to fix it but denied to and now trying to sell it as is at a normal price. They didn't want to fix it themselves because probably it cost a lot. It was a timing chain and O2 sensor and lots more.

The dealer gave me a paper with this record that ride auto declined to make this repair. So, the truck needs a lot of work and ride is trying to sell it at a normal price. This truck is worth less than 8k. I talked about the obvious problems with the truck that made a clunk sound when you accelerate from a stop and coming to a complete stop. I was okay to fix it (easy fix). I asked one of them are their any other problems, he didn't answer.

ride auto only temporary fix their problems with cheap already used stuff prior selling to their customers. They do band aid fixes and do cover up on minor problem, so buyers can't see them. They use black paint to the paint the under body on most of their cars to hide the rust. They reset engine light on cars the have problems rather than perform permanent fixes.

When you reset the engine light it will come up again if the problem persists, they use this to cover up non obvious problems that you won't know about during your test drive. They will offer you do a pre-purchase inspection during your test drive. They tell you this so they can say “I told you so” when you bring it back and say the engine light came on right after you bought it.

Off course they seem cool when you talk to them, but they'll do anything they can to screw anyone over. I see a lot of people say they're “cool” people. Their “cool”-ness is also a cover up, don't trust them, anything they say. I have a friend that used to work at a car dealer, he tells me he see cars many times that brought in by customers and the same car brought in by ride auto a few weeks ago. Wished I talked to him first.

I took my sweet time with some paper work and they didn't like it… at all. I walked out at their closing time exactly 6:30pm, they didn't like it either. Then I realized I left some personal belongings and went back. As they saw me walking back, they locked the door and ignored me.

Then I waited for them to come out, when they did I ask them to come in to get some stuff that I forgot, they all ignore me and kept walking like I wasn't there. I looked through the window and my stuff were gone. One of them probably snatched it from the spot when I was busy talking to the other one. They still have my stuff today!! I know what they want, they want the paper that showed they decline the fix back in early 2018 at the dealer. Good thing it wasn't in there.

I read reviews and it's funny that they raise the price on people that calls them and say they'll come the next day for a test drive. And their reason for this is that the special “sale price” is over. Nowhere on their site states the sale price and date range. It seems like the promotion ends when you show interest. In short... just stay away from ride auto, unless you want to learn the hard way.

If you DO want to screw yourself over, stay away from the guy name Richard, he is one big ** maniac. He yelled at me over the phone when I asked for a return and explain my reasoning. And when you do screw yourself over, bring it to court (MN court of attorney). These guys use every advantage they can to sell cheap problematic cars at normal price. I just didn't have the time for court.

Used Truck
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Rating: 5/51

BURNSVILLE, MINNESOTA -- I'm reading these and smh. I spent a very frustrating day trying to buy a truck, after being approved by my bank and then they'd decline each truck that was available for the stupidest reasons, numerous trips. Or auto dealerships that mislead on their ads and promise the vehicle only to find out it's not available. I'm deaf, so when I went in, Miguel helped me understand all the things I needed to know by writing the message on his phone or computer monitor and then when my bank again pulled up a bs reason that I couldn't buy, he got me approved so I walked out with the truck that I wanted.

He also called my insurance and had that updated. The "as is" is stressed but they also have warranties to help correct issues. You're buying used but your anger is because you're forgetting that and expecting new and probably bypassed the warranties. Took my truck to a mechanic within the hour, there is 1 item that they recommended to fix but it is not hazardous nor expensive. I would recommend them to everyone I know!

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Rating: 1/51

BURNSVILLE, MINNESOTA -- Worst dealer I stepped on. I made the mistake to not check reviews, hopefully with this I can save someone to not buy in this dealer as I did. One day after I bought my 11,000 dollar truck, I've been having so many problems. Cruise control doesn't work, service tires monitor system on, check engine on for the third time. They spray paint over rust areas, now I have to scrape off and repaint... So disappointed.

Terrible Customer Service / Crap Auto / Bondo Auto / Salvage Auto
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Rating: 1/51

BURNSVILLE, MINNESOTA -- What a shady business. My guess is that it is a mere store front for other activity. They seem to NOT want our business. I am very interested in purchasing a older model Cummins. After dealing with this operation and reading all of the other reviews, I am glad they chased me out.

I visited Ride Auto this weekend. I walked back to the discount lot and looked at their Bondo selection. Being a mechanic myself, I did a little more research than just looking at the appearance - most of which had thin paint over rust, terrible cleaning jobs and very poorly functioning vehicles. The sales dude walked me crabbily to the lot, and opened the door to an older model diesel truck. He then said he had work to do and would come back in 10-15 minutes. Of course he took the keys with him so we couldn't start the vehicle. Ha! I'm guessing that had he left the keys, the piece of crap wouldn't start anyhow.

So, I'm checking things out and notice that there is a main seal leak (rear end seal). Also, the hood wouldn't open and there was evidence of the rear bumper being pushed into the vehicle itself - covered with a thin layer of Bondo and paint. We decided this wasn't the truck for us.

We went back to the office and spoke to the now annoyed sales guy, who refused to show us the other truck. He said it had already sold. I couldn't help but notice that the vehicle is still showing up on-line in various ads. They had done this to us before about a year back when we went to look at a truck. They said we couldn't test drive it because it had sold. Of course we found out a week later that it was still there.

PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE. They slap crap back together on these messed up vehicles. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE YOU BUY so you are not one of the many disgusted customers leaving RIDE AUTO with a bad taste in their mouth and a pile of crap that will leave you stranded! This place should NOT be in business!!! I'm not sure how they've made it this far!

Every Word They Said Is Lie and Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

2933 MINNESOTA 13 BURNSVILLE, MN 55337, MINNESOTA -- I did not have a very good experience with Ride Auto Sale. Everything they post or write on Craigslist about their car or boat was lie. I bought a boat from them, they said that was excellent condition and ready to hit the water. So, I went there to check it out and I really like the boat so I did buy the boat. But before that, I told him that I'm not a mechanic so I want to know if it has been de-winterized and ready to go, he said "yes."

I took it home for a couple days then I tried it out at the lake. The boat was not running and all the gear lube is out. Also the oil is out, the trim hose was bad. Now I can't even take it the shop to fix it. One more thing, they promised me that before I take the boat from the dealer they will make it clean and ready to go. I went the first time, they still didn't clean it so I came home. I went the second time, they still haven't cleaned the boat so I had to ask them to clean and I waited two hours just for that.

Does anyone know how much I paid for it? I paid $8600 for that boat. I recommend all of you not to go there. They don't have any customer skill plus you don't want to spend your entire money packet to something that is not in working order. I don't know how to explain it to make people understand, but please don't go there. You can always go somewhere else.

During that time I saw this white guy, he came to ask one of the sales guys or the owner that he wanted to test drive one of the Chevy trucks. So they just told him to go, wait outside at the car. He waited and waited, they still sat in the office. I saw him stay outside for more than 40 minutes then left. What kind of customer service is that?

I Was the Sucker!
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Rating: 1/51

BURNSVILLE, MINNESOTA -- Bought a 2010 Ford F150 from these cons! Went there the week before to look at an F250, decided against it. Following week went there to look at a 2010 F150 which looked good enough that I bought it. Looked it over up and down, test drive went good (very little gas in the tank), motor sounded good. When we came back from test drive I popped the hood and was listening close to the engine, the sales guy got impatient and asked, "Well do you want to buy it?" because I guess I was wasting his time because he remember me for previous week. Noticed it could use new tires but they would not budge on the price due to they could get me no-name tires for cost.

So even after that crap I bought the truck and a week after that the engine has a knock in it from a bent valve, they put additive in the oil to cover this up and looking closer under the pickup at the frame I noticed sand here and there that they painted over to make the frame look good. This place was just sued by a lady that proved they knew about a major issue with her vehicle that they covered up.

After I filled out the paperwork my sales guy and another one went out to the pickup, popped the hood and was doing something. Thought this was a little odd but didn't inquire about it. When I got it home I noticed wires coming out of the fuse box and the lid for it wasn't on right, yeah they put a GPS tracker in it (WHAT THE HELL FOR!!?) even though I financed it and I have great credit. Learn from my mistake and the experiences from other people reviews on this site and STAY AWAY!!! If anything report these ** to ICE so they will be deported! (Maybe a little strong but I am that pissed!)

Very Deceptive and Nothing but Lies
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Rating: 1/51

BURNSVILLE, MINNESOTA -- I saw an '01 Ford F-350 Dually on eBay and really liked it so I called Ride Auto to purchase it. In their description they said "absolutely no rust or dents" and "all original body panels and paint". Also said "very strong smooth running truck with absolutely no issues". I purchased the truck, having only seen it on eBay and a YouTube video. I live in Virginia and had to have it shipped. I knew as soon as it arrived that most of it had been repainted.

After 2 months, it is already starting to rust back through the paint in the bottom of the doors and on the rocker panels. Have also had several other issues. Problems with the injectors, problems with the turbo, had to replace the front hub assembly (hub assembly for a Dually isn't cheap), oil leak, steering issues. Who knows what else will come up.

I contacted Ride Auto and all they said they could do was give me $2000 less than I paid if I wanted to return it and no kind of refund for new parts that I have bought. And I would have to pay to have it shipped back. They must think I am some kind of an idiot I guess. Well, maybe I am. I bought the truck from them to start with so I guess I am a little screwed in the head. Never again will I deal with Ride Auto, and I would strongly urge anyone else to stay away from there. Nothing but lies and ** at that place.

2012 Sportsmen Travel Trailer
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Rating: 1/51

BURNSVILLE, MINNESOTA -- Left a deposit on a camper and two day later they re listed it for more money. When asked about things like heat or refrigerator was told "oh those are a cheap fix if they don't work." When asked about the water system was told that I could not see it. If I want to see it I would have to hire someone to show me. No propane tanks and no battery to show everything worked. How do you buy something from someone when you do not know it works.

Also was told to leave the deposit because it was in the process of being sold. If that was true you would have sold it when you're listed. When I talked to a salesman at Camper World was told their deposits are refundable and that they would take two hour to show me everything worked. Why wouldn't I go some place else?

Salvage Travel Trailer
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Rating: 1/51

BURNSVILLE MN -- Ride Auto tried to sell me a travel trailer with a salvage title without telling me this. The trailer was advertised as having no damage. I gave them a deposit and secured financing through my bank. I went back on their website and found the trailer I had just put a deposit on advertised at a price 1000 dollars more than what I agreed to pay.

I decided to check out Ride Auto. I wish I would have done this first. There are pages of negative reviews. When I ran the VIN # on a you US government website for RV fraud it came up in big red letters, this vehicle has a SALVAGE title. The salesman from Ride Auto denied the fact and called my bank screaming at the loan officer and telling her that the trailer did not have a salvage title. She asked the salesman to fax her a copy of the title. The bank never got the fax. This and all the other horror stories about Ride Auto begs the question. Just exactly how dishonest can a dealer in the state of Minnesota be, and still keep a dealers license.

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