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Shady Don't Buy Here.
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Rating: 1/51

PELHAM, ALABAMA -- Don't buy a car here, please save your money. I bought my son a 3000 used car and we knew we would have to do repairs, that's no problem but the car did not last a week. We had someone look at it and the motor is gone. This car was just to get my son back and forth to work for at least a year to get something better but those jerks put stop leak in the oil just to sell it to get it off their lot. When people buy used car they don't have money to throw away, but they will reap what they sow for being shady...

Lemon of a 2013 Sportage
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Rating: 1/51

PELHAM, ALABAMA -- I bought my wife a new 2013 Kia Sportage from riverchase Kia two years ago. For the last 6 months this piece of junk has been in the shop 5 times for a month - one visit two and a half weeks this time and a day a piece, the other three for the check engine light coming on. The first visit the tech said he had no idea what was wrong and reset the computer. A week later the light came back on. This time they claimed that it was from bad gas and charged me 200 to clean the fuel system. About two weeks later the light came back on. They claimed that they must not have got all the fuel system clean and re-cleaned it. About a month later the light came back on.

I called another dealership to check it out. When we carried it there the tech said he did not have a clue what was wrong with it. After changing the block and still not fixing the problem they changed the head. We got the Sportage back over a month later on Wednesday and on the next Tuesday the light came back on. We took it back to the same dealer because at least they were trying to find the problem unlike Riverchase who had already charged me for cleaning a fuel system that I believe was bull because the car is throwing the same code every time.

They have had the Sportage for two and a half weeks this time and changed the computer. This did not work so they are having to wait on a field engineer to come look at it. I contacted Riverchase and Kia to get this Lemon exchanged or my money back and I'm getting the runaround from them. Do yourself a favor and don't even slow down around riverchase and find another make of vehicle. Their 100000 mile warranty is bull. They will not stand behind it!!!

Riverchase Kia Does Not Stand Behind Their Word
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Rating: 1/51

PELHAM, ALABAMA -- I purchased two new Kia's from Riverchase Kia earlier this year. One of them gave us problems from the very beginning, causing us to have it towed to Riverchase Kia almost every week for the first month we had it. The car was in their shop for an average of 5 days. The first three times we had it towed there the last time 5 WEEKS.

During those three visits they told us that they didn't know what was causing the problem (1st), replacing some parts (2nd), then replacing more parts (3rd). When picking up the car after the third time (which reeked of cigarette smoke) my wife and I were told that if the car gave us any more problems they (Riverchase Kia) would put us in another car.

Less than a week later the car broke down again with the same problem. We were at the dealership as soon as they opened the next day to be put in a different car just as they promised. While we were talking with the salesman the OWNER of the dealership walked in, sat down with us, took our keys and told us that he was not going to put us back in the car and that he would not want to drive that car himself. He told us to give him a couple of days while he visits with Kia corporate. He said that he would call me on Tuesday and set up a time to meet with us and resolve it once and for all.

Tuesday came and went, no call from the OWNER, no call from anyone at Riverchase Kia. I called my salesman the next day to find out why I had not heard from anyone. He said that he didn't know. I called multiple times and asked for the CSM only to be forwarded to voicemail and my calls were never returned. The only person that I could ever get in touch with was my salesman who could only tell me that he had mentioned it to his CSM or to the OWNER and they are looking into it. FIVE WEEKS LATER I receive a phone call from their service department telling me that my car was ready to be picked up.

I called the CSM who again did not return my phone call and I called my salesman who could only tell me rumors that someone was doing something. I had no other option but to pick the car up, which I did the following weekend. The car has been running fine so far, but my wife and I feel like we have been drag through the mud. We were lied to, avoided, and treated as if we hadn't just spent multiple thousands of dollars with them. I suggest that you be very careful about buying a car from Riverchase Kia.

Price Charged For Tire Rotation And Balance
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Rating: 3/51

PELHAM, ALABAMA -- I went to them because I had a problem with shimmy in the front end. The service manager drove the car and confirmed it was a problem. The service advised me the charge would be 60.00. I thought this was a very high price for this service. He indicated that it was something I needed. I was later told that there was a problem with the rotors which made sense so the work was to be done. He then told me that the brakes would soon need to be replaced and I thought that made sense as the car had 48,000 miles.

My concern was that the total charge of 278.94 was a bit too much and the charges were not itemized. I checked on the cost of rotating and balancing with other places and the average price was 30.00. This was my biggest complaint even though I agreed to it. I would like to know the price of each item that was repaired. The service advisor was very nice and prompt in starting on the repairs. I am not naive about methods used to get the most money that they can. I would just like to know what each procedure costs.

Service Department lies.
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Rating: 2/51

PELHAM, ALABAMA -- I purchased a brand new 2012 Optima from here. The next day something was in the road that I could not swerve to miss and therefore damaged the front passenger tire. My insurance company paid $200 to Kia for tire replacement. 5 months later that same tire turns up with a bubble in it and needs to be replaced.

I take it to Kia and they tell me that my insurance bought a cheap tire and they cannot cover it, therefore I am going to have to pay $200+ for a new tire. But this tire they put on will be covered with road hazard. It is the exact same tire they put on 5 months ago but for some reason they won't cover this one. I even have the exact estimate and cost from my insurance company. It should be covered under Kia but they refuse. They lied straight to my face and I will never return and advise anyone not to trust their service department.

Terrible Sales and Money Hungry
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Rating: 1/51

PELHAM, ALABAMA -- If I could go lower than 1 I would, this experience was the most horrible car purchase I've ever had. We went up to Riverchase Kia at 11am on a Saturday. Got immediate help and looked at a specific car. 2015 Kia Sorento with 56k miles. Selling for 14k. Lemme tell you, these guys were shady and terrible. Wanted to low ball me on my trade in and jack up my APR with a credit score over 700. Wouldn't honor a coupon that they had online, that someone had already told me I could use in their office. Every time I came back with a question or counteroffer, the salesmen went back and spent about 10 minutes there and would come back with something worse than before.

I was looking for integrity on their behalf and found none. Salesmen struggled at explaining most things and the other guys would write their offers down a half sheet of paper with a highlighter and would put an x and a line on the bottom for me to sign to agree to their terms. I asked multiple times for a printed sheet explaining how they came to their offers and was meet with the handwritten sentiment every time.

Avoid this place. They are the classic definition of shady dealership. I left and got a better deal with a much better... EVERYTHING!!! Don't let Shamaar help you either. Couldn't tell you anything on his own. Senior Salesmen? I only share for you to avoid the experience I had and go somewhere else 1st. Spent 5 hours there with nothing to show for it.

Watch Your Back!!!!
By -

PELHAM, ALABAMA -- If you are planning on buying a new or used car... avoid Riverchase Kia in Pelham, Al. Like the other reviewers said, their "$5,000 minimum trade" is only half the scam! Make sure you review all of the paperwork before you sign! They say they are "giving you" a service contract (which is refundable, by the way!!!) and you end up owing $2,500 more on the car for their useless "warranty" because they added a worthless item to your deal!!! Read everything and negotiate price with these shysters... not payment!

Poor and Un-Professional Car Dealership
By -

PELHAM, ALABAMA -- I have never in my life been treated with such Poor Un-Professionalism in my life. I am so Mad that I just had to write this review. In my experience I am first going to start off by saying, I have met a lot of car dealers and bought a few cars in my days, but never have I been treated with such disrespect as I have been today. So, here I am, in search of a great car, and I see that Riverchase Kia seemed to be having a sales deal event.

I go home from work and get my pregnant wife and son and we decide to go look at cars. Well I pulled into Riverchase Kia and found a nice parking space next to several other empty parking spaces. Keep in mind now, there are no signs that say, "hey don't park here, this spot is reserved".

Anyway, I and my pregnant wife with son get out of the vehicle expecting to possibly buy a vehicle, and be greeted by a salesperson. But just as I get out of the vehicle this sales guy comes up to me and ask if I will get back in the vehicle and move to the next parking space over because he wants to move a car in the spot I just parked in. I looked at my wife and my wife looked at me and we all got back in the vehicle and just left.

It was apparent this dealership had no intentions of selling any vehicles to me! Really, how Rude. I feel bad for the guy who owns this dealership. They might as well put a sign up saying, "hey come buy a car, but wait, don't park in any open parking spaces because the sales guys need to park their personal car in a specific spot". Don't buy from this Un-Professional dealership, seriously. Thanks, Jack.

Terrible Service!
By -

PELHAM, ALABAMA -- The service manager is unbelievably rude and talks down to people. I have owned my car for 4 months and have had to take it in 3 times and have had AWFUL service every single time. The first time I had to take it in was because the rain guards on my windows were falling off after 2 weeks of owning my car. (Since then, they have fallen off AGAIN and I had to have them completely removed and found out when the service dept. "fixed" them the first time, they just super glued them back on... and super glue does not come off of a car.) The service department had not put them on properly.

The second time, it was an electrical issue but the service manager told me I was an idiot because the problem would not happen while my car was in the shop. I also asked them to wash and wax my car. When I picked it up (after having to call to see if it was ready... I never received a phone call from them like I was told I would), there was dried wax caked all over my car and the inside was FILTHY!

This last time I took it in was because the check engine light was on and, again, never received a phone call to come pick up my car. When I called at 4 P.M. to see if it was ready, the service manager proceeded to yell at me when I questioned him about why I never received a call telling me my car was ready. I met several people in the waiting area and they all have the same complaints about the service manager, John... He's just simply rude and thinks he is better than everyone.

When I complained to the dealership manager AND John when I picked up my car, I was never told "I'm sorry"... just had the loaner car keys snatched out of my hand (which was given to me on an empty tank of gas so I had to use my own money to put gas in THEIR loaner car... same thing happened to me last time I got a loaner from them) and they told me to leave. I will NEVER go back and hope my story enlightens others so they will stay away from this place also!

$5000 Minimum Trade In Allowance... Joke
By -

PELHAM, ALABAMA -- Don't fall for the Riverchase Kia $5000 minimum trade in unless you are desperate and need a car with no down payment and do not care how much you pay for your car or in payments. All they do is take the MSRP and add $5000 to it. Then take off your "$5000 trade allowance" i.e. MSRP on Optima is 21900, they will price it to you at 26900 - 5000 trade and they have you paying 21900 the suggested retail. Instead you can go to Honda or Nissan and they start at MSRP and go down plus you get a better car with a higher resell value...

Also, they do the bait and switch with the online stuff even on the used. They advertise cars on the site that they no longer have at great prices tell you it is there and when you get there "it just sold" but they of course have a more expensive one just like it.... And financing deals and lease deals like 0 down and 199 a month you need spotless perfect 750+ credit otherwise they are going to stick you with a 15-25% loan... In Alabama Usury Law says 8% is the max you can charge on a secured loan so how can they charge that?

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