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Great Job
By -

I had a Toyota way back in '69, I needed something small, so I thought "Why not a Toyota". Its a good car and I know they wouldn't let anything off their lot that could have problems. Everybody was very polite and personable. I had no problems with anybody. They did a great job!

UPDATE - bait and switch scam, rip off
By -

HAMPTON, VIRGINIA -- UPDATE - Although I was VERY UNHAPPY with my experience. I did contact ** through his reply on here. He made everything right, he is true to his word 100%. My financing is back to what it was originally and I still have the car that I wanted. I have been able to meet the nicer people at RK, **.... Thank You. Would I ever buy another car from them? I'm not sure, Toyota's are great cars, this is my second one. If I were to go back, I would definitely contact ** beforehand and ask for my same salesman **. Lesson learned? I will definitely have financing done by an outside source before walking into another dealership. ** Thank You again.

Original statement - Well, let's see I go in on a Saturday around 4 don't get out until almost 10 pm. I have done a lot of searching online "buying new cars" which by the way search "top 10 dealer scams" and you will find this one. The "financing fell through". WOW, I get a phone call tonight saying just that! Interesting. I tell them NO I will not sign a new contract you can HAVE the car back. When I asked Why it fell through, they didn't know, but that they could get me through to another finance company. Hmmmm, didn't they run my credit and get me approved BEFORE they let me drive off in a $20,000 car? You would think so.

So as of now I am planning on taking the car back to them and taking my business somewhere else. I told the finance guy or should I say LIEnance guy when he called here that I was very aware of this scam and that NO I am not going for it. "what scam" he said. Interesting so many people online have heard about it but not the LIEnance guys? Whatever. Bottom line R K Toyota in Hampton wasted a whole Saturday, then had the NERVE to ask me to TAKE OFF WORK to come back in to "sign" more paperwork, for a scam they have never heard of. RIGHT!!

From the Horse's mouth
By -

HAMPTON, VIRGINIA -- Just an employee here to inform local consumers about RK Toyota Scion. RK in general is a fraudulent company, and will do anything to suck every last dime from your wallet. For instance, a Chevrolet Conversion van was traded in not too long ago. The person received $1.00 for that trade in. Now, add the state inspection fee, and oil change, and wash and vacuum. Let's call that $100 even. The car was now on the lot for a price of $3,000!!! That's $2,900 in profit! I talk to sales agents, and they boast about how the rip people off, and how much they made on the "deals".

I just don't find this to be the way a business should be run. Salesmen are fired if they don't sell 10 cars in a month, whether it be their first month, or 10th year. One employee was fired because of that reason that I can recall. But get this, he took 2 weeks vacation for his wedding and honeymoon. His first day back, he was fired. If this is how RK treats their employees, ask your self this: "How are they going to treat me?" I don't care for this company one bit, and have been searching for a new employment opportunity that will be taken as soon as one is offered.

This company doesn't care about its consumer, it only care about the money being made. So, if you do end up having a bad experience with them, please report it here. And if they know you aren't happy, they will offer you a $50 or $100 certificate for parts or service, IF you fill out a good rating survey. Isn't that fraudulent by itself? How does this make Toyota look? Do not buy your cars or trucks from here. You will over pay, and often the prices are hidden in the contract. If you really want a Toyota, or a Scion, go to Denbigh, Checkered Flag, Gloucester, etc.

I've heard many good things about these companies, especially Denbigh. I figured I'd let you people know about this company and it's antics, because, quite frankly, I wouldn't buy a car from them myself. Please take this into consideration before you step foot in that store.

Ripped Off!
By -

HAMPTON, VIRGINIA -- This is a plea for anyone not to buy a vehicle from RK Toyota. I bought my 2003 Toyota 4Runner in April of 2003. Where to begin. Well I spent 14 hours at the dealer fighting over the price of my vehicle. They wanted to add in $4k in extras, like paying for my floor mats twice, and a $1500 dealer profit, and a $400 pin stripe that wasn't on a single 4Runner there. Now to the good part. I traded in my 2002 4Runner to get the 2003. Well things worked out and my payments were to be $770/mo for 6 years, ouch! But I knew after a year I would refinance the truck so no big deal.

I gave the dealer $5k down, which was stolen, because it was not used toward the neg. equity of my trade in anywhere. It was no where in the contract at all. I have also heard another story from Denbigh Toyota where RK stole $12k from a man also. Well after 3 months, and 4 turndowns by finance companies, I finally got approved by Toyota. Here is another good thing, they sold my trade in the day after I got the new truck, which is illegal till I got financed. I tried to get my truck back but couldn't. I actually was told by my sales man to hide my truck or the dealer would come and take it and I would be SOL.

The sales manager even told me that if I didn't buy the truck that night he would be fired, ha! I told him to get a new job. They also promised me the Platinum Owners package for maintenance, which I never received. I inquired about it and was told I had to pay $600 more. No way! In the end I would have paid $63800 for a 4Runner mind you, not a Land Cruiser. They have also ripped off three of my friends.

One they said they were going to give her $3600.00 for her trade in, they just tacked that money onto her loan and didn't give her a cent for her car. Another friend is paying $600/month for a Rav 4 for 5 years, what in the world is going on at this place? Shouldn't they try to make you a lifetime customer, not rip you off? If I had the money I would buy a billboard sign and tell everyone of these practices. By the way RK stands for Rip of King! Do your self a favor and save the heartache and hastle of dealing w/ RK.

Contract Dispute Resolution
By -

HAMPTON, VIRGINIA -- I went back to RK today for resolution. ** was much easier to talk with. He was much more professional than **. He removed the items off my contract which ** either under informed us or gave false information on. Also the car was not detailed as it should have and ** fully refunded the $515 fee for detailing. I also received 3 years of oil changes, coolant changes, and state inspections. I am happy with the resolution however feel that the deal should have gone this way from the beginning. To ** credit he tried his best to insure that I was pleased when I left.

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