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Buyer Beware in Maine
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HALLOWELL, MAINE -- This review takes the cake for my all time worst customer service experience. I purchased a $2,500 living room furniture set from Rollins Furniture of Hallowell Maine in November 2008. In January of 2009 the fabric on ALL of the furniture began separating and splitting.

I contacted Rollins 7 times in the month of January and February, and once they realized I wasn't going away, I was told I would have to contact Craftmaster directly since the store I purchased the furniture at was originally in New Hampshire (they went out of business in December 2008 - even though we were assured at the time of purchase that this was just a "retirement" sale and the store was not going anywhere).

The furniture that was purchased was new (we waited 9 weeks for it) and not a second or refurb special. After haggling with Craftmaster in North Carolina for an entire month, we were eventually told we had to go back to Rollins to resolve the issue. After exchanging 5 phone calls with Rollins in Maine we were informed that because we had allowed ourselves to be sold the Ultrashield Protection (by the Rollins Salesperson) we had voided the warranty! I asked the Sales Manager at Rollins why this voided the warranty and all he could say was "you got to read the fine print".

The fine print was on the furniture tag that was attached to couch, which was never viewed until delivery. (Long after the fabric protection was applied by Rollins.) To make a very long story short, my wife and I literally made 45-50 documented phone calls over the next 7 months to UltraShield, Rollins and Craftmaster until all of the furniture was replaced in September of 2009. This was the most frustrating consumer experience of my life and I was shocked at the way Rollins treated their customer(s). Buyer Beware in Maine!

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