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Ronco Pasta Machine
By -

I purchased the Ronco pasta machine from on 10/25/09. I gave it to my girlfriend for a Christmas present. We tried to use it on 12/31/09. There is no measuring cup in the box. I called Ronco's 1-800 customer service number & was told that they would ship one out to me. It is now 1/13/10 & no measuring cup. I called Ronco's customer service number again today & I am told three different stories. One: They can ship one but I will have to pay for the shipping & handling. I ask why? I already paid for the product. I asked to speak to a supervisor & after being put on hold I am told a supervisor will call me back in three days.

I call back & this time; Story number Two: I am told they don't have any. I next call a number from a recording I heard while on hold originally. This time; Story number Three: The measuring cups are on backorder & if I call back in 15 days they can check & see if they have one. It is obvious to me that Ronco does NOT stand behind their product & I don't ever expect to receive the measuring cup. I will never buy another Ronco product again.

Update 2/3/10: Yes, this is a "special" measuring cup as you are supposed to add oil to the oil line, water to the water line, etc. There are no measurements for their recipe. I called Ronco's two different 800 numbers on 1/25/10. I was disconnected several times. When I finally got to speak to a customer service rep., I was told I would have to FAX a copy of my warranty to them. I asked why because I had already registered my warranty on-line & they should have it. I also told the rep. that I do not own a fax machine.

I asked to speak to a supervisor & after a long hold I was told the same story about Faxing a copy of my warranty. I told the supervisor that I do not own a fax machine & did not see a reason for this & it seemed like they have very poor concern for their customers. He then asked for my address & said they would ship the measuring cup to me. Here it is at 5:15 P.M. on 2/3/10 & guess what?? No measuring cup has arrived. Again I state "Anybody that purchases a Ronco product in the future is nuts". Their customer service stinks. Today (2/13/10) I received the "special" measuring cup.

No Customer Service, Product Has Flaking Teflon Getting on Food
By -

LOUISIANA -- Six months ago I purchased the Ronco Showtime Compact Rotisserie for my father, age 84. After one use, the Teflon coating on ALL surfaces inside the oven began flaking off. At this point, nearly half the Teflon is off of most surfaces. My father contacted Customer Service who claimed they had not received his Warranty card. I contacted them myself and they said I had to contact the Corporate office. I have tried that number many times on many days and it is busy or no answer.

I emailed Customer Service and although they claim to answer your emails is 24 to 48 hours, it took 1 month for them to reply. I immediately supplied them the information they had requested. It has been three months and I have resent that email with the needed information 3 times, but NO reply. I will now contact a lawyer because I have concerns over my 80-year-old parents eating food with Teflon flakes! I have read many reviews on Ronco and all speak of the non-existent customer service.

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