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Almost August, Couch Still Not Fixed!!!! (See Other Review)
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BRONX, NEW YORK -- Room to Room has still not given us satisfaction. We still remain without a decent, proper, “un-torn” couch cushion cover, furthermore, there still remains no contact between us and Room to Room! Initially we were told by representatives in the store that the couch cushion cover would come in fourteen (14) business days from the day that we entered the store to complain, June 25, 2007. We expected the couch cushion to be in our home on July 13, 2007, of course, this did not happen.

I called last week Monday, July 16, to find out the status of our couch cushion cover only to be told, “No one called you? We have it in now and will come to your house this Thursday”. (Obviously, no one called...) I made arrangements to have their service representative come to our home before 2p.m. At approximately 10am the morning of Thursday, July 19, 2007, Fabio, the service representative came with what appeared to be our couch cushion cover replacement, however, once Fabio opened the package, not only was the piece that he was holding fake leather but it was also darker than our actual couch!

He called the store using his phone and was instructed to go back to the store because the piece was there. Fabio went back to Room to Room and came back to our home. We thought that this was it… yet again, the piece that came was the right color, but the wrong texture! The piece that came was pebbled leather; ours is smooth. Fabio called the store again from his phone, told them the problem and left.

Would you believe that Room to Room Furniture store has yet to give us a phone call to even address the issue?! We don't even know what is going to happen from now! Not even a phone call to let us know what they intend to do to resolve this matter!!! At this point, we are completely and utterly disgusted at the type of service that we have received from this “business”!

My Damaged Couch Has Not Been Fixed in 5 Months!!!
By -

BRONX, NEW YORK -- In November 2006, my husband and I purchased a leather couch with a Protection Plan. February 2007, we noticed a tear in the left couch cushion due to a staple that was protruding from the inside of the arm of the couch. We contacted the store to have the couch serviced and left the staple where it was for the service rep to see for him/herself. The rep came out, removed the staple, and assured us that he would let his superiors know that we need a new couch cushion. I then called the store and spoke with a customer service rep named Jackie who informed me that the cushion will be replaced - to date, it has not been replaced.

Over the past approx. 5 months, we have received no more than 5 telephone calls from the store (we have the incoming calls log to prove this). We have both telephoned and visited the store in person to speak with Jackie and find out what is going on.

On each occasion, we have been met with the following excuses, 1) the Warehouse misread the order number, 2) the Warehouse fulfilled the order incorrectly, 3) the cushion is being made overseas and they made it wrong, 4) she is overwhelmed with work as her department is understaffed and cannot therefore contact us as she should, 5) she is training other people and cannot keep us updated, 6) she has tried to have her manager sign off on having the item sent express but he is giving her a hard time.

We in turn have been extremely patient and have gone as far as to have said that we understand that things can happen, but please keep us informed; she has not. So.. on Monday, June 25, 2007, we went into the store to have our issue addressed immediately, however, Jackie refused to meet with us (as well as another couple who was there to complain about a similar issue = waiting too long for furniture/service).

We were instructed to meet with the General Manager, Lawrence, who agreed that this was very poor customer service, but told us quote, "You only paid $549 dollars for a couch that it takes us $350 dollars to make. We really didn't make any money off of our sale." We were appalled that the General Manager would tell us something like this, to our face, in the middle of the store, in front of his sales reps and other customers. In fact, we still have not received a direct definitive answer as to when our couch will be serviced.

I implore anyone who is looking for furniture: look somewhere else! Their customer service is poor, and apparently the quality of furniture is poor but they just want to make a sale! If you value your time and money, BEWARE OF ROOM TO ROOM FURNITURE in BRONX, NY!!!

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