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Roseville Health and Wellness Center
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ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- I've been a member for 2 1/2 years. I have had a problem with the Aquatic Center (therapy pool). When I joined, I met the owner and he said the pool was heated to nearly 90* and was primarily a therapy pool. For the first year and a half I went at different times and days including early mornings and late evenings. Anytime I went the pool was very comfortable for me. I have rheumatoid arthritis.

About a year ago, the water was all of a sudden much colder and I couldn't stay in the pool. I tried several times to talk to the manager but each time she said that "No one else has ever complained". But, I know at least 10 people who told me that they got the same story when they tried to talk to her. I have seen her yell at members in the pool when they mentioned water temps., and have heard therapists being angry at how cold the water was.

The most frustrating part is not being able to get a straight answer from the manager. I AM SURE the owner told us that the pool would be warmer than it is now. If they've changed the policy, then they should say so! This manager is harming the goodwill of the facility and is known as a chronic liar.

So, if you are going to use the pool a lot and you need warmer water, be aware that you will now have to go to one of 4 Arthritis-type classes which are only in the mid afternoons, and which often fill up 30 minutes before class starts. If you want to go to free swim time or morning classes, just know it's going to be cold! I am reluctantly stopping my membership because the reality isn't what we were told when we joined.

Roseville Health and Wellness Center - Terrible Customer Service
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I was doing a google search and saw the other recent complaint on this gym, the Roseville Health and Wellness Center in Roseville, CA and I had to respond. I wish I had seen the other one sooner. I was a member of this gym until last month. The best personal trainer there, was treated so badly and lied to by the manager that she was forced out. What they did to her was terrible and if they did it to one of their star trainers, they would do it to members. And they did.

I tried to quit, because without ******, it wasn't worth staying. They owed me for some personal training sessions that I paid for and had not received and I asked for a refund. The same manager gave me the runaround and first denied I was owed. When I pressed the issue, she finally agreed to give me my refund. And I waited and waited. Every time I contacted her, it was the same "checks in the mail" sort of thing.

Finally, after much frustration, they paid me. If I hadn't been so forceful, nothing would have happened. I agree with the other poster. There are many other gyms in the Roseville area that can provide more honest customer service. Use them as I have joined another and am much happier and at ease.

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