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Great Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- In this age of just about everyone having access to computers we tend to see more negative comments and less positive ones. I was in store 0509 and was checking out, a line had formed and one of the cashiers called for assistance. Surprisingly two additional cashiers appeared. This alone was a positive however my experience with the cashier associate ** was so pleasant that I felt it should be shared.

I was not aware that in Tuesday it's senior citizens' day and we receive 10% off our purchase. When I approached the cashier he greeted me and said "Are you using our twofer?" I said "Excuse me?" He then told me about the 10% discount for customer over 55. I said "Yes" and having it phrase in this manner was extremely more pleasant opposed "You are over 55". Having worked in customer service for over 30 years I felt this young man should be rewarded with a positive review and that the upper management should be congratulated on choosing him as an employee.

Poor Customer Service at Ross Dress for Less
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I lost a hand-made Navajo bracelet in the Ross Dress for Less store on Almaden Blvd. in San Jose, California this afternoon. It is sterling silver with turquoise and coral stones and has great sentimental value for me. After looking on the floor all over the store and checking the fitting room myself, I ask the loss control person to announce on the store intercom that I had lost the bracelet and that I would pay any customer who returned it a $20 reward.

The Loss Person paged the store manager for permission without success. After an extended period the loss control person went upstairs to speak with the store manager. Some time later, he returned to tell me that the store manager had refused to make an announcement on my behalf.

I then waited in a lengthy line at Customer Service to let them know that I had lost the bracelet and to leave my name and number in case it turned up. As I waited in line, the assistant manager appeared nearby. I spoke with the assistant manager myself and again he refused to make the announcement. So much time passed between my initial request and getting an answer that any customer who may have found the bracelet had probably left the store. I do not feel that my request for an announcement was unreasonable. Nor do I feel that the extended period between the time that I asked for help and the time I got a response was reasonable.

In the end, all I could do was leave my name and number in case the bracelet turned up. As a result of this lack of cooperation and the "who cares" attitude of the assistant manager, Ross lost a sale this afternoon that was worth far more than the value of the bracelet. It also lost a customer for life. I told the assistant manager this, gave my shopping cart full of clothing to the loss control person, and left the store. This lack of courtesy and customer service is unacceptable.

Ross Carts
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Rating: 2/51

PASO ROBLES, CALIFORNIA -- I knew Ross didn't like their carts to leave the store. I was buying several heavy ceramic garden pots and needed to get them to the car. So I asked the clerk if there was a way they could help, expecting they had a cart that could leave the store with a clerk. I was surprised to hear her say to go bring a cart from nearby Target to use. A supervisor overheard me say "but I'm buying these things here, not at Target," and she went and got a Target cart for me to use. I think Ross needs to figure out how to help their own customers without using Target or any other store's carts.

Terrible Customer Service
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LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- I have shopped at Ross for years and have really enjoyed it. This week however, I had purchased 2 curtain rods. Upon opening them, I realized there were missing parts and they did not operate like they should. I returned them to the store the next day. I had lost my receipt and the girl assisting me said she didn't think they could take them back because they weren't in the box properly. I explained to her how hard it is to repackage the rods.

As I am explaining this to her, she is standing there rolling her eyes. She was very rude and insulting. After she did give me an in store credit. I got the attention of a young man who looked to be in charge. He was the district supervisor. I shared my experience with him and he apologized for her behavior. What has happened to good customer service??? There are so many people looking for work, that want to work. I would hope Ross could find someone with a positive attitude.

Ross in Central Washington State
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CENTRAL, WASHINGTON -- Several weeks ago I went "window shopping" for a friend of mine and while I was at the store I found that the store was in complete disarray. Many clothes on the floor, the floors looked as if they had not been mopped in a few days maybe a week. Now I know that Ross stores are Name brand items at a lower cost, but hey if they want a customer who is willing to buy nice items then hey, clean up.

The dressing rooms are messy and littered, the restrooms are dirty as well. I do understand the need for more cashiers but they had all but 1 line open. Granted I went in the store about 8 pm and it may have been messy from the earlier shoppers but if Macy's can keep up a clean shopping experience then why cannot a store that sells the more reduced priced items. The Quality of the product goes down with a foot print in the back of a shirt or pair of pants.

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