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RothRock Nissan Complaint (Stay away from RothRock)
By -

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- My wife and I purchased a new 2009 Nissan Rogue in 4\2009. Purchasing of this particular vehicle was satisfying. However when I took the Nissan Rogue in for its first free oil change I started to think twice about this dealership. I dropped the Rogue off the night before for its oil change. The next day (late afternoon) I got a call from the service tech indicating the work was done. So I went to pick up my the Rogue. I opened the hood to the Rogue to confirm the oil change was done. (I always try to confirm any work done on my vehicles before I accept the car.)

I pulled the oil dip stick out and immediately noticed the oil was not new. Took a look at the oil filter and also noticed it was very dirty on the outside and appeared unchanged. Went inside and brought this to the service manager's attention (or RED team manager for Nissan vehicles). His simple answer was they never got to it for the oil change and asked if I could wait 15 minutes for them to do the oil change. I ended up waiting about 45 minutes. I was very frustrated knowing if I did not check the Rogue I would have accepted the vehicle without an oil change. For me this is there first #1 RED flag or lie.

2nd negative experience with service department. Made an appointment for 4 recalls on my 2009 Rogue and was told they could do all the recalls in 4 hours. Dropped of the Rouge again the night before for the recalls. Got a call that all the work was done except for one of the recalls which they said they would have to order a part. This was OK with me even though it means I have to drop it off again and they don't issue out loaners and that they should have known that this part was not available before I made the appointment.

Service manager asked me if I would like to have the vehicle inspected now before I pick up the car as this was due in about a month. I said "yes, go ahead with the inspection." Well got a 2nd call that day saying the inspection was done and I could pick up the Rogue. I went there to pay for the inspection and pick up the vehicle. When I got to RothRock I looked at my inspection stickers and took notice that they wear never changed to reflect new inspection stickers.

I brought this to the attention of the RED team service manager and again I had to sit around for another 45 minutes for the inspection to be completed. It appears our vehicles are never inspected after the work is supposedly done. This was very frustrating and unprofessional. #2 RED flag.

Today 4\2010 I went to Nissan to trade in my vehicle for another. I was aware that there was marketing support from Nissan to Nissan dealers in the amount of $500. While shopping for a vehicle with the salesman (Steve **) I asked him twice if RothRock Nissan passes this marketing support to their customers on the purchase of any new Nissan vehicles on the lot. Steve ** answer was yes both times. For the customers this means that with the support of Nissan, RothRock Nissan dealership will deduct $500 from any vehicle purchase as Steve stated combined with any rebate incentives that may also exist..

So we started negotiations on a Nissan Altima that I was interested in purchasing. We settled on some numbers for the trade in and the purchase of the new Nissan Altima - I guess the salesman and floor manager thought that I was getting too good of a deal because the salesman came back to me and said I cannot have the Marketing support of $500 towards the purchase of this vehicle. This is after he already told me twice that the marketing support of $500 can be passed on to me for the purchase of any vehicle.

Steve ** also stated that the floor manager said the marketing support does not apply to the purchase of an Altima and that there is not any reference from Nissan to indicate that it does. I asked Steve ** if I could use the computer at the dealership to show him that such "Marketing support" does exist. I showed him the marketing support online via their computer which is available on the purchase of a Nissan Altima. Steve ** said he would show this to the manager.

Well they both came back at me insisting that I was not going to get the marketing support of $500 which is available today 4\13\2010 on the purchase of a Nissan Altima. Again this is after I was told that it can be applied for me towards the purchase of a Nissan Alitma and from the facts online indicating that marketing support does exist for me.

Well I was disgusted by the salesman Steve ** and his floor manager and told them both I was no longer interested in purchasing the Nissan Altima as they are obviously lying to me and do not wish to pass on the marketing support from Nissan to me which initially I was told that RothRock Nissan does pass this marketing support to there customers..

As I walk towards the front door the floor manager was very arrogant and decided to be abusive & pick an argument with me. We both ended up screaming at each other in the showroom. While some customers where also in the showroom. Again very unprofessional, disrespectable and a bunch of liars at RothRock Nissan. I guess the money comes first and customers come in 2nd at RothRock Nissan. I apologize to all those in my area that told me to stay away from RothRock Nissan dealership. I cannot at all recommend this dealership to anyone.

Company Response 04/30/2010:

We at Rothrock Motor Sales are sorry that we failed to meet your expectations on your recent service visit. The goal of every Rothrock Employee everyday is to provide each of our customers with excellent service. Unfortunately sometimes we fall short of that goal. We are always looking for way to improve our relationships our customers. We will review our processes and make changes accordingly so a situation such as this does not happen in the future. We did not complete the service you had requested prior to you returning to the dealership due to a paperwork and computer glitch. In essence, the vehicle was assigned to a technician that had left that day early. Unfortunately the job never got reassigned to a different technician in the computer so the vehicle never came in to the shop to have the service completed. Upon your arrival and as soon as we noticed the error we immediately pulled your vehicle in to the shop and completed the service as requested. In apology for the delay we have offered you a complimentary oil cahnge and wash/vacuum/window service for your next visit. That coupon was sent out in the mail today. We pride ourselves on our customer service and apologize for the confusion on that day.

In regards to the sale issue. The deal that was worked with you Rothrock had included all incentives and monies that you were available. Our Sales Manager, Joe, tired to explain how the discounted number was arrived. Incentives and dealer cash monies are taken off the price of the vehicle, not given to you in cash as you had desired. We provide our customers with very competitive pricing. You were receiving a great deal on a new vehicle however you had a different number in mind that we were unable to reach. When you became upset and started using profanity towards our staff that is when we ended all conversation with you. Witness to this fact was Mr. Rothrock who happened to be in the showroom at that time. Our staff was never disrespectful or unprofessional towards you, we do expect the same courtesy in return.

We are still willing to pride you a great deal on a vehicle and would welcome the opporunity to serve you. We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary in business this year! We strive to make every deal and satisfy our customers. We look forward to getting you in a new vehicle soon.

Company Response 05/06/2010:

Dear Sir,

My name is Jason Pereira. I am the Internet Manager/Customer Relations Manager for Rothrock Motor Sales in Allentown PA. Your incident with both our sales and service staff has been brought to my attention. We try very hard to meet and exceed our customers expectations. Between our sales department and all of our fixed operations we deal with over 4000 customers on a monthly basis. We are very proud to have the highest BBB rating possible and strive to keep it!
Please contact me directly and I will personally handle any and all issues you have with our service and sales department. If you are still in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, I will handle all the figures for you or make the service appt with the service manager.
Below is my contact information.

Jason Pereira

Couldn't Care any Less....
By -

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- RothRock Nissan was very kind and helpful during the shopping process of our car, but once the sale was over, so was the cooperation, congeniality and customer service. My husband and I dropped our car off for an oil change and to have a dent repaired. Never ever were we told that the dent would not be repaired, that it would take 24 hours for an oil change and that we would have to guess when the car would be ready to be picked up.

Worst of all, my husband and I later were told by the General Manager that he would like to help try to resolve our frustration with the Service Department's handling of our car repair. He asked that we allow him five minutes to speak with us and that five minutes was all he had anyway. INCREDIBLE!!! RothRock had our car on their lot for 24 hours and performed NOTHING except an oil change, yet management only had FIVE minutes to discuss this?

Not only could we NOT get an answer in the service department when numerous telephone calls were made to check on the car, but my husband a tractor trailer truck driver eventually had to lug his 18 wheeler, load included to the dealership to find out the status of the car. Even upon doing this NO ONE said that the dent would not be fixed or estimated and that it would take another 6+ hours to do an oil change.

MORE than 18 hours after having dropped the car off, NOTHING had been done. More than 6 hours later, my husband calls and for the first time ever gets an answer from the Service Dept. who then says "yes" your car is done. Could NOT someone have called and let us know that the car was ready to be picked up? .....Just to arrive to the dealership to find that the auto body work had not been done nor estimated, but after 24 hours of having our car in their possession, they did manage to do a measly oil change.

Frustrated by the lack of concern by the staff, the delay in service, the lack of communication and notification, we expressed our displeasure regarding the handling of our repairs with management (General Manager) who said he had only five minutes to discuss it. Our car sat on that lot for 24 hours and the end result was an OIL CHANGE, an unaddressed repair and a manager who had only five minutes and an arrogant attitude.

Thank goodness for ONE staff member that seemed to sincerely care that we were disregarded and being inconvenienced. That relief was short lived when the Assistant to Mr. Dean ** spoke of a free oil change. Whoopie!! Now we get to leave our car ANOTHER 24 hours and disrupt our schedules while we manage with one car to get to two separate jobs and other appointments during the day.

NONE of the staff (excluding that one exception I just spoke of) really seemed to care that our car was on the lot for 24 hours to have an oil change and a dent repaired. NONE of the staff really seemed to care that it was inconvenient for us to have ONE car for 24 hours, drag an 18 wheeler to the dealership, make numerous unanswered calls, just to finally arrive to find that the repair was not only not done, but then to learn that it probably wouldn't have been, but an estimate could have been drafted.

Great, so now after calling, dragging in a truck, etc etc at our last stop (The assistant to Mr. Dean **) we learn that the repair probably couldn't have been made after all... NO one within that 24 hour period felt it necessary to inform us of this upon checking the car in, checking on the car mid day, returning to pick it up, or even pay for the measly oil change. It took the Upper-management to inform that our request to have a repair probably couldn't have been met any way.

Wow, incredible. If you do NOT want a run-around. If you want to buy a car from a company that can also maintain it, repair it and care for it. If you want to buy a car from a dealership that will respect you even AFTER the check has been cashed.. if you want to buy a car from a dealership that has a staff that could actually manage to apologize for human error, carelessness and/or neglectfulness you may NOT want to buy your car from the dealership that we did.

We did not leave feeling as though upper management or anyone else down the line really cared that we were inconvenienced for 24 hours for an oil change that we could have had done at a quickie place during our lunch breaks. We did not leave feeling as though upper management cares if we or anyone else for that matters chooses to purchase another car from them again.

If any of this matters to you, you may NOT want to purchase from the dealership that we have. Unless you have 24 hours to spend on an oil change, unless you like requesting a service that you don't get, unless you like finding out 24 hours later that a service you requested may not have been possible that day, unless you like guessing when your car may be ready, unless you like having to leave work in order to speak to someone in the service department, you may want to make different choices than we have.

This was an unpleasant, inconvenient experience that the staff of RothRock really couldn't' have cared any less about. (Of course there are exceptions to some rules and we are grateful for the ONE staff person who did seem sincere in hoping we received satisfaction.) In sharing this unpleasant experience, we hope to prevent others from enduring the same circumstance by the same dealership. If we need to purchase another Nissan, the 17 miles to Easton's Nissan Dealership will be well worth the trip.

Beware of RothRock Used Vehicles
By -

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I bought a 1999 Chevy Venture about three weeks ago. The first thing I told the salesman was that I wanted something for my kids. He showed me the Venture and told me I didn't need to look at anything else, that this was the van for me. Reliable and safe. Turns out, the transmission was shot. And RothRock refuses to repair the vehicle despite the fact that I've only had it for a few weeks because I bought it "as is".

So, in the end, I spent $7,000 for a van with a bad transmission. Second vehicle I bought there in two years time. I would never, ever, buy another vehicle from them. I figured the company would value me as a customer just a little more considering the fact I've spent almost $14,000 with them over the past two years. I was surprised that they were content with letting me drive away in such a piece of garbage knowing what they did. I thought this company would have a little more integrity.

Diagnostic Fee
By -

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I took my vehicle to RothRock for a service repair. They had my vehicle for about a week and charged me almost $800 for a diagnostic fee. They did not diagnose the problem, but told me it could be this or it could be that. They wanted to replace several parts but could not guarantee that would solve the issues. I do not feel I should have been charged a diagnostic fee without diagnosing the problem. I took my vehicle to another dealer, they diagnosed the problem the same day, and replaced the part for about $1500 total.

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