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They Will Scam You With Ripoff Prices
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I had a plumbing problem on a Saturday night. From the ceiling in my heater room I had water spraying from the overhead copper cold water pipe. What a mess. The gas furnace, ductwork and floor were covered in water. I quickly turned the main off to prevent further damage. Problem now was I couldn't tell exactly where it was coming from. The pipes were not accessible due to the ceiling location.

I called a plumber who I had used previously. He wanted a $100 dollar "emergency fee" plus normal charges. Called a 2nd plumber found in the Yellow Pages. He wanted a $148 dollar emergency fee plus charges. A 3rd plumber refused service because I wasn't a regular customer. You're really at the mercy of these people and they're looking to gouge you because it's a weekend.

My last call was to Roto-Rooter. No "emergency fee or trip charge." I was told they would give me a repair price with no obligation. Sounded good and they arrived in less than an hour. The problem was quickly found, a small pin size hole in the pipe. This is an easy fix. The repairman wanted to make money and said the entire pipe must be replaced at a cost of $375.00. What a rip-off!! I refused and showed him the door. I then repaired it myself with a rubber washer and a hose clamp. Total cost $2.00 dollars. Problem solved. Don't allow yourself to become a victim to these unscrupulous scam artists.

All worked up
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NEW YORK -- I called Roto Rooter to handle a simple kitchen sink clog. They worked through the bottom of my kitchen sink area and snaked 20 feet to the drain in my basement. After about 20 minutes, the Tech called for backup to snake out my problem. The backup came and continued to snake. After about 45 minutes, my son went down to the basement to play ping pong, and to find water all over the place. The two Techs handled the snake so badly, that they punctured the pipe with two holes.

They told me that they could replace the pipe for $900.00 plus the cost of parts.. They went to their truck and brought back a used pipe and attempted to install it? I refused to let them install a used pipe in my house and told them that I was very upset that I could not use my kitchen sink, and gave them a lecture about what the name on their uniform stood for. I assumed it stood for competency, quality and professionalism? They said that they would come back in the morning with parts from Home Depot. The next morning they came back and installed the PVC pipe and charged me $1,100.00 for a job that should have cost me $398.00.

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