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It Was Very Unprofessional and Horrible
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Rating: 1/51

REDMOND, TENNESSEE -- I purchased a website from Rotovac. It was thrown together in 48 hrs rather than 2 weeks that I was told. It does not have a sitemap, pages are not indexed, and my content is duplicated on every page. I was charged 1,000.00. It was launched without my approval. When I called for Customer service insults were hurled at me for simply wanted the product that was advertised.

They won't fix the website or return my calls or give my refund. I was told by my credit card company to file a police report and file a claim to recover my money. I have emails to verify everything. I called today and someone said I would receive a callback. I'm only posting here because I see that personnel will respond here. I have spent thousands on equipment with them. I don't understand how this has happened.

Rotovac Working Order
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Rating: 5/51

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS -- I read a complaint on this page about a gentleman who started a business and had less than a perfect experience with the Rotovac. I myself on the other hand have had the opposite. The gentleman made claims that the Rotovac did not work. It was a scam. This could not be further from the truth. He had purchased his equipment used which I did as well but obviously did not know how to clean it out or do any kind of maintenance on them.

They do require maintenance, routine maintenance, but they are totally worth it. My first year in operations I made over $100,000 and took my family of 5 to Disneyland. I never would have been able to do that had it not been for this machine. This is far from a scam. It is Superior Cleaning equipment to those of us who do research and homework and find out how to use our equipment. Thank you very much for making such a wonderful tool.

Rotovac Is a Misleading Scam Hiding Info and Giving Customers the Wrong Idea.
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Rating: 1/51

BYRON CENTER, MICHIGAN -- Know why I make this claim? I had a carpet cleaning job using the Rotovac, "Everything you need to make $75.00 to $150 per hour" and the idea that I had the best cleaning system on the market. Well, let me tell you what the best cleaning method did for me. I had a lightly soiled carpet, everything looked really good when I left. Took many hours to clean. Got a call the next day, "Where did all these stains come from?" the customer asked. “Ok, I will be by to look at them”. Wicking is where the stains came from, looked like spilled Coke in several spots in a 25 sq. ft. area.

So I get my 360 and one cord portable. I know how to get rid of these, no problem. The next day I get a call, "Where did all these stains come from?" I will stop by to help you out. I had to re-clean the area again...that's 3 times now. How much did I make? Not even $5.00 per hour. This did not include wear and tear on tools, chemicals, travel time, or any other time it took me to get the job.

Why did I not use the wand? Well it had no suction. It was a 12 inch wide with a 1/4 inch open mouth wand head. Now if it was a 8 or 10 inch wide wand head with a 1/8 inch opening, I may had had a better chance to get the carpet dry, but due to the vacs in parallel, not a chance to even try. Many of my jobs all turned out to the same problems I described in my last 3 postings on topic. Rotovac IS A SCAM Artists!!! I got my starter package off EBay, from another guy that only used it a few times before he found out how bad he fell for the Rotovac scam.

Company Response 08/12/2015:

This person apparently bought used equipment from someone and it obviously was not in working order. Not sure if his machine was completely clogged or had a vacuum leak or what but this is not a true depiction of how Rotovac equipment really works. Rotovac gives a 30 day money back trial on all Rotovac equipment sold to a new business start up so if this was how it really worked no one would keep it.
This review could also be the work of an unscrupulous competitor.

Rotovac Will Screw You in a Minute if They Can
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MILL GREEK, WASHINGTON -- Rotovac Corporation is the worst in the carpet cleaning equipment business, in the business they will lie and try everything they can to screw you and not do what they say they will do. Their products suck. They do not last and are the worst in the carpet cleaning business. They will always try and say it is your fault that the machine broke and not honor their warranty They are the worst. Do not buy nothing from them ever. They will treat you like a dog once they get your money.

Company Response 02/11/2010:

Rotovac has been in business for 14 years manufacturing equipment and helping people in the business, as well as a distribution network through professional carpet cleaning supply houses in the US and Europe. I can tell you they would not carry a product that would not stand up to the rigors of commercial carpet cleaning if it was going to cause them grief with respect to repairs. We also have many customers that are repeat customers and have bought many of the same machines over and over as they grow. There are the occasional user that have difficulty following instruction with respect to how the machine should and should not be used. It never fails that they also have difficulty understanding how a warranty works. If a machine has been abused it will not be covered under warranty. With that being said we still bend over backwards to make sure they get taken care of.This particular customer was offered a full purchase price refund but turned us down. Go Figure. We strive to make sure all of our customers get the best equipment and service for their situation. Please go to our website and check out the testimonial page. There are many people who credit the success of their business to Rotovac. Thank you for hearing our response.

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MILL CREEK, WASHINGTON -- Before I got the Rotovac I had no problem getting in contact with the salesmen but after its impossible to get to talk to him on the phone or on the net. I paid cash $4500 the extractor, did not work right off the box like they told me it would. They give me my tee company phone number to talk to them but they been ignoring me also. I just think is unfair and other should know about them. Don't let how nice and friendly they are on the phone - all they want is you to buy and then forget about you.

Company Response 07/29/2014:

We explain to our customers that we can get them a Mytee machine at a discount if they would like to order one, however we have had so many problems with Mytee's quality and service department that we will no longer be in the middle of their service issues. We explain to the customer that they must deal directly with Mytee when they have warranty problems. This policy is also on our website on the Mytee page.

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