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Worst Dealership in the Austin/ Round Rock Area
By -

My Tiburon had a dead battery that was still under warranty. I had it jump-started and headed over to the dealership to have it replaced before I went home. I live approx 80 miles from the dealership and no other car to rely on. I called them to let them know I was 5 minutes away and would they wait on me. I was told that they were going home at 6:00 pm regardless of who was there.

I explained my situation to them, and was told to come back in the morning. I was not aware that the warranty only allows you two roadside assistances per year. When I called to complain to the service manager, he indicated that he was going to take care of it, and that he understand if I never came back for service. After reading the other reviews, I see that I am not the only one.

I received a sales flier today that was 2 days past the sale date. When I called about it, I was told that they would extend it two days. I asked to talk to the sales manager, was told that he was in a meeting. I told him I would not but a car from them because of their service department. He said "oh!" and hung up on me. I called back to talk to the sales manager and told he was off on this day. I left a message with the receptionist and asked for the general manager to call me back. I have left two additional messages and still have not had a call back.

They are NOT customer-friendly! I love my Tiburon and really liked my sales person. I hate to think of what he has to work against to sell cars. I agree with everyone who has posted about this car dealership. DO NOT BUY A CAR OR USE THEIR SERVICE DEPARTMENT!!!

Worst Service Visit to a Car Dealer in My Life
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Here's what I just sent to the service manager. Read it and you can understand the title of my review: This is for the SERVICE MANAGER & GENERAL MANAGER. I went in for an oil change and a SECOND attempt at making the hood fit tight (because it rattles noisily and has chipped the paint on the fender by its bouncing around) today and it was not a good experience.

First, the tech pointed out that my front tires are worn on the inside edge to the point of needing replacement. 15,000 miles on my car and the front tires are shot because of an alignment problem. The service writer of course said Hyundai doesn't warranty tires, but that he would check to see if Bridgestone does.

Then the tech pointed out the lower radiator frame is bent (which could have been straightened, but I'll do it myself). I got home and just read the tech's notes. First, he wrote that the air filter is "filthy". Well, why didn't he TELL ME?? I would have told him to replace it. Second, he wrote: "Core support is bent. No adjustment could be made to latch".

Let me be clear about this hood latch. Last year, on an oil change visit, or maybe the visit to have the bad radio replaced, I told the service writer about the bad-fitting, rattling hood. When he finished the car, he wrote that he had adjusted the hood as good as he could. It was still misaligned and loose and has been ever since. So, the bent lower radiator support piece has nothing to do with the badly aligned hood on this car - it's a design defect.

I'm 63 and have had several cars in my life and this is the worst service call I've ever experienced. Bad radio that had to be replaced, bad hood fitment design, tires that are shot at 15,000 miles. I'm not impressed with Hyundai quality and this will be my first and last one. And to think I recommend Hyundai and your dealership (because of **'s excellent customer service). My friend bought a Genesis Sedan. :-(

Round Rock Hyundai's Service Department Tried to Take Me for $500
By -

So had a battery replaced at the dealer in '07 (I know what was I thinking). At the time their service was really professional and overall good for a dealer. Well on 9/10/09, my car would not start. Dead battery and since I had a warranty on it, we took it to our local Round Rock Hyundai dealer to have the battery replaced under warranty. Was given an estimate of $54 under warranty.

Took my car in on 9/15/09. After about a 2-hour wait, was told battery is fine and issue was a bad alternator. New quote: $500. My wife and I both called BS, got a second opinion at the Auto Zone off of IH-35 and 79. Guys at Auto Zone also thought it was the battery at first glance but since they never got a reading when battery was full, could not be 100%. Auto Zone offered to put my wife's battery in my car to test. Wife and I decide to get a new battery since that was what we thought was wrong.

$93 later and several test at Auto Zone, the alternator on my car tested fine and it was the battery that died. Not an uncommon thing in TX. Rather miffed, I went back up to the local Round Rock Hyundai Dealer and informed them that it was just the battery and not the alternator. The dealer wanted to test the battery and alternator again. After 15-20 min of testing, they came to the same conclusion Auto Zone did - my alternator was fine, bad battery.

The managers remained professional and did apologize for the incident and asked me what I wanted. I told them just the difference on what I had to pay for the battery. They agreed, and yes I got it in writing. Though they do have to mail me a check but hey, in the end the dealer looked like a you-know-what, and I get what I was originally told, and a better battery.

What I learned from this experience: I will never take my car back to Round Rock Hyundai for repairs nor will I buy a car from the Classic Round Rock auto Group (Honda/Hyundai/Toyota/Scion). If this is the level of service to expect from this dealer, then I would expect the same from their others. So to you Classic Round Rock Auto Group...I SAY GOOD DAY!

Stay Away
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Beware of Round Rock Hyundai!!! There was interior damage done to my vehicle while it was there for mechanical repairs. When we requested that they fix the damage, the Service Manager and General Manager were rude and disrespectful. They stated, "Since the economy has gotten bad, we've had a lot more people trying to get us to fix damage that we didn't do." Could it be that if you've had an increase in claims, it isn't the economy but your tech(s)?

I have had my vehicle there at least 4 times to try to have the AC fixed which is still not fixed. Approximately 3 months ago, they evacuated and recharged the system when I took it back in because the air was not cold. Notes stated that they evacuated and recharged the AC because it was significantly low on Freon.

When the Service Manager was questioned about the fact that it probably has a leak, he stated they couldn't find it but if it goes out of warranty, he will call in a favor and get it taken care of. When we asked for it in writing, he told us that he wouldn't give it in writing and that they in fact would no longer do any work on our vehicle. Wait, 30 seconds ago you were going to call in a favor and get it taken care of... Note that this is the only dealer within 45 min of Round Rock that is authorized to provide warranty work.

We purchased a Hyundai because of the high rating the Tucson received from consumer reports both mechanically as well as service and warranty ratings. This has been the worst experience; we will NEVER purchase a Hyundai again and will warn all we know to stay away, especially if they have to deal with the Round Rock Hyundai service center.

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