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Couch and Chair Construction
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Rating: 2/51

ELLISTON, CALIFORNIA -- Welting was uneven and not along frame, seat cushions were different sizes, back cushions did not fit well along back of couch - 2 inches between each cushion, batting not even in various places along frame. Hope I get my money back.

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MC LEAN AND ELLISTON, VIRGINIA -- I ordered a 3-Piece ROWE Sectional Sofa, the Cosmopolitan Collection-Eero Style with matching Ottoman @ 7/05 from Rose Furniture Company, NC. On 10/28/05 I was supposed to receive this entire order, but I received only a part. 1 piece of the 3-piece sectional was missing and the ottoman was defective. In addition, the two sections I did receive had abnormal wrinkles and the legs were damaged and installed incorrectly. The ROWE furniture I received is not the same quality that I sat on and felt in the showroom, nor does it look like the one they have posted on their website.(Which I assumed my furniture would be, look and feel like the same quality)
ROSE FURNITURE was supposed to reorder the correct piece immediately (11/05) since then, I have received 10 delays and rescheduled deliveries! I have waited for over 10 months for the correct order to arrive. Finally, these pieces were supposed to be delivered on 5/3/06. However, when the furniture arrived...we were victims of a wrong order again. ROSE blames ROWE; ROWE blames ROSE. On 5/4/06 after being subjected to such poor customer service, I called ROWE FURNITURE directly. I wanted to get a history of my order from them dealing with Rose Furniture (in order to determine who was at fault. I also wanted to know if the wrinkles in the sofa that I received were normal. I asked if the fabric protection that ROSE FURNITURE applied could have contributed to the wrinkles. I asked if there was anything that could be done about them...and if I were to reorder the entire set again...would I receive the same poor quality...or did I just receive defective pieces. I assumed I would receive an honest response. I went to the top and pleaded my dilemma to Beth Goodman. I described how I had been waiting for over 10 months for my order to be completed. I explained that I loved the Style Sofa I received but was concerned that after waiting for over 1 year for the additional section, that once IT arrived it would no longer match...due to fading, etc. She agreed. She also stated she would get back to me regarding the wrinkles. In addition, she told me that the fabric protection ROSE FURNITURE applied VOIDED THE MFG. FABRIC WARRANTY! A fact ROSE FURNITURE neglected to mention! I never heard back from Beth Goodman again. I called her and emailed her several times. She never responded. However, Rossi Fitzwater, Customer Service Mgr. did respond with the following statement: "we have determined that it would be in the best interest of all parties involved to have the merchandise returned for a full refund. It appears that this style is not what Ms. Rosetta is looking for and we would ask that you point her in another direction." It is NOT in MY BEST INTERST, THE CONSUMER to have to look elsewhere for another sofa. I have waited patiently for over 10 months for the STYLE I picked out. I love the STYLE sofa I chose. I asked if ROWE could supply the quality sofa they are advertising and showing on their website. Apparently NOT!!!

We invest a lot of time and money shopping and selecting furniture for our homes. We all know that we would not wait patiently for 10 months to complete a set if the STYLE was displeasing. It is the ROSE FURNITURE AND ROWE FURNITURE mistakes that caused: unnecessary delays, (10) reschedules, poor quality, damage and incorrect installation. All at my expense! I will have to start shopping all over again. I will be subjected to price increases and additional freight charges. I think both ROSE FURNITURE AND ROWE FURNITURE should be held accountable to higher customer satisfaction especially, because they erred. I feel that the least they should do is pay the REPLACEMENT COST and expenses for a new sofa! Yet, as of today...they refuse.

I have experienced the same POOR QUALITY, CUSTOMER SERVICE, and NO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND NO ACCOUNTABILITY regarding furniture retailers from North Carolina. BUYER BEWARE...***ROSE FURNITURE COMPANY, INC.ROWE FURNITURE*** they do not deliver the same quality that you see in the showroom. The do not follow through with what they say they will do. They make vague promises with no follow up. Subsequently, you are left waiting months and months (in my case a year so far) FOR REPLACEMENTS PIECES, for defects to be repaired, missing pieces to be delivered, refunds to be received...etc..etc. Those retailers think that after you have waited months and months (sometimes years) that they can appease you by offering you a refund (without interest). BIG DEAL...the prices have gone up, we have been left with defective furniture in our homes for months, we have spend countless hours, days, weeks trying to resolve their mistakes...ASK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU BUY FROM A NORTH CAROLINA RETAILER or from ROWE FURNITUREIS IT WORTH IT?? It has been my experience that they do not need your business, nor do they care to satisfy you.

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