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Unfilled Promises
By -

GREENFIELD, WISCONSIN -- I am writing this letter to express my extreme and uttermost disappointment and dissatisfaction with Russ Darrow Mazda. My issue is not with the salesperson (Mike) it is with the dealership itself. The sales manager suggested he let the salesperson go, which really upset me. He is not the one to blame for my horrible experience with Russ Darrow.

I test drove a white Mazda 5 and fell in love with it but not the color. What sold me was the Bluetooth built into the steering wheel. Since I did not like the color the salesperson showed me the same model in a red color; which I did like. I emphasized my extreme desire to purchase a vehicle with the Bluetooth. So when he suggested the red model I did not even feel the need to test drive it since it was supposed to be exactly like the white model I had just test drove.

We got all the paperwork done, I went to jump into my awesome new car only to find there was no Bluetooth. I went back to the dealership and told the salesperson about the missing Bluetooth. The salesperson said "I am sorry I thought this was the one you wanted" then he said he would see what he could do. He spoke to the sales manager Scott who said he would "make it all good". I made sure to ask if the Bluetooth they were going to install was just like the first one from factory. Mike said yes. Scott wrote up an IOU for a hands free Bluetooth 108011 and told me to bring my car in on Monday October 24th.

I dropped it off like they asked me to, then on the 26th I called to inquire on the status of my vehicle. I was told they were waiting on a part. I finally received a message on Saturday the 29th saying my car was ready to be picked up. I went to pick up my car and to my surprise there was no Bluetooth in the car. There was a small box the size of a cell phone clipped to the visor with a cord coming out of it that was plugged into the lighter outlet. I thought to myself "It took them five days to get this plugged in???" I could not believe it took five days to get a $30 portable Motorola Bluetooth installed.

I tried to use it and could not get it to work even one of the sales people or technicians could not figure out how to use it. Their explanation as to why I was given this portable device was that the vehicle I was given was not equipped to have the Bluetooth installed. I told them to call me when they figure out how to work it and left the dealership in tears, and without a Bluetooth. After many calls and speaking to different people I was finally put in contact with George the general manager. He contacted me and said he would try to make things better and suggested I come in and see him on Monday October 31st.

I came in to see George like he asked me to, he offered to "trade me out" because he wanted to make things better. I felt a sigh of relief because I thought he was going to give me what I originally wanted. He found a vehicle which was exactly what I wanted but that was $1000 more expensive than the one I purchased but I was more than willing to pay a little extra to get what I wanted. When it came down to it they were not actually helping me out or making up for their mistake.

They were taking my new car in as a used car trade in. In which I was not only losing almost $4000 from the price I paid for my new car just a few days ago but I was also losing the 7 year bumper to bumper warranty that I paid almost $3000 for. So after all was said and done I was getting the vehicle I had asked for to begin with but it was now costing me over $7000 more. I don't see how this was in any way my fault and why I should have to pay for someone else's mistake.

When I asked why I was not allowed to back out of the contract or why I couldn't have switched the car the same day I purchased it George said that the associates who were working were not aware that they could and if he had been there he would have switched the vehicles so I could get the one I was supposed to get. I did not take the so called "deal". His other offer was to give me a $500 Bluetooth for free and refund me all of my add-ons. The only logical option for me was to take the free Bluetooth and my refund.

My husband, daughter and I have spent nearly $100,000 between the three of us purchasing new or used vehicles from Russ Darrow. Most of which was paid in cash. I cannot believe this is how Russ Darrow treats repeat and loyal customers. I do not feel as though what I was asking for was unreasonable. I was more than willing to pay a little extra even though it was not my mistake. I was not asking for anything for free.

I only wanted what I had originally asked for and what I was under the impression I was buying to begin with. But $7000 is extreme and outrageous. I feel deceived and taken advantage of. I will never recommend Russ Darrow to anyone when they are looking for a vehicle.

Unauthorized Repair on My Vehicle
By -

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- My vehicle was serviced at Russ Darrow on October 1st. The service advisor quoted me a total of $358 ($183 for a battery, $140 for a throttle/air intake assembly and $35 for a set of spark plugs). I added up the numbers and verbally confirmed with him that the total was $358. Other services were recommended (axle boots and a tensioner) that I declined. I stated very clearly that I only wanted to get the vehicle (eleven years old and nearing 170,000 miles) back into driveable condition so I could shop for a replacement.

After talking with my husband about the estimate, he reminded me that I was overdue for an oil change, so I called back and added an oil change. When I went to pick up my vehicle, I was presented with a repair bill of $534.04. The repair bill included a $129.15 tune up that had not been discussed nor authorized. The service manager was not available at the time and the staff told me that unless I paid the full bill I couldn't take my vehicle. I paid the full bill and left voicemail and an e-mail for the service manager.

I spoke with him this morning and he refused to refund the amount for the unauthorized tune up, claiming that I had authorized up to $558 worth of repairs plus the oil change. My written notes clearly indicate an estimate totaling $358, and I feel I was taken advantage of and would like a refund for the tune up.

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