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Home Insurance Claim
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Safeco refused to cover hail damage to a garage door after the adjuster noted 50 to 70 small dents in the door. He could not figure out why this door was damaged, but another one was not. I took measurements of the overhang on each door and it was clear that the overhang on the damaged door was nearly 10 inches shorter than the overhang on the other door.

This difference clearly showed how the overhang prevented the hailstones from damaging one of the doors, but Safeco decided to ignore the damage entirely. I would like for the president of Safeco to see these photos of a ruler showing the measurement differences in the two overhangs and then try to figure out why the Safeco adjuster entirely ignored the damage.

Might as Well Be Uninsured! Liars, Manipulators!
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Rating: 1/51

STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY!!! I don't know what kind of shady gig the dimwits at Safeco are running, but my patience with you and your company's nonsense has run out!!! I filed a claim with Safeco after a tile piece fell off the bottom of the kitchen cabinet, revealing water damage. My dad talked to the adjuster THAT DAY, who (the adjuster) proceeded to start questioning about how long it's been, my dad said he just noticed the leak and called to report. Later, my dad asked me to call the adjuster and talk to him to make sure he understood my dad correctly.

I talked to him and told him we figure there is a leak b/c the tile fell off the base of the counters in the kitchen that day, and showed water damage. He started telling me that my dad told him he noticed the problem about 2 weeks ago. I asked where he got 2 weeks, he said that's what my dad told him. My dad was sitting right next to me during the conversation and said there was no mention of 2 weeks, there was no time frame given b/c there was no time frame, it was noticed and filed THAT DAY.

How do I know there's a leak, if there's no visible seepage, there's no water, till one day the tile plunks onto the floor b/c the water unsealed the glue/cement that was holding it in place. Safeco says we need to call in a plumber and find the leak. Safeco sends in South River Restoration with some large fans to dry up the water to "prevent further damage" then they send in some third party adjusters, b/c Safeco doesn't have an office or reps in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (where I live). They take pictures and say they'll send it to Safeco to assess.

Safeco denies our claim... BASED ON PICTURES. Upon talking to the adjuster he says the claim was denied because it was existing damage. He claims the plumber told him the water has been leaking for months. Then he says the plumber told him 5-6 months. I called the plumber, he said there was never any mention of time. The adjuster struggled to answer my question, which was: "How do I know I have a leak if there are no signs of it, no signs of a problem, no visible standing water, until a tile piece falls off?"

Do health insurance providers deny claims for cancer treatment b/c a patient was diagnosed months after it developed? No symptoms/no signs... no triggers for concern. I couldn't understand why the adjuster kept pushing the 2 weeks from the beginning until our last conversation. The 2 weeks was a made up time frame to cover Safeco and prevent them from paying the claim b/c that would make it pre-existing damage. Seems like our claim was denied from the get-go.

I just received a letter from South River Restoration threatening to put a lien on my property if I don't pay the bill Safeco generated! South River Restoration was hired by Safeco, who suggested they come out and set up the dryers to dry up the water damage. I never had a say of yay or nay on this one. I wasn't asked and never agreed to working with them or having anyone set stuff up in my home. I was simply informed that it's the next step in the process and that's that. I didn't get to choose who I wanted to work with much-less who I was comfortable letting into my home.

Now, did Safeco know that I would get stuck with the $960 bill? I sure didn't. That's about what I pay per year for my home insurance that offers about as much coverage as a post-it note on a rainy day! Then, lo and behold, Safeco denies payment on South River Restoration's invoice! REALLY? Any good reason why? How do you call someone to tend to my property KNOWING you won't pay for the services?

That's very considerate and shows how much I'm valued as a customer. My property damage claim was denied (based on pictures), they don't pay people THEY hired... who Safeco KNEW wouldn't get paid, since they're the ones who decide what claims get approved and which ones are denied. In Safeco's case it seems like nothing is approved. How does an insurance company not have a branch in the city where they offer coverage? You send some third party appraisers to my home and base your assessment of my property claim on their pictures?

Can you tell based on the pics if the water damage was 5-6 months worth or 2 weeks worth? How do you assess that? You couldn't make this up if you wanted to, but unfortunately it's my reality. I pay my premiums every month for what, to line the deep pockets of the imbeciles at Safeco? That gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling every month I see your name on my bank statement.

I figured a big insurance company is taking care of me, I'm in good hands... then I remembered - that's ALLSTATE's motto. Safeco's statement on the website reads "With Safeco, you get high-quality coverage, sensible advice and a helping hand." I wholeheartedly beg to differ! I think it's more along the lines of: "With Safeco you get no coverage, lies, and a hand that slaps you square in the face in your dire time of need."

Excellent company and claims
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Rating: 5/51

FAIRFIELD, OHIO -- I have had two claims on my home and three on my auto (yes, we are pretty experienced at this point) and I have been more than happy. The adjusters were always very helpful and the pay out has been a bit on the generous side. My premiums have not jumped over the last eight years either, despite the claims.

Unreal Treatment by Safeco and It Recommended Body Shop
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I have also been abused by Safeco and the body shop Safeco recommended. My car was involved in an accident that was no fault of my own as confirmed by Safeco. The body shop held my car for 53 days without any regards for my being without a car. The body shop only estimated and fixed body problems. The body shop contacted me on a Monday 45+ days into the repairs(?) and told me to come and pick up my vehicle on the following Thursday. When Thursday arrived, the body called and explained that they had test drove my vehicle and found out that the radiator was damaged and I needed to pick it up on Monday.

I went on Monday to pick up my vehicle and pay my deductible $500.00. Gerber Collision never once told me there were any other concerns regarding my vehicle until I decided to look under the hood of my vehicle then the manager ran out to me and explained that I had a broken motor mount that was due to wear and tear on my 2006 Chrysler Pacific that was purchased in June of 2007. I contacted Safeco and they agreed with Gerber although Gerber Collision did not give me a written report that I have requested of them.

I took my vehicle to a 2nd party repair shop and it was fixed after constant calling to Safeco and the Safeco adjuster trying to convince the 2nd party to agreed with their assessment/without justification from Gerber's verbal report. I also was informed of more mechanical damage to my car from the accident and the adjuster was adamantly claiming wear and tear on my vehicle struts which is totally out of the question of wear and tear. The 2nd repair shop sent Safeco their assessment.

Safeco asked me for a 3rd opinion. I then asked for Safeco to contact their recommended body shop (Gerber Collision) to get the mechanical estimate of damage in written form so that the 1st(?) and 3rd opinion won't have the opportunity to get together and manipulate the situation. After all Gerber held my car for over 53 days. ** the adjuster stated "what if Gerber refuses to give a written account?" I told him to send me a letter of their refusal and we could take it from there. I haven't heard back in 2 weeks now.

I now have my strut coming up through the hood of my car and the adjuster acts as though that is a normal occurrence. I am preparing my complaint for the Attorney General's Office. I don't know what else I can do. If you have any suggesting please comment.

Avoid Them
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Rating: 2/51

ILLINOIS -- I have had Safeco for my 2 daily driver automobiles (2007 Honda Pilot and 2008 Mazda 3), as well as my home and a $1,000,000 umbrella policy. I initially switched to Safeco based on low rates and my insurance agent said the liability limits and coverage were really good. My wife and I have clean driving records, with no accidents or claims ever. I am 37 and she is 33. Despite the fact that our vehicles go down in value every year, my Safeco insurance increases every year.

We were with USAA previously, and my rates went down yearly, which I felt was fair given the depreciation on our cars. So now, 2 years in with Safeco, and I am paying over $100 MORE on my 2 cars, and about $100 more on my homeowners insurance. Ironically, I also have a Corvette Z06, Mazda Miata, and 4 motorcycles insured on a separate collector vehicle policy. I pay less for those 6 vehicles than I do for my 2 daily drivers. Time to switch, I think so.

Thumbs Down
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Involved in a 2 vehicle, non-injury (?) collision. Other party backed into the side of my vehicle. Other party said I struck them. They had 'Safeco' for the auto insurance. I ended up dealing with six different telephone adjusters (Denver, Colorado) and the secretary to the president of the company.

The dent in my side panel exactly matches (9 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep) the other party's fender, when they backed into my vehicle at a 45 degree angle. It's impossible to have a 9 inch dent, if my vehicle was moving. At only one mile per hour = 17.52 inches per second, plus a 1/2 second reaction time (8.76 inches), and a calculated stopping distance of 2.5 inches, for total of 28.78 inches. Based of depth of dent, the impact speed was between 8 to 14 miles per hour. SIMPLE ENOUGH, DO THE MATH.

"Safeco - I Don't Think So!"
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Rating: 1/51

NEWBERRY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Stay FAR away from this corrupt (and I am being kind) company. I am a retired teacher in South Carolina with no claim history. I am socked with a huge premium increase with no notification. Was not aware of it because of their mistake (by their own admission, they accidentally drafted my old amount from my account for 2 months). When confronted with this all I received was the runaround. Don't waste your time with these idiots who obviously think their customers MIGHT have a 6th grade education. Even Jethro Bodine would have made more sense and been more sincere than the customer service reps here. SAFECO - I DON'T THINK SO!

Coverage Is a Joke
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Rating: 1/51

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- I was hit by a 2x4 that fell out of a truck hitting me while I was riding down the road. The board broke 4 bones in my leg and foot. The truck did not stop. Safeco say this is not covered under hit and run because the truck did not hit me. I have lost 6 weeks of work and around 20,000 dollars. I have been with them for 4 years and have never missed a payment but when I need them, they pull this. I recommend everyone look through the fine print in your insurance and read what is not covered. You might find that you will be left hanging in the wind after an accident with no coverage.

Be Sure And File Against Safeco With Your State!!! It's Easy As Pie!!!
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- File complaints against SAFECO with your state's Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration!!!! Google it and you'll link right to the department and can file an easy form online! SAFECO is giving me the runaround as well! After being rear-ended and forced into another car... the accident was witnessed by two police officers and was clearly detailed in the police report, their client was issued a ticket, and even Safeco's own appraiser said it was obvious I was hit from behind and forced into the other vehicle. It has now been ONE MONTH and Safeco has YET to declare liability! They're still "undecided"!!!!!!

Now I'm broke... out of $4000 of savings I had one month ago and I'm now forced to pawn off all of the things most valuable to me, just to survive! SAFECO has managed to destroy my life in a matter of days. And they couldn't care less!!!

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