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Don't Trust Samsung Warranty
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PORTLAND, OREGON -- Samsung has refused to honor a 3 year warranty for my SyncMaster monitor, so I'm telling the story to warn others. I purchased a Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW monitor on January 22, 2010. Twenty eight months later in May 2012, colors were washed out in the center of the monitor. Since I had the included documentation detailing a 3-year Parts & Service warranty with 8 months left, I called Samsung. They seemed polite and responsive, but asked me for my receipt to update my warranty. I e-mailed them a scanned copy of the receipt. Then they told me (by phone) my monitor only had a 1 year warranty.

I protested and e-mailed a copy of the warranty, which clearly said 3 years. They responded that a similar model had a 3 year warranty, but mine only 1 year. I had gotten a “generic” warranty. I said they were misrepresenting their warranty periods in their own documents.

So I was allowed to talk to the executive customer service representative, but he could not find the second e-mail with the scanned 3-year warranty, although it was sent to the correct address. After three periods on extended hold, he still maintained my model's warranty was only 1 year. I told him I would send him the scanned warranty AGAIN, and he AGAIN gave me the same e-mail address. But even so, the best he could do was give me contact information for a local repair technician. I said, no thanks.

Interestingly, at each phone encounter, the new Samsung representative could not find notes or e-mails from the previous contact, even after I provided the transaction number. After I pushed and told them the story again, they would put me on hold, and, magically, oh yes, there were the notes! Except in the final encounter. They couldn't even keep their records straight for one single transaction. And they always called me rather than e-mailed, so there is no paper trail from them.

So, if you get a document in your Samsung packaging that gives you warranty information, better check it out. It could be just “generic” and therefore mean a lot less than you think it does. Samsung doesn't care what it says.

Out of Business
By -

Required for computer graphics business, the monitor broke down within the first few months. Paying extra for a "replacement" warranty apparently doesn't really mean anything. Had to send it in for repair, waited a couple of weeks, got it back. Then, same problem occurs again. This time, the e-mail notification is sent that it is repaired, but has no tracking number, nor delivery date, and is listed as a customer pick-up. Unable to drive 1200 miles to pick it up myself, I contacted Samsung to find out what the status of the monitor is... and if they made a mistake regarding the customer pick-up part of the repair notification.

Come to find out that it Samsung Customer Service is unable to discover what the "real" status is of my monitor. I am told to call back. In the meantime, I found the phone number of the repair center, and they inform me that they are waiting for a part, and it hasn't been fixed. Another repair notification shows up in my e-mail in-box. This time, I am denied access to view the ticket. I call. Now, they admit that the Monitor is still at the service center, but they have no idea when it will be sent back to me.

I am invited to call around myself, to try to figure out for myself "when" I will have my monitor returned, all the while, I am explaining to Samsung that as long as that monitor is not working, my business ceases. I begin to lose my own clients, which obviously means nothing to Samsung. Always know that something is not right when asking for the Corporate Phone Number and the customer service representative says they don't have it.

Samsung, has no idea what's going on, and expect me to do their job, and can't explain why it was necessary for me to spend extra money for a replacement warranty purchased to avoid this exact situation. Next purchase will NOT be of ANY Samsung Products.

Samsung Customer Service Stinks
By -

I purchased a Samsung monitor less than a year ago and it started blinking. I called their customer service (warranty still applied) and they said they would replace it with another model, since they were no longer making this one. I got a case ID and was told to expect an e-mail with a choice of models for me to pick from. The replacement would then be shipped to a UPS service near me.

Well, I've waited for that e-mail and it never came. So a couple of days later I called them and was transferred to their "Voice of Concern" department. After waiting on hold for 20 minutes or so, the call was dropped. This happened three more times. When I called for the fifth time, I did reach someone at that department. The lady told me I wouldn't be receiving a replacement, because they were out of stock. I said "how can you be out of stock of all your models. I was told I will get a list of models to choose from." "We are out of stock", period, I was told.

Sending it in for repair was now my only option. I asked her "why was I never told this? I'm running a business on this computer and I've been waiting for a sign of life from them for a couple of weeks." She had no answer. So now they were going to send me a shipping label through e-mail. Guess what? Their computer froze as we were speaking so the e-mail never arrived. It's a day later and the e-mail is still not here.

I asked her to please communicate with me and let me know what the status of my case is, after her computer comes back to life. I told her I really don't want to have to call for the sixth time - I am a busy professional person who simply cannot deal with a company like that. She promised I would hear from her as long as her computer came back on.

I find this absolutely below any acceptable level of service. To have a customer call five times about an issue is inexcusable, especially since even then the issue remained unresolved. A lemon to being with, dropped phone lines, freezing computers, out of stock inventory, promises not kept. I will never buy their product again.

Poor Customer Service from Samsung Electronics USA
By -

MT. ARLINGTON, NEW JERSEY -- I have been trying to resolve an issue regarding two Samsung T190 SyncMaster monitors that were purchased new but were received as defective. I contacted the company on Nov. 22, 2008 regarding my defective monitors. There is a three year warranty on each monitor and Samsung acknowledged responsibility. They said they would send a replacement immediately. I waited and waited and finally after making a call after almost two weeks to their Executive Customer Relations division they finally sent me are placement monitor but forgot to send the UPS return label to send back the defective monitor.

I called again and they sent me a label through the internet after waiting another two weeks. The only problem was that the replacement monitor they sent me was also defective. I made another call and spent literally at this point (30) hours on the telephone on "HOLD". They sent me a return label for the replacement monitor, I believe after a week. No follow up during this entire process. I had to keep calling and calling!!! I am at this point (8) weeks in this process and I have not received a UPS return label for the 2nd defective monitor. I called several more times and they said they would send me a label but it could take a couple of weeks!

I still haven't received my promised refund on the first monitor and after calling again I was told it would take a couple of more weeks. I can't believe that a major corporation such a Samsung can run their warranty business like this!!!! What a disgrace! I am appalled by their Executive Customer Relations division's professionalism, lack of courteously and outright business common sense! It's a wonder that their whole company doesn't go bankrupt! Be careful about buying a Samsung product. Make sure you have plenty of patience if something goes wrong. You will be waiting forever for any CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! A VERY, VERY, UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!

I have filed a complaint with the New Jersey Attorney General's Office, Consumer Division recently and I am waiting for a response.

No Customer Service On Warranty Exchange
By -

The 204B monitor is known as a "problem" and is no longer being manufactured according to one of the "customer service" agents I spoke with. I sent an email request for warranty replacement on Oct. 27th, 2008. It is now Jan 13th, 2009 and my monitor STILL has not been replaced. I have called customer service at least every two weeks and each time they politely apologize for my inconvenience and tell me that the monitor should have shipped, they don't know why it hasn't, they have to contact someone else by email to find out why and I will have to wait for a phone call back within 24 to 48 hours. NO ONE from Samsung has EVER contacted me by phone.

When I called on Dec 23rd, 2008 checking once again for my monitor, I was told that there was no order pending for me - it had mysteriously disappeared after almost 2 months... a new order was created and I was once again assured that a monitor would be shipped as early as the following week. I called on Dec 30th, same story, the monitor SHOULD have shipped, can't understand why it hasn't, sorry for my inconvenience, etc etc. Told that it WOULD DEFINITELY SHIP BY THE WEEK OF JAN. 5th, 2009.

I have wasted untold time on phone calls to these INCOMPETENT BOOBS and accomplished nothing whatsoever. I called again today, Jan 13th, 2009 and got the same story. This is frustrating beyond belief. I will NOT purchase ANYTHING FROM SAMSUNG IN THE FUTURE!!!!!! There are a lot of choices for good electronic products competitively priced and as a consumer, my decision may well boil down to which company supports and provides REAL SERVICE to their customers. No one is compensating me for my time spent pursuing this WARRANTY EXCHANGE and I do have better things to do.

It's a good thing that we still had our old monitor in the closet to pull off the shelf and use in the interim or we couldn't even contact these boobs by email!!! Sign me "fed up in Texas"!!

Poor Customer Service
By -

SEOUL 127-857, SOUTH KOREA -- I have been trying for several weeks to get repair of my monitor which I believe should be covered under warranty. First, Customer Service told me it is warranty, then they told me it wasn't in warranty because it was more than 1 year old. I advised them that the warranty information that came with the monitor said it was covered for 3 years and was still within that time frame. I was asked to fax them a copy of the sales slip which I did and the "Executive Customer Relations" representative told me that she would call back to confirm receipt of the fax and that all was in order that afternoon. She did not call back.

The next day, I spoke with yet another "Executive Customer Relations" representative who said that the previous representative who was to call me back did not come in until noon and he would make sure that she got back in touch with me. She did not call today either. I went online to customer service and complained asking that they inform whomever was the Customer Service Manager of my disappointment and was told that she wasn't able to do that. Not what I would call responsible customer service!

Samsung Monitors Are No Good
By -

Just a year after we bought a Samsung monitor for our computer the menu for the monitor began flashing repeatedly. We checked online for fixes and apparently there is none. (We tried the ones we found to no avail.) We did find that many other people have the same issue, and unfortunately our warranty was expired. I am still using the monitor after 3 years but it is very annoying to have that menu on the screen. Also, sometimes it won't turn on or off. Frustrating to say the least because I have things I can only do online on my computer. I am unemployed and cannot afford to buy a new one right now. When I am able to get one I'll never by another Samsung monitor.

Bad Monitor, Fictional Warranty Service
By -

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a new Samsung 22" LCD monitor (model 225BW) on April 16, 2008. On July 13, 2008, my monitor failed and my first communication to Samsung about the problem was submitted through their web-based customer contact form. On July 20, 2008, I had received no response from Samsung and after searching their website, the easiest way to resolve this issue was to start a self-service in-warranty ticket. I completed the web form, supplying Samsung with all of the requested information as well as a copy of my sales receipt and proof-of-purchase.

On July 23, 2008, I checked the status on the website and it showed "waiting for exchange process".€ So I called the 1-800-SAMSUNG number to determine what the status was. I was told by the representative that I was impatient. She commented "It isn'€™t like they can put a monitor in a box and send it to you."€ Why not? That was the option I selected€“ to have a replacement monitor shipped to The UPS Store near my home to have the exchange made and the defective monitor returned.

My other option was to foot the bill for shipping and send it in for repairs, or to have a $400 hold be placed on my credit card to have a unit cross-shipped and I would still be paying for shipping the defective monitor to Samsung. On July 25, 2008, I once again checked the status and it was still showing "€œwaiting for exchange process".€ So I called again and asked exactly what was Samsung waiting on. The representative told me that the exchange process hadn'€™t started and that it was an automated process and that I just needed to wait.

On July 28, I called again, trying to find out exactly what was holding the process up. I was told that in-warranty monitor exchanges were handled by a third party and that the time necessary to complete the process was dependent upon their speed. I asked if I could contact them and was told no. I asked for the name of the company and was told that they couldn'€™t give me that information. I hung up.

I called back. This time, a representative told me that the delay was my fault. She said that I had not told Samsung whether I wanted "€œA"€ stock or "€œR"€ stock. I advised her that I didn'€™t even know what that meant and said that during the self-service ticket creation process, I was never asked to make that decision. She advised that "A"€ stock meant a new monitor and "€œR"€ stock meant a refurbished monitor. Naturally, with my monitor just days over 3 months old, I told her I would prefer "œA"€ stock. She then advised me that I couldn'€™t get "œA"€ stock and would have to settle for "€œR"€ stock. I asked why and she replied that there was no "€œA"€ stock to ship out.

Upon further questioning, I determined that there was no "€œA"€ stock for this monitor because Samsung is no longer manufacturing it. OK, so if there is no "A"€ stock and I have to settle for "€œR"€ stock, then why would Samsung be waiting on me to make a decision? I asked her how I was supposed to know that I needed to make a decision since there was no indication of the website when I checked the status of my ticket and the "€œMessage from Samsung" field was blank on the ticket status screen.

She said that customers usually called Samsung to ask why there was a delay and that'€™s when they would find out about the "œA"€ stock or "€œR"€ stock issue. I told her that was unacceptable to expect the customer to know that and that Samsung should contact the customer if there was an issue. She responded that they were an in-bound call center and don'€™t make outgoing calls to customers. She also replied that there was no way they would have the time to do that even if they could make out-bound calls. So, the net result of this phone call was that I would be getting "€œR"€ stock. She said she would "€œsend it over"€ so that it could be processed immediately.

My interpretation was that she would make whomever needed to be aware of my decision aware and have the replacement monitor shipped out. Bad assumption on my part. On July 31, 2008, Samsung'™s Repair Self-Tracking website still shows "€œwaiting on exchange process"€ as the status of my ticket. Time for another phone call. I get the same story as last time - "€œA"€ stock vs "œR"€ stock. I explain that I have already been through this 3 days ago and that I shouldn'€™t have to go through all of this again.

For God's sake, put the monitor in a box and send it to me. This representative advised me that she would "œexpedite"€ my ticket and get it shipped out. I asked what assurance I had that this would happen and she replied "€œBecause I said I would."€

On August 4, 2008, I made another call to Samsung. The representative I spoke with this time seemed genuinely concerned about my ongoing problem. He transferred me to Samsung'€™s ECR (Executive Customer Relations) group. I spoke with agent 23. She basically gave me the same old story -€“ no "€œA"€ stock available. What exactly do I need to do here? I thought that during the 2 prior phone calls we had established that "€œR"€ stock was my only option and I said that I would accept it. I didn'€™t really want it but refurbished equipment is almost the universal standard for warranty requests these days.

This agent did say that I could get a refund if I wanted it. I really just wanted a monitor. She said that she was going to send an email to the "œmonitor department"€ to determine if there was a new monitor (that met or exceeded the specifications of my defective monitor) that they could "€œexpedite"€ to me and that she would call me back. She verified my phone number.

It'€™s now August 6, 2008. I called the ECR again at their direct-dial number€“ 800-522-7341. This time I got Agent 12. She gave me the same old song and dance; you know the drill -€“ "€œA"€ vs "€œR"€ and told me that was the problem. I asked how long a refund would take and was told 6 weeks. I asked to speak to a Supervisor. She said that she could refer my request to speak to a Supervisor to "€œCase Management" and that I would get a return call in about 5 days. 5 DAYS! I feel like I'€™m going to have a stroke. I hung up.

It's still August 6 and I have calmed down somewhat. I call ECR back and get Agent 49. She reads the notes and indicates that Agent 23 received a reply to her email that there was no "€œA"€ stock available. I asked why she didn'™t call me back as promised. No explanation. Then I asked if an "€œR"€ stock unit had been shipped. No, it hadn'€™t. We went round & round. She said that she could send an email to the "€œmonitor group€" to see if this issue "€œcan be resolved". She advised that she would call me back when she received a return email.

More promises of return phone calls. Just for fun, I asked her who at Samsung America, Inc or Samsung Electronics America oversaw customer service operations. Her response, "€œI will be happy to provide a mailing address for Samsung where you can send a letter to the President and express your concerns.€" So, I spent money on a monitor with what I thought was a good, 3-year warranty. My money was good. The monitor is bad. Customer service is fictional and apparently there really is no warranty. This experience puts Samsung in a dead heat with HP for absolute worst customer service/customer support.

Buyer Beware!
By -

VINELAND, NEW JERSEY -- I intended to purchase a Samsung 226BW 22 inch LCD monitor. A few people had warned me that the aforementioned model had three product model/series: S, A & C. This letter is nowhere to be found on the product packaging; the only way to determine which model one had purchased was to open the box and read the Serial Number Label affixed to the back of each monitor - a slick move on Samsung's part. I was advised by friends to buy the "S" model, which reflected Samsung's supposed quality/dependability, as reviewed by numerous magazine and online sources.

I was warned to stay away from the "A" and "C" models that were shipped afterwards, which are produced for Samsung by other manufacturers and are riddled with defects and reliability issues - as confirmed by numerous online Circuit City and other retail customer reviews. The in-store, 19 inch and 22 inch Samsung monitor display models that I checked were both "S." The store associate wasn't able to tell me the model letter of the in-stock, 22 inch Samsung monitor I intended to buy. I was required to first buy the monitor in question; I immediately opened the box in the store; it turned out to be a "C," the worst of the two lesser quality series.

The exchange of the "C" monitor for an alternative brand was a long fiasco. The whole experience has since caused me to think twice about making any subsequent Circuit City purchases. Finally, Samsung, with their bait-and-switch tactics, does Circuit City a disservice, as clearly seen in the all-too-numerous, poor online customer reviews. The in-store Samsung monitor displays are of the better quality of a series of the same model number, yet the products that customers are purchasing are of a lesser quality and reliability that is not discernable by a simple, convenient inspection of the Model/Serial Number Label affixed to the exterior of each box.

I, as well as most people who ask me for advice and ask about my good/bad experiences, can't help but speculate as to which other products Samsung, as well as other manufacturers, apply such shady tactics to as well. I consequently won't be buying or recommending anything with a Samsung label, as most people with whom I speak agree.

Samsung CRT 17" SyncMaster 794MG Monitor - A Very Bad Experience
By -

NAGPUR -- I purchased Samsung Colour Monitor CRT 17" SyncMaster 794MG, on date 19/11/2007 bearing Serial No. AR17HHAPA14789, Month & Year of Manufacture: October, 2007 from the local dealer here at NAGPUR named as "M/S Shreyas Infotech", as per their Invoice No. ** dated 19/11/2007 and delivery challan No. ** dated 19/11/2007.

Start from its purchase, it is giving problems. Its display is not proper and also the colors are not proper. After some 1-2 hours of use, colours goes faint and characters & fonts are suddenly widen and not displayed properly. Its Screen Borders are also not straight and seems somewhat curved. I lodged complaint to dealer and also to the company too many times, but nobody is listening to me. My purchase is totally new, but the defective monitor is supplied to me. The Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. - is having a very good goodwill in the market, but they are not giving care towards my complaints. I warn the public in general, to be very careful for this model.

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