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Broken 30 Days Later & Not Covered Under Warranty!
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Rating: 1/51

EVANS, GEORGIA -- I just purchased a Samsung Washer/Dryer combo on 9/24/2013. The model number on the dryer is: Dv50f9a7evw/a2. I paid over $2000.00 for the set. One month and 3 days after purchasing the set I did a load of clothes and when I took the lint filter out to clean it, the little door flap that is attached to the lint filter popped open and fell onto the floor. When I tried to put it back on I noticed that the pegs holding it on had completely broken off. So without it the lint literally falls into the dryer bottom, which can cause a fire. I called Samsung and their response was oh we don't cover physical defects.

After going back and forth with them that I have only used the washer and dryer maybe a total of 10 times, because the products had to be ordered after I purchased them and it took a while for delivery. So anyway, I told them that the product had to be defective and I had just paid that amount of money and bought an extended warranty. Their response was basically... oh well you need to go to and buy a new one.

I wanted to warn anyone thinking of paying this much for a washer and dryer... shop around first. I can't believe that after only a few uses that it would break first of all and after paying that much for something they wouldn't even have the decency to send me a replacement part. So I'm now out another $35.00 for a lint filter. What a rip off. Horrible customer service!!! I will NEVER buy another Samsung anything just because of the customer service attitude I just encountered. Buyer Beware of Horrible customer service. They are so big they just don't care.

Poor Initial Quality and Warranty Support
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Rating: 2/51

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY -- On January 6, 2013 I purchased a Samsung washer and dryer from HH Gregg in Murfreesboro, TN. The washer and dryer were both delivered and installed on January 29th. The model number of the washer is WF365BTBGWR. I do not have the serial number of the washer.

From the onset the washer displayed the error “Hr” whenever a temperature setting other than “warm” was selected. I called Samsung and told me they would schedule a service technician to come out and repair it. As the washer was only 4 days old I went back to HH Gregg and they replaced with a new washer on February 7th. The model number of the dryer is DV365ETBGWR.

On or about March 4th, only 35 days after delivery, the dryer stopped working and a service call to Samsung initiated. Since it was over 30 days old, HH GRegg stated it could not be exchanged to a new dryer and it would have to be repaired. After 2 service calls and 10+ days later, the motor was replaced and the dryer was again working.

On or about April 10th, I noticed the markings on the washer's control panel were smearing and disappearing. Whenever I simply moved my fingers or a soft cloth over the markings with little or no pressure, the markings became smeared similar to that of writing from a dry erase board. I called Samsung and was told that “cosmetic” defects were NOT covered by the Samsung warranty and there was nothing Samsung could do to resolve the problem.

I then reviewed the warranty listed in the Washer User Manual. It states the Samsung Warranty will not apply to “cosmetic damage”. What is occurring is NOT a result of any damage. It is most attributed to a defect in the embossing of the markings on the control panel. Per cleaning instructions in the manual, no chemicals of any sort have been used to clean the panel, only a soft dry rag. The markings on the control panel of the dryer are secure and will not rub off or smear even with when pressure is applied.

On April 18th I again called Samsung repair and presented my case for this issue NOT being “cosmetic damage” but a defect and again was told it was not covered by the warranty. The washer was only 2 months old when the problem was first noted! The markings affected are essential to the operation of the washer as they identify washing cycles, water temperature, etc. After all the initial problems I incurred with the washer and dryer, and lack of support I received concerning my current problem, I would not advise anyone purchasing a Samsung washer or dryer.

Atrocious Support for Bad Product
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Rating: 1/51

I Just purchased a new Samsung glass top washing machine. It has been used maybe 4 times. By simply placing a laundry basket on top of it I now have surface scratches all over the glass top. After spending two days and over five hours on the phone Samsung can't even tell me if the top is glass or plastic. Most disturbing is that when they finally got me through to the repair department I was told that this is cosmetic but that they (Samsung) would do a one-time courtesy free repair and that I simply had to call Samsung's ECR dept. Upon calling them to find out where to send the pictures of the damage I was told that they don't do that type of thing.

I called the repair department back and was told "they do it all the time, it just depends on who you get on the phone and what they're willing to do for you". At this point in time I'm left wondering why Samsung would produce a product that the very act of using would cause damage, why the representatives can't tell me what the product us made of (plastic or glass) and most disturbingly why am I being singled out for discrimination regarding this one time good faith repair?

Dishwasher Does Not Clean Dishes Without Leaving Grit
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Rating: 1/51

TELLICO PLAINS, TENNESSEE -- I have a Samsung dishwasher. Have had it for about 3 years. Am very impressed with the quietness. But I have very hard water and live in a rural area. I have tried different dishwasher products like Cascade and Finish and Finish Quantum. I still have dirty gritty dishes. Some dishes look like the water has not even touched them. I try to place them in an order so they do not touch others.

I have cleaned my dishwasher about twice a month. This does not help with the cleaning of my dishes. If I load the dishwasher and use the normal load because I have glasses, plates, bowls, silverware and no pots and pans I still have to use the heavy cycle, which runs about three hours. I would not and will not recommend this product to anyone because of the problems I have. I will recommend a GE or a Maytag or a Whirlpool but not a Samsung.

I cannot afford to replace this dishwasher at this time and I have about six to eight adults and sometimes about eight children to feed. I do not want to stand on my feet for over an hour to do dishes when dishwashers are supposed to be for getting things done faster with the least amount of time. If someone could help me with this I would appreciate it. If not, then I will replace with another product but not another Samsung. I am a grandmother who babysits my grandkids almost every day. That means being on my feet about all day. Washing dishes is not something I want to be on my feet for any longer that I have to. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Company Selling Samsung Out of Warranty Washers/dryers
By -

Company sold us a already out of product warranty by Samsung. They have all the washers/dryers and are selling them even though the manufacturer warranty is gone. They do not tell us the warranty has already expired. Samsung customer service is terrible. Have called 10x and all they do is apologize for the inconvenience. You cannot speak to the supervisor, cause they are never available???? (Well that is what they tell us.) I have had to call b/c our washing machine is not washing properly, all clothes are dingy looking. Paid 1000 for crap. The dryer does not dry the clothes properly.

Customer service is totally lacking when you call. They hang up on you when they feel like it, they are smirky with their "have a nice day attitude", they are very annoying. They insist you fax a receipt and when you do, they say they do not receive it. Then they tell you scan it and when you do, they say it hasn't been attached to your account. Wait 2 days then call back, you call back and they still don't have anything but are willing, miraculously, to set up a service call, but don't have anyone in my area, so it will be long distance if I have to call.

Service people don't call and have to call Samsung again, they make you go through all your private info, then they say they will put in priority status. Yeah right! So far this has taken 6 months to set up. They are hoping our warranty runs out. Terrible company and they should bury their heads due to so much shame. Would never buy again!

Washer Quit
By -

I bought a Samsung washer in Feb 2007. Paid about $1000.00 for it. It stopped working in the middle of the cycle after about 2 1/2 years. Every repair person I called said they can't work on a Samsung because they can't get parts. I had to call a company that works on the Samsung products. I was scheduled for Monday Nov 9, 09. I made all the arrangements for Monday to stay home. Got a call Monday morning about 10AM that they weren't coming.

So I was rescheduled for Friday the 13th of Nov for 1PM to 5PM. Again made arrangements to stay home for the day. At 4:20 PM still no repairman. I called the company again and received a call back telling the repairman had gone home for the day. I will never again buy a Samsung product. You can't get parts or a service person without an act of congress.

Smelly Clothes
By -

This product works fine however my clothes smell all the time. I paid over 2K for the Washer/Dryer and pedestal set. It's red and looks real good against my blue walls, however, my clothes stink. I contacted Samsung and they told me to run a cycle without any clothes or detergent. Hello, I paid all this money for the appliance so I could be more energy efficient not more wasteful. OK, so I tried that. After ever couple loads, I ran an empty cycle. I thought that worked for a while. But now my clothes are stinking more than ever.

Guess what... the warranty has now expired by about 30 days. So I am stuck with stinky clothes or the expense of having someone look at it. I regret buying this product.

The Worst Customer Service Ever! Never Buy Appliances!
By -

MISSISSAUGA -- Not only am I extremely disappointed and unsatisfied with my Samsung washing machine I am appalled by the customer service I have received. Samsung customer service has lied to me repeatedly saying things such as my paperwork had been received when there was never any, not allowing me to speak to the supervisor who I had spoken to before, saying they don't work there (I later find out the people do in fact work at that call centre!). This is all about a washing machine I purchased that is still under warranty, it broke 8 months after purchase and I have been waiting more than 60 days... 3 MONTHS!!!

The following is a timeline of events: October 2007 I purchased Samsung washing machine model #WF206BNW-XAC approx. retail vale $800. November 2007 product was delivered and began use. June 11 2008 Temperature sensor error occurs. June 12/08 initial call to Samsung customer service 1-800-SAMSUNG. We were told someone would contact us within 3 days. June 16/08 called Samsung back because we had not yet been contacted. Samsung technician informs us the other company (Transglobal) has been contacted and we have to wait.

June 17/08, service technician from Transglobal contacts us to inform us there is a slight delay due to not having the part needed in stock, Samsung has ordered the part through TransGlobal. June 19/08, trip to the laundry mat where my 1 year old daughter fell and broke her leg, spent $50 on laundry and $25 to get her leg casted. June 30/08, service technician arrives to install new parts. Discovers Samsung ordered the wrong parts, not compatible with washing machine. Technician puts an immediate call into Transglobal.

July 8/08, parts due to arrive via TransGlobal, they are not here yet. Samsung called, they say they will look into it and call me back later this day. They do not call back. July 9/08 called Samsung 3 times, I was hung up on once as they tried to transfer my call. Samsung states the parts will arrive on July 14 and there is nothing I can do but wait until then, if the parts have not arrived on the 14th I should call back. I asked for a replacement or temporary machine or reimbursement for laundry mat costs and was declined. Samsung again states it is Transglobal issue not Samsungs.

July 10/08, trip to laundry mat $50. July 14 no parts yet. July 16 called Samsung twice. Samsung states parts are on backorder and there is nothing they can do. We are told all we can do is wait. Samsung supervisor informs us they will look into it and call us back. They do not call us back. July 17 called Samsung again and spoke with supervisor **, Samsung now sates the parts are unavailable. I request a replacement machine. Samsung calls Transglobal for them to fill out the paper work requesting replacement. Samsung states I will be contacted within 5 business days to arrange delivery of new machine.

July 22 contacted Samsung 2x, nobody has called me yet. Paper work for replacement machine declined but I had not been informed of this until I contacted Samsung. Samsung contacts TransGlobal and informs me all the parts are now here and a technician will be coming to service my machine. Note: When asked to speak to supervisor ** I am informed he does not work at this call centre and I cannot speak with him.

July 24, service technician informs us they are still the wrong parts. Samsung called 2x, I requested replacement machine again paper work is again being filled out. When we called Samsung later that day they informed my irritated husband they were going to disconnect the call and to not call back as there is nothing they can do. Samsung states it is not their problem, it is Transglobal's issue. Transglobal informs us it is not their problem as that are directed on what to do via Samsung. Note: when asked to speak to the same supervisor we are again informed they so not work at that call centre and there is no way to contact them.

July 24 I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I also contacted Peter Silverman from City TV to ask for help on this issue. July 25 called Samsung to inquire on the status of my claim. Supervisor informs us SAW has been filled out via Transglobal and we will be contacted in 3-5 days. July 26 $50 at laundry mat. July 29 called Samsung to inquire about status. We are told they have the paperwork and are in the process of making a decision. Samsung states we will be contacted by 3pm August 1.

August 1 Samsung fails to contact us by 3pm. I call in and speak with Supervisor ** who informs us they have the paper work and just need a copy of our receipt and they will be sending another technician to our house via TransGlobal to confirm the problem. States we will be contacted in 3 days. August 2 $50 at laundry mat. August 6 Samsung called again, I have not yet been contacted by Samsung or Transglobal yet. When asked to speak to ** I am again informed she does not work at this call center and I am unable to speak with her. Supervisor informs us the SAW paper work has been declined and more parts have been ordered.

August 7 I called Samsung to get things straight as by now I am confused as to what is going on. Spoke with floor manager ** (the only manager who's customer service I have been satisfied with). He informs be that the SAW paper work has never been received from Transglobal, and informs me that all the supervisors I have spoken within the past do indeed work at that call centre. ** states he will be dealing with Transglobal and try and help me.

Summary: I have been waiting for 61 days for my washing machine to be serviced, I have 3 young children and I feel 61 days is an unacceptable time frame to be waiting. I have been lied to on more than 1 occasion by Samsung customer service representatives and I have talked to rudely and unprofessionally by Samsung reps. I am again requesting a replacement machine or better yet a refund so I can purchase a more reliable brand. I am having difficulty understanding why this has to be such a lengthy process. I strongly recommend to any person out there to NEVER EVER BUY PRODUCTS FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

Washer Is Junk
By -

Do not buy Samsung washer! Total stinky junk! Very loud spin. Samsung service the worst. Read the posts online, search "stinky Samsung washer". Junk, junk, junk!

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