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I Love My Saturn!!
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In November 2001, I purchased my used '99 Saturn SC2 with standard transmission which at the time had only 23k miles on it. Now my faithful car has 130k miles on it and is running excellent! I had it in the shop for basic maintenance such as brakes, exhaust, oil change, etc. I still have the original clutch. Most cars do have their minor problems. For mine, the sunroof seized up. I read on the internet that this is a common problem with Saturn's of that year. Another issue is that the ABS no longer works.

With the high miles on it, I decided not to fix these small issues. Mechanically however, my car has been good to me and has never broken down (knock on wood). On an additional note, someone pulled out in front of me and scuffed my front fender pretty good. Because of the resilient plastic fenders, the body shop was able to buff all evidence of the scratches out for only $25. You got to love those plastic surface pieces.

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NEW JERSEY -- I have a 2001 Saturn SC2. I've had it for years, bought it used, and now I've got 100,000 miles on the thing. My problem is it seems every time I've been to the dealership to rotate the tires, they tell me there's something wrong with them and I need two new ones. Usually I'm told that the tires have worn funny. My question, does anyone else have this problem??? Is it a defect? Or do I just drive too aggressively?

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