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I Agree - Run From SCANA
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have an excellent payment record with Scana on my residential account. I have a small house that is zoned O&I with Atlanta Gas where the last tenant left with 30 months remaining on the lease. To acquire another account, Scana required a credit check, it had to be in a business name with a Fed. ID number. SS number would not suffice. I am the landlord who needs service for the months between tenants and not moving a business into the property. I must have heat in order for the pipes not to freeze.

I happened to have three mailings now from other providers offering me lower fixed rates. Upon calling one of those (who obviously knows my credit is good to be on the mailing list) set my account up using my SS number with no credit check. They also offered me a 6 month fixed rate with no early exit penalty. Am I the only landlord out there to need gas service on a rental property who doesn't have a business?

"You can believe everything you read"
By -

GEORGIA -- Unbelievable... Scana energy cut off my natural gas. I have been a customer for 15 years and I missed last month's payment. I called them, and they told me it would take 1-5 days to re-connect and I would be charged a $60.00 fee. I couldn't believe it. I run a business and I would never treat a customer of mine I had for 15 years that way... whatever.

Well now you've heard my story and say "so what". I was so mad I decided to vent by doing something stupid like writing this. So I found this site, and the first review sounded just like mine. Exactly like mine. Moral of the story, I hope you are reading this junk, not writing it like me.

If you are a customer of Scana, good luck. I had them for 15 years and now I'm showering with cold water for 5 business days. But don't worry, the story has a good outcome. After a long cold shower, I started looking at rates. I was paying 1.09 per therm with Scana. I talked to Georgia Natural Gas and their fixed rate for 1 year was 699 per therm.

You know that old thing every cloud has a sliver something or other. Maybe it's true. If you live in Georgia, check your rates. You don't always get what you pay for. The people at Scana were very nice on the phone. They must go to a special school to learn how to say "no" and "we're sorry, but that is our policy" in such a friendly tone.

Lack of customer loyality
By -

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have been a multiple use customer of Scana for many years. Several accounts. Recently, I went to a bill pay through my bank... Of the three accounts, I missed requesting that one of them be paid. I returned from Europe to find my service turned off with an elderly person in my home. Scana had my email address and my past record but yet did not notify me nor make any concessions.

I pleaded with them to get it back on but they were totally insensitive. As we sat here in the cold for the weekend, my disdain for the company grows. I shall do everything legal to express my hate for them. I have switched my accounts to a company that is more customer friendly. Scana you have made an enemy...

Don't Use Scana!!
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Scana cut off my family's power without notice and left me and my children in the cold. When I called they told me I'd have to go to a service center to pay a late bill and only then would they turn on our heat. After paying, we called them and then they said they wouldn't be able to turn it on for 4 days!!! If you have Scana - change it to another gas company like we are doing and do it quickly. They don't care about you or your family, only the bottom line. When asked what they'd do if someone died from lack of heat, the "customer service" response was, "we can't comment on that, we have to follow policy." Run from Scana! Run!!!

Reconnect Fees When No Bill Even Due!
By -

MACON, GEORGIA -- I inadvertently paid by gas bill for November of 2008 twice. Once on 11/21 and once on 12/16. When I realized my mistake, I called Scana to see if they could back one out. They said no I would have to call my bank and place a stop pay on the second one. I did. On January 8 I come home and find out my gas was disconnected. When I called they said because I had a returned check fee? I explained the situation and they understood and took the returned check fee off but told me they could do nothing about the reconnect and that I couldn't get my gas restored until the next day. Even though it is supposed to be 32 degrees tonight and we have no heat.

They told me I had no choice so I went in to pay the bill that isn't even due until 1/15 on today and it didn't include any reconnect fees so I again called hoping the first caller had made a mistake. They maintained their story and threatened me with more reconnect fees and said I had to go into my account and create a $60 credit before they would make an appointment for someone to turn my gas on. This just doesn't seem ethical at all but I got absolutely nowhere with reps or supervision. And all of this and you can count on one hand the times I have even been slightly late with my payment!

Service Turned Off with no Notice
By -

CARROLLTON, GEORGIA -- My roommate is responsible for paying the natural gas bill with SCANA, and let me just say upfront that, yes, he did not pay it. As such, I completely understand the fact that they turned the service off, and there was a fee to reconnect it, but I think the entire way the situation was handled was the worst customer service I've ever seen, and I work for an airline.

The bill comes due on the 10th of each month. We live in an upstairs, south facing apartment in Georgia, and the only thing that uses natural gas is our heat. Our bill for February was $22, which he didn't pay. The bill for March was $26, and when it wasn't paid on the 12th, they shut our service off, and the reconnection fee was $80, almost twice the past due amount.

Now granted, the statements which are emailed (paperless billing), which he didn't open clearly stated the account was past due, though it didn't indicate our service was about to disconnected. My question is this: shouldn't a natural gas company be required by law, or common decency since it's a necessity, to notify someone before they disconnect service? There was never an email sent along with his statement, or in his statement. They never called him to notify him.

Since we live in apartment, the man had to walk up the stairs to leave the notice on our door and didn't even knock, because we were both home. We could have answered and paid the bill at the last minute. Since it's an apartment complex, we have no choice of providers, so it's like they know they can do whatever they want. I completely think it's my roommate fault; I just can't believe they disconnected our service with no notification, in winter (granted a winter in Georgia), for $40. Anyone see my point?

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