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Scottsdale Healthcare Shoddy Billing Practices
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SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- BEWARE of Scottsdale Healthcare's billing practices. I gave birth in August at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea, never received bills for additional services (generally you receive separate bills from different providers within the hospital), but had paid my hospital copay. The reason I never received a bill was because Scottsdale Healthcare's data entry had my address completely wrong in their system. Not just a little off - but WAY off. In retrospect, I recall the admitting person completely screwing up repeatedly, "Can you repeat that... was that 4521, oh no, it was 4152..." etc. The only reason I found this out was because I had another visit to the hospital and was provided with a printout from the hospital's system with the completely inaccurate information. Even with this documentation, the hospital refuses to rectify.

In November, my account was sent to collections for nonpayment. RSI Collections never contacted me about the bill either and reported it on my credit under two separate collections accounts. RSI violated credit reporting laws in multiple areas as well.

After 15 years of absolutely spotless payment history and a 750 credit score, my score has now dropped to the low 600s because of these two collection accounts. Scottsdale Healthcare refuses to do anything because it was sent to collections. My family and I have been patients here for years with spotless payment history; but after complaining they basically treated me like some subprime mortgage borrower and refused to rectify the situation.

My FICO score is destroyed, and I am left virtually incapacitated credit-wise because some incompetent admitting person screwed up my address on data entry. I have disputed to the credit bureaus to no avail, since it was a valid debt - which I acknowledge and unfortunately paid the day following my awareness of the debt (a huge mistake, I now realize).

I have to undergo another sinus surgery, but I will NEVER go to Scottsdale Healthcare again and I will NEVER take my family there again. What this means is that I unfortunately have to find a new ENT doctor that will perform the surgery at a hospital other than SHS.

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