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A Thief: Her Name is Suzi and She Works for a Company of Thieves
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Rating: 1/51

KING OF PRUSSIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Do not do business with these people. These people are thieves. Very aggressive, obnoxious and very intentionally deceitful. I bought a small product at kiosk and Suzi told me she was putting a "gift" into the bag - an incentive which she was authorized to offer. The invoice for the small purchase names the product I did purchase on the left margin. In the middle column, "1" is written as the quantity. On the right side of the column, the price. Below that is the name of the "gift" item on the left side. The column for quantity is blank.

On the right side there is a "1". When one looks at the sum at the bottom of the invoice/receipt, the correct amount was charged for the item I agreed to purchase. To that was added the price of the "gift" item, then the tax and a total. When I asked for a refund of the price of the "gift" item the salesman than manning the kiosk started screaming at me. Told me the price was "off the page" and it was my fault for thinking that anyone would give a customer an incentive "gift" and "Why would we give you a gift - you only bought one other product - you don't deserve a gift." He ranted on and on. Blaming me for whatever was wrong.

Personally insulting me. Screaming. Refused to give me his name or the phone number of his manager/ supervisor. Said his supervisor was in Israel and could not be reached by phone on Shabbat in any case and I must be a hater of Israel to think I could call his boss on a religious holiday. The rage and the raving continued. I listened to all of it because it was all good evidence and I had turned my voice recorder on to capture the man's insults. I sent two eMail complaint notes to the company at its Website and a copy of them to the company at its published eMail address.

I have reported the matter to the manager of the Mall, started a civil suit where the papers will be served on whoever is manning the kiosk when the sheriff arrives, referred the matter to the AG of PA and the DA of Montgomery County and started a fraud claim with MasterCard. The Seacret Spa people have messed with the wrong customer. Do not do business with these people is the only warning and advice I can give others. You will be harassed and insulted and physically assaulted if you go anywhere near the kiosk.

These people will accost potential customers and it will only be after one's credit card or check or cash are accepted and in the drawer that the customer will find out that he/she has been robbed. If there was any way to give these people a negative rating, I'd do that. But the worst choice is still one star. Do not go near these thieves. They are in the US running a business for the sole purpose of stealing American dollars.

The Hard Sell Will Cost You
By -

FAIR OAKS, VIRGINIA -- There is a kiosk point of sale for Seacret Spa in Fair Oaks Mall (Fair Oaks, VA). I wandered past it a few days before Christmas and was basically shanghaied by one of the salesmen. I listened politely for (too long), but wasn't ready to make a decision on the nail care set he was offering. I told him I'd stop back if I decided to go with it.

I did end up going back to purchase two of the kits. I was told that if I bought two, I'd get one free. Fine. I had three. Then he just "wanted to show me something", which ended up being a very expensive skin care regime. I told him it wasn't in my budget, but possibly after Christmas. He then suggested that if I bought one more of the nail care kits, I could get an additional two for free. Considering that I could use some of these kits for Mother's Day gifts, I agreed.

I should have left it there, but I didn't. After Christmas, I was walking through the mall with my mother, I'd decided to look into buying the moisturizer (not the whole skin care regiment) with some Christmas money I had. I made the purchase (complete with having to hear the hard sell on everything else), and was almost free of the kiosk when the saleswoman said she'd make me a "deal" on a kit that had not only the moisturizer, but a face serum, exfoliating scrub, a cleanser and under eye treatment.

Since this would be $70 more than the original price of JUST the moisturizer, I agreed. I specifically asked if the original charge had been reversed, and she told me yes. Three days later, I noticed that BOTH charges still existed on my account. I called, emailed and stopped by the kiosk many times, but to no avail. I finally had to reverse the charge with my bank.

Several things to look out for... they put items in a bag (as if you'd already decided to purchase them), they don't take "no" for an answer very well, they are very high pressure to keep you talking -- You have to be RUDE to break free, and .. this is the most important one, EVEN AFTER YOU HAVE MADE A PURCHASE, THEY WILL STILL TRY TO UP-SELL YOU (conveniently "forgetting" to reverse the first charge, if you go for it).

Their corporate office does nothing to help. The products seem nice, and they "claim" there has been a deal struck between Seacret Spa and high end department stores like Nordstrom's (saying the price is about to skyrocket). They seem to be fairly nice products. The cleansing mask is disappointing, but everything else seems OK. Overpriced, no doubt. The hard sell is what you need to watch out for. However, as soon as you say, "this isn't in my budget" -- the "deals" come out and prices subsequently plummet. Just my $.03.

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