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Rating: 1/51

LAKEWOOD, COLORADO -- My first Credit Card in 1975. Tonight I received a letter stating that because I had no activity in 17 months they were dropping my available credit amount from $5K to $2001.00 (what is with the 1?). I call to inquire, perhaps get a waiver on their game. "He" claims it is some "security" process to be certain my card is not lost? It did not reference that in the letter. "Excuse me," I said. Why did they just send a new card, which I activated last month if they thought it is lost? Directly lied to me.

With no other options being offered I was being told that my credit will be pinged if I do not purchase something, anything within the next 4 weeks. If not the ping hits my credit and down goes my spending limit. Of course I could buy things, lots of things, huge things. But I will not be blackmailed and punished by a company I have been true to for 40+ years. Oh btw my credit score is 799. I have room to take a hit but it is still my choice which hit I take. Sorry Sears you are history. I closed your worthless pos credit card. Sears you seem to forget you have competition for my good credit from all over the world.

Ever feel like you're locked in a room with no way out - unless you break the window?
By -

BLOOMINGDALE, ILLINOIS -- Well, it appears that treadmills are not just for hampsters! I filed bankrupt in 2004 because of a really bad employment situation. In 2006 I was forced into early retirement to care for my ailing mom after a spotty work record between 2004-2006 [please know all that the Big 5-0 does have a tragic effect on one's otherwise gainful employment possibilities].

I never lost sight of my goal to turn my credit around because prior to my employment misfortune, I had excellent credit. Well, I started turning my credit around immediately and I won. The downside is I have no clothes and no pocket money and a car in need of many repairs. I needed things for mom's and my new apartment in November 2007 and while shopping in a Kmart store was lured into a long line to open a credit card account. Gee, I was approved for a Sears Kmart Solutions Mastercard! Trouble is now 4 years into this credit card relationship, I am more than tired of paying an APR of 29.99%.

This is a credit card account on which I have never been late paying. The average interest paid at year end is approximately $720 and the highest balance I have had is just under $2,500. The balance comes down so slow that you cannot see it move, literally. I make minimum payments due of $80 and only $20 of that amount applies to the balance.

I have written HSBC about this whom I believe is a victim of entirely too much of Sears' interference/influence (everybody knows you have to do it the "Sears" way if you want their business). I was told by HSBC that there was nothing they could do about my APR right now. So when?! It's been 4 years of on-time payments. HSBC is not bad at all; I have an HSBC Best Buy Reward Zone Mastercard and our relationship is superior... so it has to be Sears.

Trouble here is I have a Pep Boys credit card issued by GE Money, and they must have gotten wind of my Sears 29.99% APR and are APR shadowing. Three years ago, they decided to charge the same APR up from 23%. So, I unhappily closed the account in December 2010 after a 4-year relationship.

Just recently, I happened to notice that GE has reopened the account without advice to me! They are showing credit available. I have to wonder if that is because GE sees something coming and does not want to drop the 29.99% APR! In any event, this is bad faith and undermining. I closed the Sears account also in 2010 because they would not support me in a merchant dispute, but the 29.99% APR remains!

Every month, I pray to become a rambo. All I need is "enough" to stop paying both these giants, apply grease paint beneath my eyes, and let them take me to court on judgments. I think I would be better off letting a "judge" decide if enough has been snatched out of my pocketbook. If I cannot achieve rambo status, this otherwise will be too intimidating of an attempt for me... and the giants already know it and are waiting for my next move.

Charges/features That I Did Not Order by Supervisor "Glen'
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I have been trying to get a response/results for charges/features that I did not order on my credit card by the Supervisor "Glen" for 4 months! Customer Service keeps telling me someone would call me. They said they would speak to him. He wouldn't do that but he did! I'm 72. I shouldn't have to go through this stress on my credit card like this!! So what do I do now about this credit card bill? Thank you Sears for your lies!!

Beware of Sears Credit Cards!!!
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EVERY CITY, CALIFORNIA -- To all my former Sears customers, I would like to start off this New Year with a sincere apology. I estimate that there are thousands of you. I am a very attractive and tall woman with spiky hair and beautiful green eyes. As a cancer survivor, and recently being diagnosed with other pre-cancerous conditions, I wish to make this apology. It is weighing down on my soul.

It was a job requirement and demanded by Sears for employees to sign up as many Sears credit card customers as possible on a daily basis. There was a small financial incentive to the employee that secured each new credit card – but a tremendous incentive to Sears for us to acquire each one. In fact, it was so important for Sears to sign up new credit cards, that district managers and their supervisors called every day to see what the new credit card numbers were.

Long time employees were brought to the manager's office to review their monthly credit card stats. The employee was sometimes told they must get their numbers up – credit card applications, product “protection” warranties, and merchandise replacement agreements – or be fired. Some of my co-workers were brought to tears during these one-on-one meetings.

I am sure that so many of you left Sears unaware that you had just opened a credit card because of the sneaky, manipulative way that this was done. I hope you have looked at your bill and see the way the $15 you saved (when opening the card) is now costing you 25% interest. I was also affected as a Sears customer; when Sears tried to convert me from a Sears card to a Sears Mastercard without my permission. This was supposed to be a convenience for me… what a surprise that Sears would try and get 25% interest on all my purchases outside of SEARS!

What a shame that Sears cannot make money on their products and craftsmanship that once had them as a leading retailer… back in the day. I hope by providing this information, you can decide for yourself whether you and your family should remain as Sears credit card holders.

Goodbye Sears
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Rating: 1/51

HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS -- As per last customer's review - He will cancel out his credit card after twenty years' usage. I am doing exactly that - after many years usage of Sears MasterCard to pay for an insurance policy. I was surprised to find the monthly payment had risen in an amount equal to 41% more than the actual monthly payment rates. Due to "overdue payment charges" even though all my payments for years, have been on time.

I called, was turned over to a "specialist" who refused to listen to my questions, but simply kept on talking over my remarks, demanding that I go to my bank, have them verify that the last check written (paid on time - but in this man's mind had been never been received at their end) - be certified by the bank who would have to make a certificated copy of the cancelled check which was to be sent to Sears, but would be considered unpaid until that time and I would be facing more excessive charges if new check were not received at his end before the normal due date, that I was trying to cheat Sears.

He then proceeded to read me an ominous statement telling me of the dire consequences which would occur should I chose to cancel the card. Even though he was no longer listening, but simply repeating the consequences of my actions. Over his voice, I stated that I would send them their demanded amount - even though already paid and cancel my account rather than submit to this kind of disgusting treatment.

I am 81 years old - a media coach and I still work hard at my craft - part of which calls for training of service personnel. If this man had been one of my client's employees, I would have recommended that he be terminated as he obviously was not destined to help anyone, merely play the role of terminator. The fact that he DOES hold his position, tells me that I do not want to be a part of the company who would keep such an individual on their payroll.

Credit Card Screw Up
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COLORADO -- On June 29, 2013 I purchased a refrigerator from Sears. The salesman convinced me to open a Sears account to give me a discount and pay over 12 months without interest. I gave him my name, address, etc., and showed legal documentation, my driver's license, confirming my information. I received many advertisements from Sears at my address, but no bill or card. I called Sears to find out when I would receive a bill.

I finally spoke to an individual with the credit department, to whom I explained the situation. He started by asking me for my credit card number! Obviously, he was not listening to me. I again explained the issue and therefore did not have a credit card #, and he asked for my SS #. He then asked my name. When I gave him my name he proceeded to tell me that I gave a WRONG name. I confirmed that the SS # was correct, and explained that I had given my correct name. After some hinting, I realized that Sears had changed my name from my correct maiden name to the last name of my EX-husband, whom I had divorced 12 years ago.

Then I find out that a credit card with my ex-husband's last name on it was mailed to my ex-husband, at an address at which I have NEVER EVEN been to, much less lived. (Apparently, he had moved there 3-4 years after the divorce.) Oh, and by the way, there was a late fee!!!! I do not know why someone would take it upon themselves to change my correct information to incorrect information and mail a credit card, which I signed for, to a man who has not only filed bankruptcy, but had moved to evade making payments on loans and credit cards in his name.

The individual on the phone did not have a grasp as to the seriousness of the situation. He said he would remove the "late charge" and mail me another statement and card. I have yet to receive either! I then proceeded to e-mail my situation to what I thought was a Sears' complaint site. I received an e-mail saying, "Thank you for contacting regarding your credit card. I am sorry to hear that you have not received the credit card. It's perfectly understandable that you're very upset about what's happened. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you." Again, I do not think this person read what I wrote.

WHY WAS MY NAME AND ADDRESS CHANGED WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION FROM ME? And people worry about identity theft, by criminals. I want the bill. I will pay it off. I will close my account. I will not do business with Sears again!!!!

Company Response :


We're truly sorry for the frustration and confusion over your Sears account. We can help get you in touch with a supervisor with CitiBank if you'd like. Please understand that our stores do not outline the credit rules and guidelines and may not have even been aware of the account details. If you'd like our assistance with CitiBank, who handles all of Sears' credit and financial matters, please send the following information – contact #, screen name (billiemarseilles), phone # used at time of purchase to Again, we're sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.
Thank you,
Liz R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support

Reduction in Credit Limit
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I have been a Sears card holder for several years and almost a year ago was offered a Sears Citi Mastercard with a limit of $8,000. I was never late and in September because of an oversight I forgot to make my payment. When I realized that no payment was made I immediately called Sears Citi Mastercard and was told that no payment was received. I paid the late payment and the next month's payment. In October I wanted to ensure that my payment would be on time so I called Sears Citi Mastercard and learned through the automated system that my credit limit was reduced.

I then contacted Sears Mastercard and was told that because of the late payment, my credit limit was reduced to the balance of my account. This was done without notifying me which was very upsetting. Normally most creditors inform their customers when a payment is not received. In addition to this, I received a letter stating that I verbally authorized a payment of $102.00 to be taken from my account on November. I informed my bank that I did not authorize this payment and I also contacted Sears Citi Mastercard and told them that I did not give authorization for them to take payments from my checking account and they agreed to discontinue this action.

The representative told me that it may be too late to stop the payment, however the automated payments were discontinued. The payment was deducted from my account and I had already made the payment for the current month so Sears Citi Mastercard received two payments. I have a zero balance on my Sears account and will continue to make timely payments on my Sears Citi Mastercard. However, I will no longer be using these cards for purchases. I have seen reviews from other Sears Citi Mastercard customers who had similar experiences and realize that they are insensitive and do not care about their customers.

Beware Of Using A Credit Card
By -

TORONTO, OHIO -- On Dec. 21st, 2008 I purchased a Christmas gift. I paid by Visa. I asked for a 'gift receipt' and was told that they would have to void my transaction and put it through again if I wanted a gift receipt. I said please do that. They voided my transaction; put it through again, but, this time the sales clerk forgot to input for a gift receipt. They had to void a 2nd time and put it through the 3rd time. So at this point we have 3 sales and 2 voids.

Looking at my credit card balance (on-line) about a week later it showed 3 sales and only 1 void. I called the credit card company and they temporarily removed one of those transactions. They got in touch with Sears and told them the issue. Sears verified that those sales were correct and even sent in the sales vouchers without sending in the corresponding voids. So the temporary void I received from the credit card company has been removed.

I contacted the store and one of the supervisors went through the receipts. She verified that yes there were 3 sales and 2 voids. She asked me to bring in my credit card statement so they could verify that I had indeed been charged for the same product twice. I did this. I also brought in the documentation from the credit card company showing how Sears had supplied them with 2 sales vouchers but no voids.

Now they are saying they want my next credit card statement. I asked them to tally the receipts they sent to Visa on Dec. 21. A simple audit of that day should show they are out of balance by my exact amount. The supervisor said “I can't do that”. I'm well aware that she probably can't do it; but surely their billing department can.

I have to say this is beyond frustrating. Not only was the initial transaction a big hassle but ever since as well. I've been kept on hold, dealt with numerous people - was told to bring in my credit card statement (which I did) and that is still not enough. I assumed that this simple clerical error could be corrected easily and efficiently.... Instead it's resulted in me paying for the same outfit twice and Sears losing a long term customer.

Sears Sucks
By -

I can't believe an American company like Sears has chosen to vigorously screw their clients; I bought 4 new tires at Sears, within less than a year the tires were worn out. They would not stand behind their warranty because they said I didn't have a front end alignment. At the same time the tires were installed and didn't rotate them to their time schedule.

That's not even the screwing; I bought the tires 6 months same as cash and paid off the amount. Because I had a previous amount on the card they said that I should have requested the payment be applied to that purchase then hit me with over $700 in interest fees, for 6 months on $1000 purchase. Louie the Loan Shark doesn't charge that kind of extortion fee!!!!! Well guess what Sears/Citibank, I'm not paying you filthy scumbags one more American cent. No more Kmart no more Sears.

Interest Rates over 25%!
By -

I have been a Sears customer for many years. I thought I was getting a better interest rate but to my surprise, it has been raised to well over 25 percent! I called them to remedy this and they said it is the same for all Sears Credit Cardholders. I gave the customer service representative a piece of my mind and said "I will pay you off and NEVER shop nor visit any Sears store as long as I live!" I will also tell all my friends and family to stay away from Sears! They, like most credit card companies are raping the American people. Shame on you Sears! You are worse than TERRORISTS!

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