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Pushy Customer Service
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NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- Sears Auto Care thinks that customers are fools!! I had burst one of my tires - the car was a 2006 model - 1.5 yrs. old. The other tires looked quite new. I had called to make an appointment (when they took all info like address, phone no., etc.) Upon reaching there, it just happened that I peeked onto the monitor when he was retrieving my info and I saw that the bill was for 4 tires (~$1000) even before I visited them!! I confirmed that changing a tire would cost me $200 and not more...

When we went to the car, the customer service guy said he has to change all 4 without even looking at the other tires. I asked for the reason and he was very unclear about everything. He wouldn't let me look at the tread of the tires properly and just bluntly said he has to change all 4. Further, as I asked for a few mins to consult a friend, he would constantly keep pushing me to take a decision or the shop will close. (The closing time was 8 and it was 5.45 pm then) He even said if some other customer comes, he will have to move my car!

Ultimately, I decided to cancel the work order and go back and try the new car dealer (from where I bought the car and where I usually serviced it) - and he parted by rudely "Wishing me luck with them" and informing that I wouldn't qualify for the $50 discount he was giving me if I came back later than the next day! The dealer guys fixed the one tire without any hassles (they didn't even mention the possibility of changing all 4). Very disappointing experience at Sears!

Push tire salesman
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YORK, PENNSYLVANIA -- Went to a Sears auto center to buy 1 tire. The first thing the salesman wanted, before even looking at the tire, was name, address, phone, etc. to enter into the computer. Then, still without looking at the tire, really pushed to sell 4 tires with all the extras (road hazard, etc.) Threatening dire vehicle performance if I didn't buy 4 tires, blah, blah, blah. Finally just left and went across the street and bought 1 tire - no sales pressure, nothing - just courteous service. So Sears lost a tire sales thought they probably make it up by pressuring everyone who walks in. Sales pressure to me is a negative and I will shop elsewhere, if at all possible, rather than put up with that.

Sears Policy
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BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- I bought four tires from Sears, a year later one of the tires was damaged beyond repair, I bought the road hazard insurance for all four tires, when I took my vehicle for Sears to replace the tire they told me they no longer carried the tire and that I had to get a replacement tire that will not match the remaining three tires, so I ask the manager would he wear mismatched shoes and he said it was Sears policy and to take it or leave it so I left it. I called Sears customer service and they told me that the board of directors is the ones that makes these policies and there were nothing they can do. My advice to the world do not buy tires from Sears.

Update: Sears just informed me that they have located a matching tire for me in one of their stores in Kentucky.

60,000 mile tread warranty
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KOKOMO, INDIANA -- I bought a new set of tires from Sears last May that had a 60,000 mile tread warranty. The front two tires are so bare that the band is visible, and there are only 15,000 miles on them. The sales associate and the general manager both refused to do anything about them but offered to sell me two new tires. Sears warranties are meaningless.

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