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This is my way of warning anyone who is thinking of sending their old cell phone in for a little cash... Do not send your cell phone to the internet company ""!!! On the internet "sellphoneonline" claims they will send you a check in 30 days... but the check will never come!!!! The internet company "" is a scam!!! You will never get a check from them... and you also risk the fact that your personal pics and info has been sent to a scam company 2 be used for whom knows what!!! I repeat that w/o a doubt... is a scam!!!

Don't Do It!
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If you are thinking about selling your old cell phones to the company to PLEASE don't do it. It will be a total waste of time. First off it, they rip you off. They will always try to find something wrong with your phones so they won't have to pay you top dollar. Second they will take forever to mail your check. That is after you have to beg and plead with them to even return your emails. If you are considering selling your phones online do your research first and make sure they are a reputable company, because I sure didn't. :(

This Company Scammed Me
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NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA -- This company claims to send you money for your used cell phone in 30 days from the time they receive and evaluate it. They don't. I sent them two iPhones and they promised to pay me over $100, but they never sent a check. Avoid this company.

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Miami Beach, FL 33160
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