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Rating: 1/51

RHODE ISLAND -- To every small business out there: the biggest scam out there for contractors right now! Just signed up to them 6 days ago 3/9/2016. They provided me with 4 dead leads so I put a hold on it because I smelt something wrong so I went on the internet and did a little research (which I should have done before. They had a name before with such bad reviews - Service Magic - they changed the name because of it, now their name is bad again).

So told them I am not satisfied 3/15/2016 with their network and wanted a somewhat of a refund back. They told me there are no refunds after 3 days, when I was told 30 days. $460.00 Down the drain. Shame on me. Now it's time to spread the news to everyone. Please share this and get the word out. That these people are stealing money from hardworking contractors. Advice I can give you: research these companies that say they can help you out with your business.

Servicemagic Is A Rip Off
By -

Service magic will not give you any monies owed to you. The will take money out of your account, but will never give it back even if it is their mistake!!! The leads they supply are only shoppers that want to waste your time and shop for the cheapest lowest priced work they can get. The customers will lie, run you around and waste your time. Watch out!!!! The leads are terrible. They will tell you anything to get your business. It all sounds good, but no one that I know who has used them has been happy.

Service Magic Stinks
By -

LEVITTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I used to be a Service Magic Contractor. I had great reviews and earned them. I am saddened but not surprised that I am reading about Service magic doing unethical things. They abuse the contractors in a big way financially. Basically they are a huge ripoff to small contractors even if they are good ones such as myself. Repeat leads, people who have no intention of doing any work, people who ask for return visits for new estimates on the same work, people who do not return phone calls and emails.... and an absolutely horrible system for making good on bad or mistaken leads. Service Magic stinks all the way around.

Beware of
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- My elderly parents needed to find a reputable door repair and installation person. I went online to and entered the information so they could match my parents with the appropriate handyman. He repaired one door, replaced another. First the work looked truly horrible. He managed to damage the framing and chip paint off the wall. The door he installed did not open properly. It required much effort to get the door open. This is a safety issue. My father is disabled and having a door that sticks could have been disastrous.

When my mom called him to complain, he hung up on her. I called him, he screamed at me. I contacted believing they would help. Instead, they simply say that all they do is verify the contractor has a license and they do a criminal check. They in no way are suggesting that the contractor does quality work.

If you look at their site, you would get the impression that they are providing a service to find you a quality repairman. They protect the contractor and add insult to injury. Their policy is that if the man did a horrible job, you are required to have the same man come back out and redo it. If he could have done a good job, wouldn't he have done that the first time around. My parents paid this man almost $900 and then had to pay another repairman $300 to re-install the door properly, so that it opens correctly, and he repaired the frame damage the original contractor damaged. Do not use

Service Magic Is A Scam Rude Fraudulent
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Rating: 1/51

GOLDEN, COLORADO -- My company was contacted by Service Magic YEARS ago. They claim to offer pre-qualified screened leads for services that we offer in our area. They charge up front for the name and phone number of the lead. Years later we are still getting emails, phone calls and many spam faxes from this company for very iffy maybe leads hundreds of miles away for types of work our company does not do, nor ever has done.

The more I email them and tell me to take me off their email and fax list, the more they call, fax, email and harass. Their office help is nice and polite, but insist you talk to their sale staff who are pushy, nasty, rude, loud, hateful. I have had to resort to threatening to have a cease and desist order placed against them to keep them from filling my fax machine with a dozen pages of unqualified leads hundreds of miles away that are probably phoney on top of it. When I talk to other contractors at contractor meetings they tell me of similar experiences, hundreds of dollars in draws from their checking accounts for leads that no-one ever answers the phone.

I just got a lead that said they were considering buying a house and want to know how much a fence would cost before they placed a bid on one. This was 130 miles away in an area that has 74 fence contractors by my count in the yellow pages. What kind of lead is that?

Accountability and Customer Service
By -

GOLDEN, COLORADO -- This company monopolizes the search engine when consumers try to search for reliable contracting service. They talk a good game at first, they bombard you with contractors that supposedly can handle the job. But they fall very short in delivering qualified, reliable, dependable, and honest contractors.

The contractor they sent to us, which is who we hired, is taking 4 months to finish our renovations. He does shoddy work, leaves debris outside, doesn't show up on time, and sometimes doesn't show up at all. Service Magic hasn't tried to help us resolve our issue and they will ignore your calls until you mention that you will be contacting ConsumerAffairs about their practices. Whatever you do, do not use this company. They are just as shady as the contractors they send to you.

Don't use Service Magic-waste of time and money
By -

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- I am a small business owner trying to make it in this economy. I was delighted to find a company like Service Magic who would send me real leads. I started using Service Magic 10 months ago. The first 3 months I only received a few leads and got some good ones so it paid off. After that all I receive are useless leads, and hundreds of them. 3 a day or more. I haven't gotten one lead in 6 months. Service Magic will not turn my account off. I have $500.00 in overdraft fees from this company. They make up these leads, you get one or two real people and the rest are phony. Don't use this company, it will hurt you in the long run.

Still charging on cancelled contract
By -

ELYRIA, OHIO -- Have been a contractor for 25 yrs. I always worked by my reputation. A salesman from Service Magic talked me into taking ONE lead. If it worked out, I would take more. The first lead was a dud. I called the salesman to cancel, of course he was not in. Meanwhile, more leads kept coming in. I called back again to cancel. By the time I finally talked to my salesman, they had my account to $800.00. I only made 2 calls to 2 leads and no one ever called me back on either calls. I closed my checking account before they could take any of my money for any of the leads.

The funny thing is they stopped giving me leads because I owed them money. It was the only way I could get them to stop giving me more leads. They refused to cancel my contract of One lead. Now I owe them even more because of attorney fees. As the saying goes, LET THE BUYER BEWARE.

Company Response 04/18/2011:

Hi Armymom8088,

My name is Chelsey Richey and I am the Online Customer Liaison here at ServiceMagic. I am very concerned to hear about your experience and would like the opportunity to speak with you in regards to the issue. If a mistake is made on our part we gladly accept the responsibility and adjust accordingly; please contact me directly so that we can go over your account together. I can be reached at or at 303.963.8145. I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you kindly,

Chelsey Richey

Routinely attempts to make unauthorized charges
By -
  1. Their leads are predominantly bad, unqualified leads. Over and over again they charged or attempted to charge us for leads that were wrong address, wrong phone number, and wrong email addresses. Often the "customer contact" didn't even own the property in question, and had no authority to make any improvements to it.

  2. When we finally gave up on these losers, they refused, yes REFUSED to stop sending and charging us for leads after we told them several times that we no longer would be using their service. I finally had to change my credit card number so that they couldn't charge it anymore.

  3. They routinely sent and billed for more leads than we authorized to be sent each month. 4. They continued to try to charge us for leads even after I changed the credit card number, then have continued to send threatening emails and make threatening phone calls if we don't pay for leads they sent literally MONTHS after we discontinued their service.

Under NO circumstances would I recommend that ANYONE do business with these crooks. You literally do better going door to door than using their leads, and you won't have the aggravation of having them try to steal from you the entire time.

By -

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- Service Magic in West Palm Beach FL. I called what I thought was a number listed on a website for sprinkler system repairs and ended up with this company called service magic. The person I spoke to did not identify himself as anything but the company I called ____ sprinkler systems. I asked a lot of questions and after a while I asked what he needed all this information for. All I wanted was a simple repair.

He then identified himself as a representative of SERVICE MAGIC. He explained that they take all the information and build a profile and put into their database so they can have other contractors call. In other words they sell your contact information to whatever firms or marketing organization that are willing to pay.

BE VERY AWARE OF WHOM YOU ARE TALKING TO AND WHAT INFORMATION YOU ARE GIVING THEM. If they do not identify themselves and or the purpose of the information they are taking from you they are violating a number of laws. Contact the FCC as well as your state attorney's office with the complaint.

All companies that operate across state lines are require to have licenses. They should be able to tell you what it is and you will use it in filing your complain. If they refuse or don't have it file the complaint on whatever information you can get from them.

Company Response 02/17/2010:

Hello- this is Brooke Gabbert with ServiceMagic. It seems as though there may have been a misunderstanding regarding your experience with our services. Our purpose is to facilitate communications between consumers and service professionals. That is why when you contacted the intended company you had reached our offices. It is never our intent to mislead you or falsely represent a company in our service.

Professionals in our network have been screened to ensure they meet the minimum state required credentials and that information is passed along to you the consumer upon contacting one of our service professionals. We do not sell or share consumer information with any outside companies besides the service professionals that the consumer is looking to receive service from. Visit our Web site at or don't hesitate to contact us at 877.699.4736 if you need more information. Thanks!

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