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Incompetent Employees & Poor Customer Service!!!!
By -

HAMPTON, VIRGINIA -- I would like to inform you of my dissatisfaction with your product and POOR employee's Customer Service. I ordered a skirt online approximately 7-12. I received a WHITE skirt (item # WQ81 WA 12) with three "Black stains" on it. I contacted Shape FX 7/15 as soon as I inspected the garment. I spoke with Lindsey she advised that a replacement skirt would be sent immediately, along with a refund of my shipping cost (2nd day air). For some reason my gut instinct wouldn't allow me to be at ease, due to this garment being ordered for a vacation I was going on July 23rd.

So I decided to call the very next day to verify if in fact my skirt was shipped off. IT WASN'T. I understand that my initial call was placed after the business day 5 pm PST, 8 pm est. However my replacement skirt should have been sent off 7/16 due to Shape FX's negligence. When I called Shape FX 7/16, Rob took my call and stated "Miss ** everything will be taken care of, and you'll have your skirt before your vacation!" He also stated a "Manager" would be in contact with you Saturday 7/17. I waited and waited and NEVER did this "Manager" call. So, I contacted Shape FX again. Guess who answers? Rob!

He stated "I'm sorry Miss ** we don't have a manager on the floor you can speak. But rest assure you will receive your skirt on or before Tuesday 7/20." I verified my telephone number with Rob as well as my address. Shape FX had the WRONG number!!! Moving right along Tuesday comes, I contact Shape FX during my lunch hour. Lyndon "Account Specialist" is placed on the line. He verified that my skirt was just shipped 7/20 (UPS GROUND) and Rob didn't have the authority to tell me I would have my skirt by 7/20. "He's a new employee" is what Lyndon explained. As if that was supposed to excuse the LIES I was given??? I then got VERY UPSET, and used profanity at Lyndon.

I told Lyndon to CANCEL my order, intercept the skirt, and REFUND my money! Lyndon had not a single OUNCE of compassion for what was going on (and put the cherry on top) by hanging up in my face! I called back and was told by a very rude young lady "We don't have an employee by the name of LYNDON here & no supervisor for you to talk to." I was completely PISSED!!! I never called back. Moving right along, I had to go out and purchase another outfit because of Shape FX's incompetent employees! My vacation came and went. I've been back almost 3 weeks now and GUESS what was on my porch waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday 8/9/10? My replacement skirt!!!!!

I WILL NEVER SHOP WITH YOUR COMPANY EVER AGAIN. I WILL BAD MOUTH THE QUALITY OF clothes every chance I get. You don't inspect the clothes you send out. White skirt with black marks all over it??? And you send the replacement almost a moth later, ATROCIOUS!!! An extremely dissatisfied ex-customer!!!

Worst Company Ever
By -

HAMPTON, VIRGINIA -- I have never dealt with a company with such rude and inadequate employees. I placed an order in November 2010 for 2 shirts totaling $96.65. In December they debited my bank account for $147.45. I called them three separate times and was told different stories and that I would be getting a credit to my account. Not to mention here it is in January and I still had not received my merchandise. I finally got it on January 6th, was so disgusted with everything, went right to the post office to return it all, not to mention they send me 3 shirts instead of two.

I got confirmation emails that they received the merchandise on January 9th. They credited my bank account on the 18th for $57.76, so they tried to screw me out of $89.86. Called them today on January 26th, asked to talk to a manager, they said they don't have one on the floor, but they could put a request in for someone to call me, but they don't know when that would be and then she put me on hold and what a surprise, we got disconnected.

Called right back and asked for Janice but the girl didn't know who that was. Had to go through the WHOLE story AGAIN. She said she would put a refund request into the refund department and I should get a credit in 5 - 7 days, couldn't give me a confirmation number or anything. So now if I don't see the credit in 7 days I don't know what else to do. Is calling the Better Business Bureau worth anything? So please don't order from this company.

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