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A Shout Out to Shout Color Catcher!
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I am pleased to see television commercials for Shout Color Catcher because I don't think many people are aware that it exists. I have been using versions of this product for many years, and other than detergent and occasional bleach, it is the only laundry product I buy.

Shout Color Catcher is a very effective laundry aid that saves time, water and money. I am writing this to convince any skeptics that this product really does work. The Color Catcher makes it safe to combine your whites and colors into one load. As the commercial says, the proof is in the sheet which changes from white to the colors it collects from the water. It also helps remove grunge from the water that can make whites look dingy.

The instructions say to use one sheet per load and then dispose of the sheet. I find this to be unnecessary. If the sheet is only slightly discolored, it can be used until it looks like it's ready to be discarded. That helps bring the price down to a point of being economical. The price is approximately $4.00 for a box of 24 sheets, but I think the new boxes have only 20 sheets. I buy them when they are on sale and usually use a coupon, which makes it very affordable.

Shout Color Catcher can turn several small loads into one without a guy's fear of pink socks and underwear. I've put this product to the test many times, and it really works. My only word of caution would be not to use it on new clothes that are dark in color and might bleed. Wash those clothes separately or with similar colors one or two times first. After that the Color Catcher should do the trick.

UPDATE: As I was doing laundry today, I realized that I have always used the Color Catcher in a top loading washer, and I wouldn't want anyone to try this product in a front loader based on this review. Being curious about how it would work in a front loader, I looked on the box for directions, which say to place the sheet in a mesh or delicates bag. I'm not sure what difference that would make, but I do know that front loaders use less water, and the bag might help the sheet circulate more evenly through the clothes and water. I have a feeling the Color Catcher might not work as well in a front loader.

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