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Rating: 2/51

I have spent thousands of dollars with Sierra Trading Post over the past several years. I loved their great selection of merchandise, great prices and you could always reach a human. Recently I received several emails from one of their customer service reps stating that my return rate was too high. Huh?? I pay for shipping to me, I pay for shipping the returns back to them, often I keep a good portion of the merchandise unless it doesn't fit and they want to cut me off for returning too much? Very strange.

Here are some excerpts from the emails I received. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this! "I am writing again to address your level of dissatisfaction with our products, as evidenced by your consistently high return rate. As you know, we contacted you on 1/6/2015 regarding this issue. However since then your return rate has continued to exceed 60%." Well sorry but the stuff didn't fit! And here is the best one to date: "Unfortunately, if your return rate continues to be high, it may be best for us to discontinue our business relationship."

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

CHEYENNE, WYOMING -- I have shopped at Sierra Trading Post for years and spent thousands of dollars, I loved their products and their return policy. Their shipping has always been fairly expensive compared to other on-line retailers but I thought overall they were a good deal. A lot of their sizes are wrong, especially with shoes but I figured that is how they ended up so deeply discounted.

Now their return policies have changed. Even though you may not receive your package for up to three weeks after it was ordered you have to return it right away if you want to return it - you pay postage and it is very high. Their customer service used to be excellent, the last two times I have chatted with them it has take over 30 minutes to solve a simple problem. What has happened to you Sierra?

Worst Shopping Experience Ever!!!
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Rating: 1/51

CHEYENNE, WYOMING -- I tried to purchase jacket online from Sierra Trading Post and I must say that I had the WORST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE I ever had and I made 1000+ purchases so far. They just cancel my order multiple times with ABSURD reason that my billing address is not as stated during my checkout process. They didn't want to double check with my bank although I confirmed three times that all information that I have provided to them are correct.

I have sent photos of my ID + Credit Card photos and still it's not enough for Sierra Trading Post to sell me a jacket from their website. Their customer support is USELESS as well and they only provide you with template answers. I DON'T RECOMMEND ANYBODY SHOP FROM SIERRA TRADING POST!!!

Stealing my money...
By -

I placed an order from STP on the 1st of October (SATURDAY). When I placed the order and decided to pay with Paypal everything went smoothly and the order appeared as completed. I received an email telling me the order was completed and would be shipped shortly. Well that didn't happen! They did take money off my Paypal, but on the MONDAY I received an email from them saying my order was "pending" because my shipping and billing addresses were different and I had to confirm that info with them. So I did as requested, answering the email at the same day. It was WEDNESDAY and the order still hadn't shipped.

I needed those items for the next weekend so I told them that they should cancel my order and issue a refund. They replied saying that one of the items I ordered was "out of stock". Oh great, yesterday the shipping and billing addresses were different, now it's out of stock? Anyway I informed them that I wanted my order to be canceled. The next day they sent me another email saying my order had been shipped! HAHAHA. I told them that I wanted them to cancel it and they did tell me they had canceled it because something was out of stock. But something happened and they shipped it. LOL.

I have been sending them emails since then and they tell me that they will issue my refund when the order gets back to them (I didn't get a hold of it; they set it to return to them automatically). Hey wait... Now I have to deal with the consequences of THEIR mistake of shipping it to me. I want my money back REGARDLESS of the order getting back to them. My money and I have nothing to do with the fact that they made a mistake and shipped it. It is not my responsibility that the order gets back to them, in fact I don't even have a tracking number to make sure it gets back to them. I want my money back.

If THEIR order that shouldn't have been shipped gets back to them or not it's their problem. They are using my money now and I consider it stealing. They should be ashamed of their mistake and give me my money back that is not at all theirs. I have nothing to do with that order. I want MY money back to me. MY MONEY IS NOT YOURS SIERRA TRADING POST!

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