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No Customer Service and Over Charging
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I'm am writing to complain about the Singer Lazer Storm at: 4540 Worth Street Los Angeles, CA 90063. 800-711-8357. Don't bother calling, you can never reach a live person. They just refer you to the e-mail address where you are supposed to receive customer service, but don't. I have seen several complaints on the internet and wished I had looked at these prior to ordering the Lazer Storm vacuum. We saw an infomercial on TV for the Lazer Storm and the offer was a buy one get one free and also receive a free steamer. I called the number and they asked several questions about additional attachments which I declined.

After hanging up I immediately called back because I just had this weird feeling about the whole thing and tried to cancel my order. They said that you had to wait 72 hours for it to be in their "system" before you can cancel it and then gave me the customer service 800 number to call. I waited a couple days and then called the number and it was just an automated system that no matter what button you pushed they were trying to get you to place an order or telling you that due to the overwhelming demand of the products to please email them at

That email address doesn't provide you with any actual response except that "within 24 hours a representative will contact you" - Never happens. I've tried many times to get ahold of someone via email or the 800 number. A few weeks passed and we received a box on our front porch from the Singer Lazer Storm people. I did not open the box just took off the invoice to call and see if I could finally get this resolved.

Upon looking at the invoice I noticed that the buy one get one free for approx $120 was billed twice and I have 4, yes 4 vacuums. Who would want 4 vacuums? Why would I want to be billed $313.70 for something when I was to be charged the $120 and another $20 for shipping? At least they threw in an FM radio!!??????

I don't even know if the 'free' steamer is in the box cause I haven't opened it. We would just like to get our money back, including shipping, and interest on our credit card and have them pay to ship these things back. I would also like to see this companies scams and misleading advertising shut down. Please help. Our next step is to contact the credit card company and see if they will remove the charges.

By -

If you've seen the commercial for the Lazer Storm Vacuum, and thought about buying it… DON'T!!!!! My poor, dear 68-year old mom ordered it, and here is what I just had to write the company about - what a scam it is! I hope we can get her money back! On September 25, 2005 I saw an infomercial for the Lazer Storm Vacuum. The product looked like something I would be interested in, so I called to ask a few questions and possibly order.

When I called I soon found out that there was no way to ask anyone any questions regarding the machine, and that the way to order was to enter my information into an automated system. Unfortunately, before I realized this, I had already entered my credit card number. The system continued to ask me if I wanted various attachments and additional machines to go with my order, to which all of these questions I said no. I hung up before the order was completed because I was no longer interested since I do not want to deal with a company where I cannot even speak to a person when ordering.

Immediately after I hung up, I sent an email to the email address I had been provided on the phone ( The email stated quite clearly that if the order had gone through, I wanted it cancelled immediately, and all of my contact information was included in that email. I received an email within minutes stating that “a representative will personally respond to your e-mail within 24 hours to provide you with the level of service that you can expect with the Singer Brand”. Two days later, my credit card was charged $313.70, a considerable amount more than the order should have been.

I called, and after thirty minutes of waiting on hold, a representative answered. She informed me that the order had been processed and was shipped on September 29th. The order included not one, but four vacuums. She informed me that if I sent the shipment back, I would receive a credit of $239.70, but that they do not credit back shipping and handling. I advised her that I had emailed customer care asking the order to be cancelled. She said they were “fixing their email address”. When I asked what that meant, she put me on hold and then hung up on me! My advise: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!

Defective machine
By -

I purchased this machine barely 3 years ago and did not have a chance to use it until lately, when I partially retired. I had been an experienced sewer, and had taken instructions on using the machine. It quickly jammed during ordinary usage; the first time it was repaired, I was informed there was thread around the shaft. The second time, I was informed that the bearings needed to be replaced, and "they were seeing a lot of these."

This machine was barely used, not abused, and the only way the bearings would need replacement would be if the bearings were defective in the first place. It cost $1000, and will cost $300 to repair. This machine is a lemon, and I want a replacement.

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