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Newly purchased bed causes back pains
By -

UPLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a mattress & adjustable base from Sit 'n Sleep. It was delivered on October 11th 2011, but was not slept on until October 15th (traditional reasons due to our first night of being married). From that night, Saturday the 15th my wife complained of having back problems. I read the warranty and decided that we sleep on it a few more times (after we returned from our honeymoon on Oct. the 21st). Her back pain persisted so I called Eddie (sales rep. of Sit 'n Sleep, Upland) to inform him that our bed was sinking in and causing my wife back problems. He directed me to customer care at 800-961-1997.

October 25th, 2011 - 800-961-1997 (Sit '€™n Sleep Customer Care Dept.). I called customer care and was instructed to allow more time to let my wife'€™s and my body to adjust to the bed. Also try rotating it or flipping the bed over because I complained that the bed was not firm and causing one side to sink in.

November 6, 2011 €- Tanya/Rick. I placed a call to precise mattress inspection. The earliest appointment they had for an inspection was Nov. 22 so I scheduled it. Since it was going to be over two weeks for an assessment, I took the advice of the representative and rotated the bed.

November 19 - Bed flipped. The past couple weeks I had to sleep towards the edge away from my wife so that my weight would not make her sink towards the center. This was not acceptable, so my brother-in-law helped me flip the mattress over to the firmer side.

November 22nd, 2011. Rick, from Precise Mattress came to my residence to inspect the bed and found it to have a depression 1 inch and a quarter depth. He asked why it was flipped over so I explained and he said that he understood. He noticed the depression instantly and did not require the bed to be flipped back. He felt comfortable not flipping it back because since it's only been less than 6 weeks of purchase he already measured the depression to be 1-inch and a quarter. This helped me confirm that this purchase was defected.

November 25th. We received a letter from Sit '™n Sleep Customer Service Department. It simply stated that impressions are within the tolerance of the manufacturing guidelines for this model, which is 1-inch and a half. December 1, 2011 -€“ 800-961-1997 (Sit 'n Sleep Customer Care Dept.). Around 7:30pm Salaia told me that she will send an email regarding the impression on my mattress and that someone would get back to me by Monday. She agreed that using the mattress for less than 2 month should not be left unresolved and that I would be contacted by Monday, Dec. 5th.

December 6, 2011 -€“ 800-961-1997 (Sit 'n Sleep Customer Care Dept.). I was not contacted on Dec. 5th so I spoke to Angie, Supervisor between 9:30 am and 9:40am to follow up with my complaint. After she answered the phone with the greeting, "€œHi my name is Angie, how may I provide you with excellent customer service?" I explained my situation and asked her to pull up my account. Her only reply was, "'cuz an inch and a quarter is not considered a defect."€ She provided no help and only reiterated that "€œno manager/supervisor is going to overturn a manufacturer's decision."

All I received was that it was my fault for flipping the bed over, after I was instructed to do so. She provided no alternative solution and that does not seem like to me that that is excellent customer service. With an attitude, all she kept telling me was that the manufacturer denied our complaint twice. Basically after less than 2 months' use, she indirectly blamed us for using the bed incorrectly. This representative was not helpful and only upset me making me feel that Sit '€™n Sleep is not a good company and that I should have this situation reported.

December 6, 2011 - 909-373-4211 (Aireloom, manufacturer). I spoke to Linda between 9:43am to about 9:50am. I explained that after the date of the delivery, October 11, 2011, in within a month time we were feeling discomfort. The only response was that she will have to research because she did not receive any information about my situation and was not aware of what was going on. She informed me that they authorize Sit 'n Sleep to schedule their own inspections and that she had to go over with the representative from Sit '€™n Sleep.

Linda called back at 9:59am and basically said that it was not their fault because I chose to flip the bed over and have my wife sleep on the firmer side to reduce her back pains. I am disappointed that she only spent 9 minutes to research my complaint, which shows her professional concern for our well being, especially since we spent over $3000.00 for their mattress and base!!!

December 6th, 2011 - 626-430-9044 (Eddie, Sit '€™n Sleep sales rep.) At 11:10am Eddie explained that he spoke with Aireloom to see if they will retrieve the mattress and rebuild it at the factory. It was noted that Aireloom would not be able to do anything until the first of the New Year (Jan. 2012). This is not acceptable.

Consequence. My wife and I are left with an over $3000.00 expense on a mattress and base that continues to give her back pains. As a newly wed couple we are unable to sleep in the bed close together because of the depression that makes her sink towards the center when I lay near her, which is the result of waking up to back and neck pains. The manufacturer (Aireloom) and retail store (Sit 'n Sleep) have concluded that we are at fault for not using the bed properly therefore voiding their warranty.

Don't Buy at Sit 'n Sleep - Buyer Beware!
By -

SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA -- The salespeople are worse than used car salesmen with really sneaky tactics! I was looking to spend around $750 and went there during their 50% off sale. They had apparently "sold most of their 50% off beds," so I was shown a "great deal" that was a $3000 floor model that was 50% off. I was told that I could test the bed out for 30 days and if I didn't like it I could exchange it for another bed. I told them about my back injuries and problems sleeping due to pain in my neck and hips. I was told I would LOVE this bed and I couldn't go wrong!

I couldn't sleep at all the first night and called back to say I needed a different bed the next morning. They made me wait and try it for a week. After NO sleep for an entire week and worse pain than from my old mattress, I begged to get an exchange. I was told that there were no exchanges on floor models and that they would have to get "special permission" to do an exchange. I ended up picking out the bed I was interested in the 1st place but they said that I had to make an even exchange, so I had to pick out a bed that was $1500 or more. And, they also neglected to tell me that I'd have to pay a $300 exchange fee!

When I went into the store the next week to fill out the paperwork, the bed that I wanted had a higher price tag on it than the week before. I was so desperate because I was so sleep-deprived and in pain, I agreed reluctantly. They said I could get a payment plan through the store and they wouldn't charge me any interest for a year. Well, it turned out to be a deferred interest plan through Citibank, which means that if you don't pay it all off in a year that you have to pay the entire year's interest (at 27.99% interest) in spite of how small your balance is at the end of the year.

On top of that, I had to sleep on the sofa for 1 month because the new mattress I was given was off-gassing so bad it made me nauseous, caused rapid and irregular heartbeats and burned my throat in spite of the fact that I told the salesman that I'm very sensitive to off-gassing and I wanted to avoid any mattresses that off-gas.

I went to the doctor it was so bad and sent the documentation to the mattress manufacturer because they insisted that they don't use any harmful chemicals on their beds and that I shouldn't be having any problems. I'd NEVER buy a mattress from Sit 'n Sleep ever again and I'm sending this complaint to as many websites as I can to let people know how bad their sales tactics and company policies are!!

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