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Six Flags - Rip Off
By -

JACKSON, NEW JERSEY -- I am writing to complain about Guest relations employees in the Six Flags GREAT ADVENTURE THEME PARK who worked on Sunday, August 8th 2010 at 2:00 pm. I went to the guest relations to inquire about a discrepancy concerning tickets I purchased online. On the Six Flags website, I purchased tickets for both the Great Adventure theme park and the Wild Safari park, paying an additional $40 for my husband and 2 children. However, I was confused about transportation between the two parks. Upon calling your 1-800 number, I was told by a representative that a shuttle bus in Great Adventure would take us to the Wild Safari.

Today, my family and I went to the park; upon reaching the Wild Safari shuttle site, we were told that our tickets were invalid for this bus, and that we would have to pay an additional money or use our own car. This was NOT explained to us upon calling the day before. The employee advised us to go to guest relations and speak to one of them. I reached the booth and began explaining my situation to guest relations representative who refused to listen or help me in any way, and responded "There is nothing we can do" in a rude and condescending manner.

I became very agitated with this extremely inappropriate response from a CUSTOMER RELATIONS employee and asked to speak to her manager. The manager, who was equally unhelpful, told me that I would need to use my car, despite my several attempts to explain that I was misinformed via the phone. He refused to acknowledge that the problem was miscommunication on Six Flags' part, and would not refund me my money or allow me to board the shuttle they had in Great Adventure. I ripped up my ticket and handed it on the counter. The first guest relations representative came from behind him and slammed the communication window shut in my face.

I was absolutely outraged, and tapped on the window repeatedly, asking for her name. In response, she lowered the blinds so that I could not see her. Thankfully, my husband saw her name, enabling me to write a complaint to Six Flags directly. After this whole fiasco, a security woman appeared behind me and told me that I would have to be escorted out of the park. I did not use any profanity.

I did not confront or threaten any employees, making this dramatic notion completely unnecessary. I felt like I was being subjugated for merely attempting to remedy an unjust issue. The guest relations employees made absolutely no effort to assist me in any way, were extremely rude and inappropriate, and threw me out of the park for absolutely no valid reason; I felt like I was being disposed of because they did not want to deal with me.

I will never, ever, return to Six Flags park again, and I will listing this factual, and honest complaint on every outlet available in hopes of educating other consumers to be alerted with SIX Flags tactics. I am absolutely offended and enraged by this blatant disrespect and lack of courtesy.

An Open Complaint Email to Six Flags Over Texas
By -

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Six Flags Representative: Saturday, July 31 was a lovely day in Arlington, Texas. The sky was clear and the sun was in full glory beating down upon the Six Flags Over Texas theme park. The visit was filled with enjoyable encounters with park personnel, fantastic fun drawn from the many entertainment options available, and memorable moments with family and friends. With the exception of the sultry, Texas heat, Saturday was a wonderful day to visit Six Flags. As the day progressed, the late evening sunset was certainly welcomed, although it also meant the end to our excursion was near.

We decided to head back to try for one last ride - the Batman ride. We left from the area of the Papa John's pizza store heading back easterly on the north side of the marked roadway. As we approached a small, standalone popcorn shop, near the edge of the roadway, we noticed that it was packed and had a lengthy line of folks looking to refill their mugs one more time. As we began to move around the crowd, we got blocked by the line of people and an oncoming rush of yellow shirts, yelling "move" and "Hurry up" as well as "get out of the way€".

As they approached, we were now trapped between them and the patrons in front of us, and the line now paralyzed behind us. As they approached, pushing a dolly with a spool of rope, they clipped the rope onto some hooks attached to a large steel trash receptacle directly behind me. Now, till this point all was fine, but, one overzealous employee must have thought the many customers - now bottlenecked and trapped in front of this small shop - weren't moving fast enough. The group pushing the cart was constantly yelling for everyone to "hurry up", but we had nowhere to go.

The one employee clipping the ropes, appearing agitated, looked directly at a small child - who was trying to squeeze behind the trashcan between it and a steel barricade - and forcibly shoved the trashcan (which was already protruding into the "roadway" area) moving it a good 8 inches + back into this child and trapping him between the trashcan and the barricade. I immediately chastised this employee as he shoved the trashcan and a couple other employees also said something that I do not recall because of my reaction to his behavior. There was another gentleman that in a deservedly harsh tone redirected that employee immediately.

They then continued stringing the rope. My irritation with the event demanded that I complain about this employee, so I pursued the workers asking for his name and his supervisor. An employee pushing the cart pointed the supervisor out and called him over to me. This happened to be the man that had earlier barked at the employee for the matter. I asked him if he saw what happened and if he was going to deal with that. He replied affirmatively and said he had spoken with him about it and apologized in what I would call a very sincere manner.

I left the matter alone and saw no need to pursue the issue further, hence, no names were retrieved; although, I believe that with deliberate and reasonable follow-up one would be able to determine those involved. I did not know the child, am unaware if he was injured and do not know the location of his parents when this occurred. As a parent, I would be hard pressed to restrain myself had someone done this to my child and felt it was important for this issue to be taken up with that employee!

My family and I continued towards the Batman ride from there. Upon arrival at Batman, my family stood in line for the ride and I took a moment to have a cigarette, so I went to the designated smoking area by Mr. Freeze. It so happened that the employees were laying rope to make the route for the Saturday night parade which was to start at my location. Prior to the beginning of the parade, I saw the offending employee returning to this location giving hi-fives to several other employees and I came to the conclusion that a strong enough impression had not been made upon this young man.

I decided at that point to speak with a higher level of management to follow-up and ensure that this employee did understand the importance of guest relations, not to mention the fact that he committed an assault upon this child as defined by Texas law. As we exited the park, I stopped by Guest Relations to speak with management which continued the torment of making a complaint. At guest relations, I spoke to a young woman and told her that I wanted to speak to the park manager that was on duty.

Granted, I am unaware of the park'€™s managerial hierarchy, but I find it difficult to believe that there would not be a central individual charged with overseeing lower levels of management and park employees. She asked what it was concerning and I told her it was concerning a park employee'€™s assault on a child. She went to the back and returned with a business card and said that I needed to contact this person. I told her I was not interested in speaking to some PR individual at corporate, but wanted to address it with someone at the park, at the moment.

A long line was now formed and the crowd was thick, so I didn'€™t want to tie up the line or air dirty laundry in front of everybody so I thanked her and began to leave. Having second thoughts, I wanted to confirm what I believed that she had told me, so I got permission from the next person in line and asked her clearly "So you'€™re telling me that there is no one person in charge of this park at night."€ She told me that she needed more information about the incident so she could determine to whom to direct me. I found this to be completely disingenuous and felt I was being manipulated so I declined.

I was astounded when I left to find that two other employees, when asked, did not know who was in charge of the entire park at night. This level of either deliberate misdirection or ignorance and incompetence by Guest Relations furthered my resolve to find someone who can ensure that children who attend the park will not be treated, directly or indirectly if possible, in a similar manner in the future. I am writing this in the hopes that it will fall upon not so deaf ears. I am not interested in some disinterested P. R. person contacting me nor am seeking anything but localized resolution to this issue.

I have included enough information that anyone serious enough about resolving the issue will be able to do so and thus have no desire to speak with a representative at this point. I already gave Six Flags that opportunity and you declined. I will post this on every open forum, news list, blog, twitter, Facebook, and myspace account that I can find available. If you want it removed or an addendum added, then you may respond to me verifying the matter has been addressed. Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Gouging the Poor and Further Rewarding the Rich
By -

VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA -- I was absolutely disgusted at Magic Mountains policy pertaining to Fast Passes. Unlike other theme parks that your costly ticket is sufficient to use for your fast pass (so everyone has the opportunity to avoid long lines), Magic Mountain requires additional fees of over $100 to get a fast pass, PER TICKET. So this tells me, the wealthy can bypass lines while those of us who actually sacrifice and struggle just to afford to walk in the gate must wait in the long, tiring, hot lines. TO have my children ask why "those people" get to get escorted to the front of the line while we suffer in line is just frustrating.

Sorry, kids, mom can only afford to get us in (which they were grateful for, don't get me wrong). I was just appalled at their attempt to make more money. How many people in this economy can afford $525 or more (for my family of 5) to try to avoid the lines? Not many, and certainly not me. Shame on Magic Mountain!!! Thanks for twisting that knife in my back a little more at not being able to supply all the things to my kids that the "rich" kids get.

Great Disappointment-Going Downhill Fast
By -

JACKSON, NEW JERSEY -- Yesterday, I took my 2 teenage sons and nephew to Six Flags Great Adventure, opening day for 2008. We DID NOT have a Great Adventure there. Soon, you will start seeing TV ads for the new roller coaster Dark Knight, an indoor, wild-mouse type roller coaster. What the ads will not tell you is that 7 rides have been removed/closed from the park. The following are gone: Chiller and Movietown Water Effect (big boat) to make room for the new ride. Also gone according to the park map are the Bumper Cars and Musik Express (this area is blocked off due to the new ride construction).

In addition, in other areas of the park, the Wave Swing and the Space Shuttle are gone. Also, the Houdini Escape ride is shut down for the season. This doesn't even count Free Fall which was gone last year. So, 8 rides gone, 1 new ride! The ads used to say more rides than any other park. It seems, the majority of rides at Six Flags are for the 10 and under age group. This year, they changed the motion ride Sponge Bob to a space mission. Luckily we only waited 5 minutes for this ride as this was also a let down. It seemed a lot shorter than the old Sponge Bob ride. Again, the 10 and under crowd probably loved it.

The soda machines went up in price, $3.50 for a 20 ounce. Food also went up. The parking prices are the same as last year. We have season passes (luckily we bought these during their 1 day say last December for $60 each) so we will be going back but I don't think we will go as much as last year. Anyone going, make sure you get discount tickets. It is not worth full price at all unless you have small children in your group.

Also, I recommend you bring your own lunch but you have to eat it outside the park. The kids did enjoy the roller coasters yesterday, the crowd was light and the weather was good. I also have to say that the employees we talked to were friendly. It is disappointing that they removed so many rides but you in the past few years, they have added lots of new kiddie rides. We didn't go to any of the shows, but in recent years, the shows have also gone downhill.

Six Flags Great Adventure
By -

JACKSON, NEW JERSEY -- Six Flags Great Adventure is a great park. If you like roller coasters then you should travel here. They have Kingda Ka, the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world. It's a thrill you'll never forget. But, I like El Toro better than Kingda Ka. It is the best wooden roller coaster in the world and will be for years. I like the fast pace curves, drops, and thrill of the ride. It also has a lot of other classic roller coasters so you will never run out of thrills during the day that you make your visit. Great Adventure has been growing and changing over the years to try to be one of Americas finest amusement parks.

But, you have to get there early to ride Kingda Ka or El Toro because they get lined up. But, if you like lines be my guest and wait 1-2 hours. It's your choice. They have over 10 roller coasters. Some are small and some are tall, some are for little kids and a lot are for the bigger kids. So, make your next vacation to Six Flags and make it a Great Adventure!!!

Drinks too expensive
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I went to Six Flags this past week in the Chicago area and I couldn't believe the prices of their drinks. A bottle of coke that costs only a dollar out of the vending machine, they charged $2.50 for it! What gives? The food isn't that great either, and they overcharge me for that as well. You are ripping me off!

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